November 1, 2010

Abune Paulos should be stopped

 “…The one who stiffens his neck  after numerous rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy…” (Prov 29:1)
 (ደጀ ሰላም፣ Deje Selam)It is undoubted fact that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is going through a rigorous tribulation. Even though, in its long history, the Church have suffered from both internal and external aggressions; what has been happening at the time of the current Patriarch His Holiness Abune Paulos is completely and absurdly new.

It is only 50 years since the Ethiopian Church reached autocephaly and consecrated 5 Bishops including Abune Paulos. During the incumbency of first four fathers - the fourth who is still alive and resides in exile - the Church has not encountered such misconduct by her own Clergy men. The cause for all this is Abune Paulos himself. His Holiness Abune Paulos is a well known to be double side knife has been stirring up and corrupting the Church from the day he was ordained to office of patriarch. Following are some in a nutshell:
1.      The act of numbing the Laity
The first time His Holiness Abune Paulos was recognized by the public for his laboriously lengthened feast days speeches. According to the culture of the church feast days, including Liturgy, end at 3 pm – 3:30 pm in fasting day but his Holiness Abune Paulos’ long numbing politically flavored propaganda will go for at least for two or three hours more. Most of his speeches focus on praising the government and scolding the laity making them double-bind either to leave out-of-exhaustion or stay for the honor or the feast. Most people prefer not to go to any feast day where Abune Paulos is assumed to be present. And if the feast day is in the morning the program is extended an hour or more. This is, as many say, a deliberate action to discourage people from going to church. 
2.      Stacking the Church administration with larcenist
While the Church clerical schools and spiritual institutes are being devitalized, his holiness Abune Paulos handpicked individuals, who are trespassers, vagabonds and who don’t have the slightest knowledge of the orthodoxy principle of humility, to work in most churches of the bishopric of Addis Ababa; who in turn have exploited the Church monies and properties.

The Arat kilo boot polishers call the Paulos recruits by the nick name “Fendata menekusae” meaning “Gangster monks”. These false monks wear the monastic robe and hat just to ruin the name of the real monks for the sake of money and power. Needless to say monastic life is described as "the angelic state", in other words a state of life that while on earth follows the example of the life in heaven.

These, in His Holiness Abune Paulos era, enormously multiplying monks have deeds disgraceful to any human let along have angelic nature. Monks should live and perform the deeds like that of the apostles with no desire to recognition and reward only with absolute devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. These gangster monks use the robe of Anthony for fame and the hat for disguise even more these individuals are seen entertaining in improper and unethical places for “Spirituals” like them.
They seduce young women who approach them for repentance and confession and steal the alms of the poor people. Followers who were unhappy by these gangster monks filed their complaint to Abune Paulos for the sake of deliverance not knowing that these individual was personally appointed by Abune Paulos. The response they got was nerve-racking, harsh and unorthodox. His exact words were “ Are you complaining that they have defrauded your monies ? I will assign someone who will defraud your life”

His Holiness Abune Paulos hasn’t lied; he indeed assigned man-eater fake monks with flashy robes in the parishes of Addis Ababa. These wolfs in sheep clothing not only robbed the innocent’s money but also stripped them of their spiritual life. The responsible person for all this is certainly no one but His Holiness Abune Paulos.

His Holiness Abune Paulos’ other recruits are brainwashed swindlers. He is willing to team up with anyone who has a focused aim on vandalizing the church even if those individuals are His Holiness Abune Paulos’ enemies, they will be his allies for the common objective. Anyone who is concerned about the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is his major enemy. The recently formed alignment with an individual who scolded and deprecated him in three of his book like pamphlet is one case.
Depriving the Church of religious scholars  
Suppressing the scholars and intellectuals of the church who are known to defend and stand by the Laws of the Church and making them voiceless is one of his longing going mission. This was deliberately done in fear of facing objection when he shuffles the canon laws. The continuous repression has made those fathers furiously exhausted. He initiated ordination discrimination on married scholar clergy men, whom he fired and in place assigned those Fake monks with the aim to destroy the long maintained Orthodox culture replacing it with the Catholic ways.

In the long history of the Church married clergy men (priests) and scholars had a prominent role in the hierarchical administration. But now, these clergy men are replaced with religious illiterates and administration-ignorants which has led to the deterioration and the down fall state that the Church is in right now.

Wrecking the unity/oneness of the Church
For the vandalized deterioration of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the Diaspora, the main cause and role-player is Abune Paulos. He has intimidated and agitated the fathers in exile who eventually broke the canon law and ordained Bishops. This on the other hand has helped him maintain longer time in office by making the people to focus on such issues. The divide and rule scheme is his number one tool.
Repressing the integrity of the Holy Synod
The Ethiopian Orthodox church claims the apostolic succession therefore is governed by the apostolic laws. An apostolic church has Holy Spirit guided Holy Synod.Holy Synod is the highest body in the hierarchy of the church. But the fifth Patriarch Abune Paulos just like any dictator has in unconstrained manner gone beyond the canon laws and have taken power on his own hands appointing and firing whomever he wants and whenever he wants and have been unlawfully defacing the church for decades.
·         He has been acting in comparable viciousness to that of a dictator.
·         He has erected a statue of himself.
·         He has deliberately and knowingly transgressed the canon laws and the decision of the Holy Synod.
·         He has formed a personality cult network and has completely disowned and mortified the Holy Synod.
·         He has led the laity to have vacillated hope and faith on the Holy Synod and its sovereign power over the Ethiopian Orthodox Church     

The dictatorship, unlawfulness and unorthodox canon of Abune Paulos have to stop once and for all. If the Archbishops of the Church don’t stop tolerating him; it will only result in devastating the followers to lose their faith in God and their religion. If his Holiness Abune Paulos, as his usual scheme, try to incapacitate the Holy Synod and the Church by mustering his personality cults, he should be denounce and removed from his sit. If the Holy Synod could not take this act it will only make it a lion without teeth. As it says “…But its swamps and its marshes will not become fresh; they will remain salty…” on Ezekiel 47:11.We believe Abune Paulos is incurable disease who needs to be removed from the Holy See IMMEDIATELY!!!

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