April 20, 2012

Ultimate Plan, Aedas win Orthodox Church mega conference hall design

(Capital/ Monday, 16 April 2012):- Ultimate Plan Private Limited Company won together with a United Kingdom firm Aedas a design architecture re-tender for the planned Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC) mega conference hall with a combined capacity of 13,000 seats.
The building is expected to be constructed at the EOTC’s Patriarch palace located in Arat Kilo, Arada district. It is planned to be powered by solar energy in addition to hosting outside facilities such as landscaping, access roads and footpaths.

Begziabher Alebel, Managing Director of Ultimate Plan said the design of the building is inspired by Ethiopian architecture. The estimated cost for the completion of the basic structure of the building is 206 million birr. 
The cost is calculated from the building construction costs like structural works, finishing construction and technical equipment for building services and electricity as well as outside facilities such as landscaping, access roads and foot paths.  
The costs however doesn’t include costs for photovoltaic technology, provision of basic services and utilities, interiors and furnishings and further services like architectural and engineering services for the design and site supervision phase. Officials from the EOTC were unavailable for comment regarding the matter.
Ultimate Plan previously had won the design competition for Zemen Bank building, Getu Commercial Center, Debre Tabor University as well as branches for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Awash International Bank and Dashen Bank. It also designed a 4,000 seat conference hall for Haromaya University.   
Ultimate Plan PLC is a class 1 ISO 9001 certified consultancy company accredited by the Ethiopian National Accreditation Office established in 1996. Starting with an estimated 200,000 birr, its current capital is around six million birr. 
It had recently won a quality award from a Swiss based firm Business Initiative Directions (BID) while it’s also due to receive in Amsterdam, Netherlands today April 15th , a quality award, named the European Awards for Best practice 2012, from the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

By Elias Gebreselassie  

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