October 19, 2010

Ethio-Dejeselamaweyan Leading USA-Dejeselamaweyan this week

One for the Road
Since the first launching of Deje Selam blogging service in November 2006, most of the visitors were from USA. It was seconded by different countries of Europe and later Canada. But after the blog was acquainted with the Ethiopian readers, the trailed their USA readers by some margin. However, this week, readers from Ethiopia came top of the table by beating USA Deje Selamaweyan in some thousand margin. Good Job D.Selamaweyan from all corners of Ethiopia.
Cher Were Yaseman,


Anonymous said...

Dear Deje selam,
Keep up your excellent work! True orthodox christians are along with you in every thing. I am sure in the near future Deje selam will be the most visited Ethiopian web site. Dont be distructed by some "Tehadiso" people, who give your loved site a different name.
Our church is facing a challenge, which it has never exprienced before. So we have to work hard.
God bless your work

Anonymous said...

selam Dejeselamwin

Is that possible to see the statics. Have you done any way of advertising the website?

123... said...

That is great.
Ethiopians have good mind that can evaluate the true speaker and the cheating one.
Deje Selam has passed the exam and catagorized under the fact finder media.
Please keep it up!

Belehennet said...

A letter had been addressed to the EOTC Holy Synod with recommendations for the formulation of an appropriate policy, strategy, plan, and action program as well as an effective institutional framework.

For details please see:


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