October 6, 2010

Is the Deje Selam Reporting Good Or Bad?

(From Addisu Tesfaye Mengistu's Facebook Page):- Since time immemorial, there had been a latent and explicit effort to destroy Ethiopian Orthodox church.Unfortunately, the attempt and conspiracy to dismantle the church is more than ever on our times.Infidels and other wolfs have infiltrated in to the church and are trying their level best to paralyze the church. Is investigating and reporting such stories a crime? Of course not!!! Let us examine the points what the author posted on his face book wall .Though the bulleted points are many, but I can categorize all the news in to some four or five points.

The first one is reports about the administrative incapacity ( of the Patriarch, archbishops, .. and others ), inefficiency and the aftermath the church is encountering. I have read tonnes of reports from Deje Selam regarding this issue.

Exposing the ever increasing crime committed upon Orthodox Christians in every corner of the country is the other major (second) News catagory of Deje Selam reports (the case of Illubabor, Jimma, etc).

The third category of news i read from Deje Selam revolves upon the ever deteriorating condition of the so called " preachers" (who are actually wolfs but disguised in sheep skin. ).The last category as per my observation rotates upon the heritage of the church and the problems they are facing.

It is not Deje Selam who fabricated the news. Rather, it is Deje Selam who played an investigative role and exposed the crimes being done in the church and against the followers of the church. The followers  has the right to know about what is going on inside the church .Thanks for the upto date and reliable information majority of EOTC followers  are now able to know who is what.

No wonder if those involved in the conspiracy to down the church are mad of Deje Selam. Because it is the only Media reporting their evil deeds.For such guys Deje Selam is Deje Betibit but for the followers of the religion Deje selam is indeed deje selam: trusted and respected media !!!

Thumbs up for the reporters, producers and editors of Deje Selam.  Your effort does have a big chapter in the modern history of the church and u should be proud of what u are doing.

Bertu. Menafikina kehadi gin melkam yinageral bilachu atitebiku. Enesu sim yawtulachu enate sirachuhin siru

Melam Tsome Tsigie !!!
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