July 5, 2011

የማ/ቅዱሳን ዋና ፀሐፊ መምህር ሙሉጌታ ኃ/ማርያም፤ ከ“ዕንቁ” መጽሔት ጋር ያደረጉት ቃለ ምልልስ

 Dear all,
Most of our readers have complained that the interview was not readable. Here (click) we tried to get a better copy, with better clarity. We thank you for your comments and suggestions.
DS Team
የማ/ቅዱሳን ዋና ፀሐፊ መምህር ሙሉጌታ ኃ/ማርያም፤  ከ“ዕንቁ” መጽሔት ጋር ያደረጉት ቃለ ምልልስ: (PDF)::


Anonymous said...

The message is same as the small size font

Anonymous said...

First of all I thank Memiher Mulugeta for the information. It is unusual for MK officials to provide such info to the public media, which I have seen from him, is a good improvement.
Most of the information is very relevant. However, as a member of MK I have the following comments (I feel it is MK’s culture to focus on problems rather than thank giving on individual level):
1. Most members are not members or supports of EPRDF. I feel it is not true / misstated. Mulugeta's reply on this is very disappointing / offending for most members.
As part of the society very few members are either members of EPRDF or the opposition group, which should be natural for the church or any Ethiopian group.
I understand most of them are not members of any political party with different individual reflection for Ethiopian politics with sympathy for their country and church development.
2. Mulugeta must appreciate in very articulated way Dn. Zemedkun for his contribution as an individual whether he used MK publications or not. So what is the purpose of the publications? I am not happy as presented. It is MK’s culture to encourage other for church service or fighting any evil against the church.
3. Mulugeta must again appreciate Kesis Solomon and Dn Daniel publicly for their contribution for the church/MK service although their value will be from GOD. This way MK could play as pool factor rather than as a push factor. Providing their currect condition is ok. But it should have been positive and respect / explanatory on the individual’s stand when we work as a team.
4. I am not happy on his comment on the academic level of Begashaw...It is the motto of MK every member of the church to provide service at different level in different way. I think Begashaw’s problem is not having theology diploma/degree…it is his inability to be trusted/ respectful for his mother church.
I hope the first statement will be corrected by the MK management in due course. I feel it is very offending for the majority of us and it is very devastating for MK brand. Of course, God knows the truth no problem.
At last am grateful for DS for its key media role for the development of our church.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mulugeta that members who are called "Tehadesos" are operating in our church in a very organized manner. While the people who want change tend to move to other extremes, Mahberekidusan also tends to take a stand on the oposite extreme. We need a middle ground. Tehadesos have some great points, so they need to be listened. Even though we would like to automatically paint them as enemies, they are not. On the other hand, Tehadesos like to paint Maheberekidusan as an enemy. That is wrong too. come on! kids. let's think, discuss, cooperate and shape the future of our church. We do no good by trying to destroy one another. Tehadesos are not Protestants! It is far from the truth. Let's pain true pictures and discuss options foreward (like mature adults).

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing interview ever! I'm sure the MK sira amerar will say some thing on the political affiliation of its members! "First church never meant cool with Weyane" Why negative words on Kesis Solomon and Dn.Daniel. These are so unusual of Mk.

Moges said...

Betekristanin lesedabi asalfo mestet malet yeh new, it looks now that one persons opinion is the opinion of the whole mahiber? Did they actually labelled Begashaw as less literate or it is just of Memhir Mulugeta´s opinion? Hulu besreat yehun, please

Anonymous said...

I think that in a country where no employment is obtained without embracing Woyane, the claim that "most members of MK are EPRDF members" is trustworthy, at least starting from 1997.
And about Begashaw - "Akafan akafa kalalut..." - what is wrong with disclosing his illiteracy and his inability to express Tewahido view points? Had it been known to the public about his dumbness, nobody would have given him ears!!!

Anonymous said...

To the commentator above

As a reader you have the right to ask.

But as MK wont reply you for the questions, I take this position to answer, though I am only reader of HAMER not MK member.

In the first place, good to understand the intention of saying EPRDF members. This comes to mention which may be the few upon compaints from officials. Nothing is right or wrong. He said it becauses we have no information what he is facing except we know his interview.

