October 27, 2010

ምእመኑ ምን ይላል? (ክፍል 1)

1.በእንባ የታጀበ ...

2. "አባቶቻችን አኩርተውናል"


Anonymous said...

The voice is low quality. Let alone for our fathers, it is difficult to hear for us also. Please try to improve the voice quality so that people can listen it clearly and easily.

May we see the end of this new beginning!

Unknown said...

Yes, Anonym

You are correct. The problem is with the caller who left the message.


Anonymous said...

This is what we expect from our spiritual fathers. ለዚህች ፤ አላፊ ፤ አለም ፤ ለስጋዊ፤ ጥቅም ፤ መገዛት ፤ አይደለም፤ ከአባቶች፤ ከወጣቶች፤ አይጠበቅም ። ከእ/ር ፤ ጋር፤ ከጎናችሁ፤ ነን፤ እና፤ አትፍሩ ።

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Almighty God. The Holy Synod has passed the right decision on the right time. It is the decsion which saves our church from going on wrong track. Let's pray to the implementation of the decision.

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