April 5, 2011

Axis Of Corruption & Tehadiso!!


Anonymous said...

Yiheninis Bedenb bemereja asdegifo Le Tsere musina comition bemestet endewu letewulid memamariya yihon zend Be tileku be bil bord beye mengedu adergo meketacha madreg neber.

Thanks dejeselam

Anonymous said...

we really need to fight them apart from appealing to the God almighty who can give a justice unless we r going to be blamed and excommunicated by z next generation.some innocent fathers (members of z holy sinodos ) are also suffering from their conspiracy.so that, p/s let's pray and try all our level best to purify our church administration. take courage dejeselam God is with u.

Aye Deje Selam! said...

Please leave them, they have deposited for Grand Millennum Dam. And Give them the BONDfor they are much responsible bodies than any so else.

Ene Manegn said...

Kekerachu ena Keferisawiew Tsedko yetemelesew Kerachu neew. Lemin bibal ERASUN SILAYE. PLEASE SEE and CHECK YOURSELF primarily

Anonymous said...

Where is the so called "Like mahmiran" Fantahun?

The DE.... said...


Anonymous said...

begashawn egziabhere ybarkew

Orthodoxawi said...

Leba Leba Leba!!! Ouuuu!!! Ouoo!!! Ouuuu!

Menafik!!! Menafik!! Menafik!!! Ouuu! Ouuu! Ouuu!

Ye Hig Yaleh!
Ye Ewnetegna Mengist Yaleh!

Egzibher Hoy Betihin Atsidalin!
Ye Tewahido Lijochinim Abertalin!

Anonymous said...

begashawin Egziabher libun yimelislin

Anonymous said...

Some of us seem to be confused a lot, for whom to stand.
These people are against all the tenets of Tewahido, and against any structured laws even used by secular institutions. At whatever level we sin, we can repent ONLY IF Tewahido is THERE! Its not about 'purity' or 'Tsidik', its about THE SURVIVAL OF THE CHURCH!
We know that St. Peter, the archdisciple of Christ, sinned and then repented. These guys can also repent one day - but we can't get our Tewahido once SHE is defiled by alien cultures. We are just a single generation, but OUR Tewahido should survive for the coming generations until the Great Day of the Lord.

DONT think in a partisanship mindset!
Dejeselam - Go on in disclosing the undercover conspiracies against Tewahido!!! The Gold fears not being exposed, because its GOLD. The "..." fears disclosure because its stench will be known to others.

Anonymous said...

Wow DS now you going too far. Disrespecting a seating Patriarch is the worest one can do. It is damaging for the Church. I didn't expect this, especially from you guys who claim to care about the Church and our religion? We may not like Abune Paulos, but God put him in that place. If we show respect, we are only showing respect to God. If we disrespect Abune Paulos we are being rebelious against God's will!!!
Here is my question to you, DS, is it a coincidence that the people you call all kinds of names happen to have disagreements with Mahebere Kidusan??? Are you telling us the three people, Aba Sereqe, Dk Begashaw, and W/ro Ejigayehu are the only problem in our Church???

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Do you expect us to approve the Pharisees sitting on the throne of Moses, against the Lord?
The Lord Himself, reproached the Pharisees, while He Himself put them there. But He ordered His followers to keep the laws written by Mosses.

So we have to speak against the works of the Tehadisos, WE HAVE to expose their conspiracies. WHAT is the point of shouting once Tewahido is defiled? WE HAVE TO SHOUT NOW!!!

While doing so, we have to keep on going to Church, paying tithe to our Sebeka Gubaye(even if we know that its not alleviating our Church's problems).

Anyone who tries to be 'Liberal' in these issues cares not for the Church. S/He just remains far from the burning spot, while still maintaining his/her criticism against those who are paying their time, money and life.

Its easy to criticize, but its not easy to carry the burden of criticism, specially while you are doing for the good of the Church of God!!! For the war is not against flesh, but against the non-Godly spirits.

Orthodoxawi said...

ጎበዝ አስተውሉ እንጅ!!! እናስተውል!!!

This is not about the clash between the above mentioned people and any other association.

It is about the future existence of our church!!! They are not just 3 people as you see them on the "Musina Bilbord". They are the front ends of many anti-Tewahido bodies(enemies of the church).
We shouldn't tolerate any one who is hurting the church by being a tool for Tehadso-protestants.

We all are sinners .... but being a sinner is different from being enemy of the church. They are weakening the church both financially (robing a lot of money....unknown amount) and they are destabilizing and eroding the the organizational structure of the church.

The Holy Synod has passed decisions against Ejigayehu (Elzabel) and Megabi Adis(not Hadis) Begashaw. But they continued to play a vital role to expand Tehadso-protestantism in our church with the help of Aba Paulos (the unlucky Patriarch).

They are enemies of our muther church. Therefore, we need to fight them (and those behind them) in any possible way:-

-ጾም: ጸሎት: ስግደት ... to weaken the strength of the devil who is energizing them.

-Exposing their hidden missions ...of course it is not any more hidden. But there are still some who are ignorant about this case.

-Using the legal institutions in the country ... they are destabilizing EOT Church which has more than 40 million followers.

-አሸባሪዎች ናቸው (They are Terrorists) ... since they are terrorizing the true fathers and children of our mother church.

-Any one helping(protecting) them is also a terrorist (አሸባሪ ነው)

I believe in the spiritual solutions. But we can also use other legal means as citizens of the country.

Egziabher Amlak Atsirare Betekrstiyanin Yastagisilin!

Tewahedo Haymanotachinin Yitebikilin!

Ewnetegna lijochuan yabertalin!

ለሀገሪቱ መንገሥት ልብ ይስጥልን: ማስተዋሉን ያድልልን:: ስንዘረፍ ዝም ብሎ እያየ ነውና!!!

Anonymous said...


"የዛሬን አያድርገውና ያኔ...ይህንን አይነት ት/ት በመናፍቃን አዳራሽ ይነገር እንደነበር ነበር የምንሰማው...ግን ደግሞ...ዛሬን ሆነና ስንት አበው ሊቃውንትን ባፈራው በእኛው ቤ/ክ አውደ ምህረት ላይም እንዲህ በድፍረት እየተነገረ ምእመኑም እልል እያለ ይሰበክ ጀመር!...ዳሩ እሱ ምን ያድርግ!!!...ግን ይህ ት/ት የመናፍቃን አስተምህሮ መሆኑን የነገሩንና ያስተማሩን አበው ሊቃውንትና ሰባኪያን ወንድሞች ወዴት አሉ?... ከዘሩልን መልካም ዘር የተለየ እንክርዳድ እንዲህ ሲዘራብንስ ዝም ማለታቸው ለምንና እስከመቸ ይሆን?"

Anonymous said...

"መጽሐፈ ኢዮብ 15፥26 በደንዳና አንገቱና በወፍራሙ በጋሻው ጕብጕብ እየሠገገ ይመጣበታልና፥"

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