October 28, 2010


ዘሚካኤል said...

አባቶቻችን እንዴት እንደተጨነቅን አያችሁ??????????????

Anonymous said...

If you believe in God, you shouldn't worry about people coming or going. If this whole thing is about serving God in earnest, what different does it make who comes or who goes. Do we even know if the 'Papas' who was going to come was going to be better than Abune Abraham? Wouldn't that be an insult/disrespect to the person who just got appointed? Why is there so much commotion? In many cases, many of you complain about the interference of outsiders on the Synod Business. Can you tell us what have you been doing in the last few days? I will leave the answer to you. Do you really think you are the only one who knows about our Church? Are you the only ones who cares about the Church?
How about him, Abune Abraham, wasn't he supposed to listen to the Patriarch? regardless of the reason, if he was called home, he should gone. Why the refusal? Does this show respect or disregarding of a Patriarch’s order? Irrespective of our feelings about Abune Paulos, he is the head of our church.
Why do you all think it will be a doom and gloom if Abune Abraham leaves DC? Don't you know, the Churches were there before you and him and will continue to be around for a long time to come... why are you trying to make a martyr out of nothing? Why do divide fathers? In many occasions we see you guys throwing insults on Fathers you don't like, and make a Saint out of the ones you like...isn't that the classic case of 'divide and rule'?... Obviously, you have a hidden agenda that can only be accomplished with certain people in power.
By the way, where does this 'us' Vs 'them' thing come?

In front of God we are all the same...just because things don't go as fast as you wanted, you should not put everybody in one box call all them all kinds of names...that really doesn't expect from people who call themselves 'Christians'... where is your inclusiveness, caring, respect, humbleness. Instead all we have been seeing is arrogance, divisiveness, self righteousness, hatred, etc...please come back to earth, and let all of us learn under our Church. You put yourself so highly, and I don't even know who can bring you down and give you the proper lesson.
I doubt you will publish my comment, as many of the points are against your long standing opinion.
Lemangnawim Lehulachinm Lib Yisten!
Sile Mezmuru Zemari Engidan Qale Hiwot Yasemalen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chinketachin Yesemach Kidane Mehiret KeNelejo Misgana Yedresat.
Bewnetu Kidane Mehireten Lemeno Yafere Yelemena.

Anonymous said...

Ehete micheal

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