September 28, 2010

የ2003 ዓ.ም ደመራ የኢ.ቲ.ቪ ሪፖርታዥ


Anonymous said...

Dear Dejeselam,
Thanks for posting this interesting celebration of Mesqel and its first ever transmission live on ETV. I was waiting for the news since Sunday evening as this is a big milestone for our church to have such a 4 hours coverage on our national TV. You could have made the coverage more wider than this. My piece of advice for you is, please provide such positive developments of the church more deeply than less important articles that you post sometimes.You even didn't said Enkuan aderesahihu for mesqel, instead posted something else on since sunday. sorry if my comments seem silly to you, but as a blog on our church activities, I have to say this.
Yemesqelu fiqr behulachn yder!
Selame Egziabher ayleyen.

Anonymous said...

All our green yellow red flags are removed from our celebration. Till 2002 our flag was seen in every where, on pole, on the Mekamiya, in the hand of sunday school. This year nothing can be seen... oooo weyane is removing everything

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