November 12, 2010

To Deje Selam: What Should We do?

(By Tewahedo)
Peace for All of You in The name Of Jesus Christ the Savior!
I agree and support DSs report about the abuse and disagreements in church but this is not the way to solve the problems of the church. If we want to solve the problems once and for all we need other mechanism. Shall we let DS and other Medias continue on the reporting this chaos’s, frustrations and divisions among Christians?

In one side it is good to be informed about what is going in the church. On other hand this aggravates the problem as all people may not have tolerance to listen this and keeping their faith.

For me we need to have an organized mechanism to remove this problem once and for all. But this can be done without revolution or overthrowing of Abune Paulos and his supporters.

Let us propose different discussions between the bishops including the patriarch and the laity (Memenan). Let them know that if they are not responsible for correct and Christian (fatherly) service, they cannot represent our church for which Jesus is crucified.

The three major things that we have to do to solve our problems once and for all are:
1. The church fathers should be real fathers. They have to know their responsibility. So let us make this through discussion instead of gossip. We can do this only through discussion. And we need to make people participate from all stockholders of the church. The cause of the Synod is the root cause of the problem of our church. According to the reports from DS, the Synod is not able to implement what it has discussed and decided. The church without Synod is almost dead.

2. People without detail knowledge of the teaching of the church (including me, different associations and persons) should know their limits. Because they are introducing Beadamliko and Nufakies/Heresies.

3. The church should make some reformation (not Tehadiso like the protestants or Tehadisos are talking about). But we need some type of reformation to remove unbiblical and unorthodoxy believes from church like status. I can write details about this but this is not the time and place to do so.
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