January 19, 2013

Timket (Ketera) in South Africa



Anonymous said...

Des yilal egzer yimesgen, ene Abay Tsehaye yihen lemegidel new lelitena ken yemidekimut gin ayisakalachewum

Anonymous said...

Selam ledeje Selam. you are doing good job. i have been asking some of my friends from Mahibere Kidusan about how Dejeselam site operate. In any of Ethiopian Orthodox T.B.Christian major nationwide events,feasts or celebrations why are you unable to load vedios of these events like New Ethiopian Year, Easter, Ephiany and Ethiopian Christmas for viewers around the world. since you tell to the world what is happening within our, Ethiopian Orthodox,Synod, you should also be able to tell us other good stuff. thank you, Egzeabhear Ethiopian ahunim eyedegageme Yibarkat.

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