November 12, 2010

To Deje Selam: What Should We do?

(By Tewahedo)
Peace for All of You in The name Of Jesus Christ the Savior!
I agree and support DSs report about the abuse and disagreements in church but this is not the way to solve the problems of the church. If we want to solve the problems once and for all we need other mechanism. Shall we let DS and other Medias continue on the reporting this chaos’s, frustrations and divisions among Christians?

In one side it is good to be informed about what is going in the church. On other hand this aggravates the problem as all people may not have tolerance to listen this and keeping their faith.

For me we need to have an organized mechanism to remove this problem once and for all. But this can be done without revolution or overthrowing of Abune Paulos and his supporters.

Let us propose different discussions between the bishops including the patriarch and the laity (Memenan). Let them know that if they are not responsible for correct and Christian (fatherly) service, they cannot represent our church for which Jesus is crucified.

The three major things that we have to do to solve our problems once and for all are:
1. The church fathers should be real fathers. They have to know their responsibility. So let us make this through discussion instead of gossip. We can do this only through discussion. And we need to make people participate from all stockholders of the church. The cause of the Synod is the root cause of the problem of our church. According to the reports from DS, the Synod is not able to implement what it has discussed and decided. The church without Synod is almost dead.

2. People without detail knowledge of the teaching of the church (including me, different associations and persons) should know their limits. Because they are introducing Beadamliko and Nufakies/Heresies.

3. The church should make some reformation (not Tehadiso like the protestants or Tehadisos are talking about). But we need some type of reformation to remove unbiblical and unorthodoxy believes from church like status. I can write details about this but this is not the time and place to do so.


Daniel said...

I don't know how being silent help to fix extra ordinary problem of our church. In my opinion exposing wrong doing in our church has to purposes. First it creates awayness among memenanes who can put pressure on those church leaders to lead the church properly. Unless somebody expose it, there is noway we, mehemenane know what's going on the church. Second it may helps to expose some church leaders who may restraint themselve from wrong doing in afraid of being expose to the public.

Anonymous said...

"2. People without detail knowledge of the teaching of the church (including me,...) should know their limits. ....

3. The church should make some reformation... I can write details about this but this is not the time and place to do so. "

In #2 you said you belong to the category of people without detailed knowledge of the teachings of our Church.

But you go on to talk about "reformation". Do you really know what you are talking about? Isn't that a dangerously radical jump from admitting your limitted knowledge about the teachings of our Church to that of posing as a proponent of a "reformation"!

Wouldn't it be on the order of the day for you to humble yourself and learn to know the teachings of our Church before you echoe the sugar-coated appeal for "an Orthodox" "Reformation"?!

In #3 You even go further to assert:
"I can write details about this but this is not the time and place to do so."

Do you see the contradictions in your statement in #1 affirming your lack of knowledge about the teachings of our Church, and in #3, you being able to "write details about this"?!

What kind of details are you talking about, given your affirmation that you lack the needed teachings of our Church?

I chuckled over your "humble"
conclusions wherein you wrote: "..this is not the time and place to do so"!?!

May you be humbled before God and the Liqawente Biete Kristian and start to learn about the teachings of our Church before you try to expose yourself to the dangers of the urgings of "little knowledge".

It is to your own advantage not to engage in things in which you are neither qualified nor have the necessary knowledge to be able to chart a program of ideas of whose devastating conclusions you are not aware of!

For your information what Abba Paulos & friends are doing is exactly what their reformation-friends are advising them to do: The destruction of our Tewahedo
faith, teachings, canons, and all the heritages we have been honored to inherit from our blessed fathers of the past!

First lesson: avoid echoing whatever"others?!" are proposing for the "reformation" of our Tewahedo faith.

The idea of "reformation" however you try to color it has no roots in Tewahedo teachings. In fact on the contrary! We know enough about the evildids of the protagonists of "reformation"!

Wishing you all the best in humbling yourself down to learn the teachings of our Tewahedo Church!

Learn before you try to preach!

Be humble before other knowledgable and qualified people who can handele the issues better!

