August 25, 2010


(By Tewahedo)
These wolves  in sheep-clothing should be removed from our church ones for all. They have understood the psychology of the fathers (including that of the politically-minded patriarch) and thus are playing a game for their own advantage. As the saying goes:YE'ASA GIMATU KANATU - since the patriarch himself is void of spirituality, Begashaw, Zerihun and their allies have become confident that no one will confront them for their disturbingly immoral deeds. They know that they can buy the hand of the patriarch and use him for their own advantages as we saw in the statue shameful drama. Hence, let me propose a few points to clean the mess in our mother Church:

1. Let the laity (MIEMENAN) stop giving money to churches, because their money is being used by the patriarch and his thugs for recreational and carnal purposes. The boycotting to give money should continue till the Church proves itself to use the money of his children effectively. We all know that there is no appropriate tithing system (ASRAT YEMAWITAT SIREAT) at all in the EOTC.
2. Let those who are able to do research spend some time and study the real problems of the EOTC.
3. The outcome of these studies can be published in Amharic on reliable sites, so that the laity may have the right awareness about the current mind-boggling problems of the Church. I promise to contribute one research-based article in the near future.
4. Let us get organized, and based on our constitutional right, ask the Ethiopian government to investigate the shameless corruption in the EOTC (though the governmental authorities are themselves corrupt and get share from the embezzlement in the Church, they may consider our concern in we expose the extent of the corruption in the Church appropriately)
Let us start with the aforementioned points. I need the comments of the readers on the points I raised, and will add some other points if need be.
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