MK dont take appreciatin indivuals. RAther they work with people devoted to church. They pass a mesage that all done because of the whole while few have exceptional performance. WHy? This is christianity. Ferisawi silahonin.

But now Some PApasat and like sebakiyan takes long time promotion of people on the stage than thanking God. They did according to their sense not Church.

I dont think Daniel or Solomon exxpects thanks from MK as they work to receive SEMAYAWI WAGA. They always mention Sayigeban endigeban yaderege. So means never they expect such. Rather what I know they believe, MK did a lot to their growth in sprituality and they are thankful for all brother who were by their side. So the MK has no mention to ring a bell for individuals. Never they do.

About Begashaw. It is the sad history of Ethiopians let him be recognized. He has nothing than doing like activists such as policians, professional activists gifted of speech. I attended several of his preachings and go home sadly. He insult people. I dont blame that is because he has nothing to say about the Bible. All his teaching are issues related to History doesnt touch YeHAYIMANOT MISITIR. His understanding is far back from the LIKAWINT.

Kuratachin yehonewin yehaymanot timihirit lememar, Begashaw sayihon, Daniel Sayihon, Solomon sayohon Likawintun enakibir.

Papasatum enezihin likawinit debeku. egnam aliteyekin. tadiya yegnam sikay beza.


Anonymous said...

የምትጽፉትን ስላጣችሁ አንዱን ነገር በመደጋገም ስለማኅበረ ቅዱሳን በጎነት ለመደጋገም ትሞክራላችሁ። የናንተ ወሬ በላይ በላዩ የሚወጣው ቤተክርስቲያን ስትታመስ ብቻ ነው። ያኔ ትኩስ ነገር ታገኛላችሁ ማለት ነው። ቤተክርስቲያን ከህውከት ስታርፍ ደግሞ ይጨንቃችኋል፤ የምትጽፉት ስታጡ። መቼም ይህንን ዓይን ያወጣ እውነታ ስለምታውቁትና ለእናንተም (shame)ኀፍረት ስለሚሆንባችሁና እናንተን የሚተች ስለሆነ ፖስት እንደማታደርጉት ስለማውቅ ቢያንስ እናንተ እንድታነቡት ልኬላችኋለሁ። ህውከት ሲጠፋ ወንጌልን ለመጻፍና ለማስተማር ሞክሩ!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not why some writers taking the Memiher Mulugeta interview to the other side. May be some may not have clear information about what is going on in the home. Because of this, some has forwarded based on past information.

1)Does it mean that all MK members are EPRDF members? Memiher Mulgeta did not say like that. What I understand from his interview, all sir asfesami, sir amerar, and preachers, and journalists are not, and can not be a member of any political parties. But others members are not restricted not to be political member of in any party. That is their own decision.Otherwise,if MK try to restrict all members, MK is going to force members to ran away from Politics. But, I think MK is smart as it leaves this decision to his members. In addition, since 1997 election, EPRDF has been increasing its members to 7 million, as they said.In this regard, the EPRDF IS MAKING all University students (99%) are a member of EPRDF in different ways. Almost all students are by now a members for getting a job after graduation. Look here, this makes the possibility of MK-members, who are graduating since 1997, being a member of EPRDF is very high. I think that is a background for Memiher Mulugeta's interview.

Anonymous said...

Dear DS: Pls allow me to comment on two points:

1. Even though I admired & support your efforts to protect our church from any adversaries, I strongly belive that you have to avoid any biased & untestified reports to maintain your credibility.

2. As U can read from Megabe Hadis Eshetu's Interview & according to our church teachings, we can not call someone 'Memihir" unless they are educated & certified in the four church "Guba'ieat". One cannot be called "Memihir" simply because he has attended Theological College. So, pls don't call someone " Memihir" simply because he is leader of MK or others. Kesis.Deacon,Ato...are appropriate names.

Anonymous said...

Sebhat's quotable title should be reframed and used here. MK be mot afaf lay.... As member of MK, I am eager to see what will be the action to be taken on Mulugeta. From experience, I can imagine what action will put in place if what is said is from another less venerated member of the association. We are on the verge of ...! Sorry. First mulugeta should be given the chance to explain.

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