If you accept the positive advices
given to you in this short ommentary, you shall have achieved
the first lessons in constructive criticism to be learned towards fostering your growing in the knowledge of Tewahedo!

May God Save Tewahedo-Ethiopia from the poisonous teaching of


Melkamu said...

ትንቢተ ሆሴዕ ምዕራፍ 4፡ 4-19

ነገር ግን ሕዝብህ ከካህን ጋር እንደሚከራከሩ ናቸውና ማንም አይከራከር፥ ማንም አይዝለፍ።
በቀንም ትሰናከላለህ፥ ነቢዩም ከአንተ ጋር በሌሊት ይሰናከላል፤ እናትህንም አጠፋታለሁ።

ሕዝቤ እውቀት ከማጣቱ የተነሣ ጠፍቶአል፤ አንተም እውቀትን ጠልተሃልና እኔ ካህን እንዳትሆነኝ እጠላሃለሁ፤ የአምላክህንም ሕግ ረስተሃልና እኔ ደግሞ ልጆችህን እረሳለሁ።

እንደ ብዛታቸው መጠን ኃጢአት ሠሩብኝ፤ እኔም ክብራቸውን ወደ ነውር እለውጣለሁ።
የሕዝቤም ኃጢአት መብል ሆኖላቸዋል፥ ልባቸውንም ወደ በደላቸው አድርገዋል።

እንደ ሕዝቡም እንዲሁ ካህኑ ይሆናል፤ በመንገዳቸውም እበቀላቸዋለሁ፥ ሥራቸውንም እመልስባቸዋለሁ።
እግዚአብሔርንም መጠበቅ ትተዋልና ሲበሉ አይጠግቡም፥ ሲያመነዝሩም አይበዙም።
ግልሙትናና የወይን ጠጅ ስካርም አእምሮን ያጠፋል።

የግልሙትና መንፈስ ሕዝቤን አስቶአቸዋልና፥ እነርሱም ከአምላካቸው ርቀው አመንዝረዋልና በትራቸውን ይጠይቃሉ፥ ዘንጋቸውም ይመልስላቸዋል።

በተራሮችም ራስ ላይ ይሠዋሉ፤ ጥላውም መልካም ነውና ከኮምበልና ከልብን ከአሆማም ዛፍ በታች በኮረብቶች ላይ ያጥናሉ፤ ስለዚህ ሴቶች ልጆቻችሁ ይገለሙታሉ፥ ሙሽሮቻችሁም ያመነዝራሉ።

ወንዶችም ደግሞ ከጋለሞቶች ጋር ይጫወታሉና፥ ከጋለሞቶችም ጋር ይሠዋሉና ሴቶች ልጆቻችሁ በገለሞቱ ጊዜ፥ ሙሽሮቻችሁም ባመነዘሩ ጊዜ አልቀጣቸውም፤ የማያስተውልም ሕዝብ ይገለበጣል።

እስራኤል ሆይ፥ አንተ ብታመነዝር ይሁዳ አይበድል፤ እናንተም ወደ ጌልገላ አትግቡ፥ ወደ ቤትአዌንም አትውጡ፥ ወይም። ሕያው እግዚአብሔርን! ብላችሁ አትማሉ።

እስራኤል እንደ እልከኛ ጊደር እንቢ ብሎአል፤ እግዚአብሔርስ በሰፊው ቦታ እንደ ጠቦት ያሰማራዋልን?
ኤፍሬም ከጣዖታት ጋር ተጋጠመ፤ ተወው።

ስካርን ፈጽመዋል፥ ግልሙትናንም አብዝተዋል፤ አለቆችዋም ነውርን እጅግ ወደዱ።
ነፋስ በክንፍዋ አስሮአታል፤ ከመሥዋዕታቸውም የተነሣ ያፍራሉ።

Unknown said...

