December 21, 2012

“Men of God” who made indecency acceptable

(Tamrat Demeke For Deje Selam, Atlatna):- Report has it; men in Addis Ababa Synod are in full steam ahead to elect/select the 6th Patriarch. I am astoundingly ashamed to be an Ethiopian Orthodox Church follower.  After the death of the 5th Patriarch, for anyone with slightest sense of comprehension, it’s a no brainer to take advantage of this golden opportunity to heal so many broken pieces of the church.
Since 1948 agreement that led to autocephaly for the church, these “Men of God” have done so much wrong, so much that they have lost shame and are now testing our intelligence.

When the Second Patriarch Abuna Tewophilos was arrested and secretly executed, these “Men of God” showed no courage to put up a slightest resistance. They rather wasted no time to occupy the empty chair of the patriarchate. If our Coptic brethren can resist a radical Muslim government during the squabble between the then Sadat and Pope Shenouda III, at the very least our “Men of God” could have administered the church thru “akabe Member”, to show that it’s very wrong and unacceptable. They instead used this as a great opportunity to get on the patriarchate. Historical blunder one.

When the Derg was replaced by the EPRDF, these “Men of God” lied. They lied to conspire with the government to remove the Fourth patriarch so one of them could probably be lucky enough to have the blessings of the EPRDF. The recent ESAT report that is supported by historical document showed that, the Fourth Patriarch told these “Men of God” that he is healthy and fit to lead the church. These “Men of God” shamelessly tried to lie to God and the Orthodox faithful that the fourth Patriarch resigned due to health. It is incredible. Historical blunder two.

Ethnocentric view, corruption, promiscuity, ungodly behavior has become the headline news about these “Men of God”. We now have deceased member of Synod who is in inheritance battle in a secular court. We now have a member of the Synod who is fighting with an alleged son of the Bishop tooth and nail in a secular court to inherit the deceased Bishop. No shame! We now have a report that a certain region member of the Synod are working on making sure the next Patriarch is “one of them”. These “Men of God” are now arguing about when does the property of a patriarch become property of the church? Is it the property he amassed before he become a patriarch or after?  They have no shame to even realize that they are Disciples of Christ who live for Christ. They made is so acceptable that they are going to make it a law. Same goes for citizenship. Many are born raised educated in Ethiopia are now looking for and some achieved US and other western citizenship. It’s incredible. The question is no longer, aren’t these “Men of God” exclusive citizens of Christ? The question is now should a citizen of a foreign country and Ethiopian descent become a patriarch? They made it so Ok that they are trying to make it a law of the Synod. It’s incredible.

After the death of the fifth patriarch, instead of using the golden opportunity to undo the wrong, they are full steam ahead for a grand finale. Their number one problem, “how can we say 4th after the 5th” If this wasn’t such a tragedy, it would have been comedy of the century. That is their PROBLEM. Unbelievable!! I said a grand finale because this church is done, if they succeed in disregarding the peace and reconciliation chance. This is the 21st Century where the faithful gets information in speed of light. This is the 21st century where the faithful feel compelled to see an act as wrong or right instead of if done by these “Men of God” it can’t be wrong. It goes to all of them; to the man who shamelessly accepts the patriarchate setting aside the peace and reconciliation, to the Synod member who accepts and stays in position when this historical tragedy transpires. They are at historical juncture. This is in today’s term, a “Historical Cliff”. They can jump off of it or they can rescue themselves and the church from it.

Few notes and pleas
1.                  Do not blame the government. Though the government will have interest or a result it would like to see, it’s not to its best interest to put gun in their head. These “Men of God” just need a toddler courage to say “ayii, beka”
2.                   Mahibere Kidusan (regardless of my views towards this organization) is doing an expletory work in pushing for peace and reconciliation. It’s realization that this is THE most important agenda that needs to be resolved shows that the organization has vision. I am always cynic towards this organization and first I thought they are doing it to be seen as agent of peace, but they are doing so much and I stand corrected. They are an organization with lots of power and they need to make sure they put all their chips in to prevent another historical blunder )
3.                  The faithful, whatever your view is, need to understand that any move to appoint the 6th Patriarch disregarding the peace and reconciliation is not acceptable. We need to send a stern message to whoever that candidate may be to have a moral courage to say, “NO”
4.                  If we are lucky enough for the peace and reconciliation succeed, the faithful need to accept anything/everything that results in peace and reconciliation. Our question needs to be, just DO IT.

There is only one solution: PEACE and RECONCILIATION and NOW!!!

(Though I am speaking in generalization, of course there are few Men of Honor and true Men of God in this church. That is not what I want to write about but I would like to mention five Men that as a young Ethiopian Orthodox follower see them as an example and hope of the future. The fourth patriarch and five Bishops who stood for principle and live their life in exile to make sure the historical blunder stops here and stops now. RIP Abuna Zena Markos, RIP Abuna YisHaq)

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