To Daniel, I don’t know if you have understood what I want to say. Fathers who respect the laws and cannons for not being exposed are not true fathers. A bishop or any Christian should not respect cannons and laws of the church because of he may be exposed and rejected by the laity. A true Christian always shows his believes and will be dedicated to what he is assigned for. We need bishops, priests and memenans who can obey, respect and teach the teachings of the church because of of their belief instead of getting grace on the people.
We can solve the problems of the church through a serious of positive discussion rather than making antagonism. This is my idea.
@Anonymous: I was scared to write the word “reformation” because I know my friends of MK are against it. But don’t forget that reformation doesn’t not mean becoming Tehadiso or protestant. You can take it as correction. By the way reformation does have a meaning of restoration which means taking it to the original one. For example most people are against status and is our orthodoxy cannon as we discussed over DS. What do u call it if you want to remove all the statuses from the church? Is it reformation or correction or restoration? I remember a word which Daniel Kibret used Hidassie (renaissance). I think you will agree now as Daniel Kibret also used it.
Do you guys want to go with mistakes? For me I don’t want because any mistake in my personal life and the church in which I was born, grow and preach should be corrected whenever I can.
“In #2 you said you belong to the category of people without detailed knowledge of the teachings of our Church --- but you talk about reformation.”
This argument seems valid. Because I said I am from the little knowledge group. But there are problems like the status which are visible to anyone including me who has little knowledge.
As far as knowledge is concerned I know that most people are making radicalism though they don’t have detail knowledge of the teachings of the church. This is an example of teaching which most people are lost because of afetarik instead of knowing the true teachings of the church eating pork, menstruations, Holy Communion and some others. But still I afraid to not to divert the discussion to useless opposition.

Unknown said...

Something to add,
Thank you for the advices. To my knowledge Aba paulos and his friend are not making reformation they are looking for distraction. Restoration is different from distraction. And for your information even restoration should not be our responsibility. Because uneducated people will probably take restoration to distraction. It is responsibility of the Holy Synod. The synod is responsible for anything on the churches cannon, dogma and beliefs.

mebrud said...

@Anonymous & tewahido.
I become interested with your discussion.
can you continue with respect please?
we have to know their meaning and application.
Dn Daniel has tried to put his idea clearly.
when we are trying to oppose wrong doings like erection of statu.what are we saying?
I also understand there may be canons and teachings which could be corrected by Likawnt(HOLYSYNOD).
If we try to mix the tehadso's intention of reformation and Right intenton of protection, things become complicated.
hopefully the topic intiates for further discussion.
Let me learn.

Anonymous said...

ወንድሜ!? ችግራችን አስተዳደር ላይ ነው።ሰይጣን መልአከ ብርሃን መስሎ እንደሚመጣ አስቀድሞ ተነግሮናል፤ ‘ውስጠ ዘ’ “ተሀድሶ” ተወውና ላልተሰበኩ አህዛብ ብትሰብካቸው አይሻልህም? ሞላጫ ነህ! ደካማ ጎን አግኝተህ ነው? እንደዚህ ዓይነት ችግር እኮ አዲስ አይደለም ፤የነበረ፣ የቆየና ለወደፊቱም በሥራችን ላይ የሚያጋጥም ሰው ሰራሽ ዕንቅፋት ነው። እኛም ችግሩ ለመቀነስ እንጂ ፈጽመን ለማጥፋት አይደለም የሰው ደካማ ባህርዩ መገለጫው ነውና።
ከ ኔዘርላንድ

Anonymous said...

አየ አቶ ስሜታዊ!
ለካ አንተ ዳንኤል ክብረትን የምታመልክ ተኩላ ነህ። በነዳንኤል ግብስብስ ሥራ አይደለም’ንዴ ማሕበረ ቅዱሳንን በጅምላ የሚሰደበው ያለ። ደግሞ አብራራሁ ብለህ “ሕዳሴ”ን ስትጠቅስ ብሎጉ የዳንኤል ተከታይ ብቻ የሚያነበው አድርገህ ማቅረብህ ታሳዝነኛለህ። አቤት ጮሌነት! እኛ ማህበረ ቅዱሳን ክርስቶስ እንጂ ዳንኤልን የምናመልክ ሰዎች አይደለንም።
“አስግሩ ለነ ቆናጽለ ንኡሳነ እለ ያማስኑ ዐጸደ ወይንነ” ሊቁ ሰሎሞን የተናገረው አንዱ ላንተ ነው
ከ ተሰማ

Anonymous said...

"Tewahedo" - You need to stop diverting the current focus of our
discussion about the administrative problems in our Church.

Your concern does not have any root in the Ethiopian Tewahedo
Church. It's origin is in Europe and North America where in many places, churches have either been
converted into a dancing hall, an apartment housing, or even mosques!

Get over it;discipline yourself and start to learn the teachings of our Church. It doesn't help you a bit to list the names of people, who can speak fot themselves, to justify a negative idea of which seemingly is causing you problems.

The ideas which you are trying to peddle are worn out ideas of those who have betrayed Christianity and and are governed by the laws of Mamon and not that of God!

The destiny of our Church, and the solution to our administrative problems, lies not in following the road of worldliness and destruction under the cover of, in
"your" version, ("orthodox!? reformation").

The idea of "reformation" however you try to make it look enticing, brings no good to our Tewahedo Church and our country. In fact we have observed throughout our country how this poison has destroyed many and created severe problems in some of our Churches!
You are certainly aware of these evil deeds of the protagonists of "orthodox!? reformation"!

Learn before you try to preach!

Be humble before other qualified and knowledgable people who can handle the issues better!

It is time for you to to learn the teachings of our Tewahedo Church. Stop peddling the poison you are injecting into yourself and trying to inject unto others.

Get rid of this damned idea and
let us focus on the struggle to get rid of the TTaot builders and
the evil forces who are causing major problems in our Church.

"orthodox Reformation"is a subject matter which the forces hostile to our Tewahedo Church have been trying to detonate as a land mine among Orthodox Christians! Many have been victimized by it and have gone the road of devil-worship in the name of "christ"!

Metsehafe Messalie teaches us to defend the heritages of our ancestors not to dismantle the "borderline" -ie-the teachings of the ancestors! The apostle Paulos
teaches about remembering those who laid the ground work in the
teachings of Christianity.

The "Reformationists" in Ethiopia are attacking the histzorical Fathers of our Church. They are even attacking Kidane Meheret, all in the name of their "christ"! Do
you see and understanmd that? Are you tready to humble yourself and
quitely learn the teachings of Tewahedo!

No one of Christ will slander and attack Tewahedo-Ethiopia, our Saintla Fathers of the past, and our blessed Dengil Mariam!! Only those of the devil are a part of this anti-Christian damnation!

I pray that the God of our Father Abune TekleHaiomanot will help you to come out safe from the road you have taken which is not that of your ancestors, of your own father and mother! Get out of it, and march along with the true children of Abune TekleHaimanot, The Ethiopian Apostle of Christ!

Some of the social ills of which you may be concerned and are trying to mix that with matters of the teachings of our Church are matters which can be handled in
Senbet Temehert Biet. Use your energy to learn more with others of your age. Learn from the worthy
teachings of our Churc h and expunge this noxious idea of "orthodox!? Reformation"!

It is a matter of URGENCY for you to humble yourself and learn the teachings of our Church before you echoe the sugar-coated poison of "an Orthodox" "Reformation"?!"

"በመጠን፡ኑሩ፡ንቁም፥ባላጋራችሁ፡ዲያብሎስ፡የ ሚውጠውን፡ፈልጎ፡እንደሚያገሣ፡አንበሳ፡ይዞራል
--የጴ.መ 1 ም.5 ከቁ.8-10"


Unknown said...

Selam for all of you!
At the beginning I tried to explain the restoration/reformation/correction we need. And I tried to explain that Tehadisos’/Protestants’ reformation is different from my point. But you don’t want to understand it. If you love our church, try to solve all the problems associated with it.
“Be humble before other qualified and knowledgeable people who can handle the issues better! “ I totally agree with you. I never say I should do it or people like me should do it. After all this is not my duty. This is the duty of the Holy Synod. I suggest it for discussion as part of improving our problems for ever.
“Get rid of this damned idea and let us focus on the struggle to get rid of the Taot builders and the evil forces that are causing major problems in our Church.” - After all I can leave it but as far as it helps my church why should I leave it? My principle is “Admit and correct your errors before someone else exaggerates them. “
The funny thing is while we have been discussing here for removal of the status, when we say reformation to remove the status we oppose it. Do you hate the word or the action? For sure I don’t have any deviated concept or idea on the teaching of the church, though you tried to judge me. I know discussing it here will make division and we will not understand things well. I suggest you to discuss with bigger brothers and sisters and with fathers. Correction is not a sin.

Unknown said...

I wrote this issue before four years. I am surprised to see it today.

Anonymous said...

You are more or less advocating for your "system change" which has never been an issue in our Church. The noticeable problems even in your write-up of four years ago is that you are trying to impose your "thoeretical" paradigm as the issue of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church.

You speak of "errors and mistakes"
which you have neither discussed nor elaborated. Are there special only to you revealed problems in our Church?

Your postulations for a "system change" in our Church is not to be backed up by you, but by its
known promotors.

Your problem is you are hooked up to your idea of "four years ago" and you are still trying to disseminate it. For hundres of years, many have tried to subvert us with similar "ideas" of "system change"and failed!

These historical advocates of a "system change" in the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church were and still are today, the delusional followers of Susneyos and Luther.

You wrote:
"My principle is “Admit and correct your errors before someone else exaggerates them. “

What is it that you want to admit?
Of What and which errors are you talking about? Must our Church make
a "system change" in order to satisfy your fear of others from
"exaggerting" the unidentified "errors and mistakes"?

What we have is an administrative problem, which must be solved through an administrative measures.
In this regard, we are all focused to remove the hassawians from the different positions they have occupied in the different administrative levels in our Church. But this is not what we understand with your "system Change". Either you have a different understanding of what "system" means and what the implications are for a "system change" in our Church. This is the pandoras box which protestant agitators at different times in the history of our Church have tried to do but failed thanks to the resistance of our people!

It is also a known fact that our Church has been penetrated and made weak by hostile forces who like Begashaw and Co. Ltd. They are doing their practical work in the direction of the "system change" on which you have no control, but for which you argue as
an "orthodox reformation"!

What is being examined and judged here is not your person, but the unacceptable idea which you are
trying to sale. It would be a sign of progress if you would understand your dilemma and don't
blame people for "missunderstanding"you! Just as said above, it has nothing to do
with your person but the unoriginal
idea which you defend, but whose roots are elsewhere!

One write from the Netherlands wrote, in the hope that you will not take too much of our time:

"ወንድሜ!? ችግራችን አስተዳደር ላይ ነው።ሰይጣን መልአከ ብርሃን መስሎ እንደሚመጣ አስቀድሞ ተነግሮናል፤ ‘ውስጠ ዘ’ “ተሀድሶ” ተወውና ላልተሰበኩ አህዛብ ብትሰብካቸው አይሻልህም? ሞላጫ ነህ! ደካማ ጎን አግኝተህ ነው? እንደዚህ ዓይነት ችግር እኮ አዲስ አይደለም ፤የነበረ፣ የቆየና ለወደፊቱም በሥራችን ላይ የሚያጋጥም ሰው ሰራሽ ዕንቅፋት ነው። እኛም ችግሩ ለመቀነስ እንጂ ፈጽመን ለማጥፋት አይደለም የሰው ደካማ ባህርዩ መገለጫው ነውና።
ከ ኔዘርላንድ "
That is an additional wake up call for you to free yourself from an idea of which you are neither the originator nor the behind the scenes propagator!

Our struggle against Abba Paulos and Co. has nothing to do with a
campaign for a "system change". It is a struggle for an administrative change so that real Tewahedo fathers take the leadership of our Church! If you are on this track we can go together, but please not with your
"orthodox reformation" to bring your much desired "system change".
No, there is no way that, a Tewahedo Orthodox Christian will
join you to drink from that poisoned cup!

You are carrying and trying to pass a fire ignited by others to the detriment of our Church!

May God bring you to humble yourself and submit wholly to the teachings of our Tewahedo Church!

This is my last comment on this from you imposed alien subject.


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