August 30, 2010

"Anyuak Media" against our Church???

(Deje Selam; August 29/2010):- In our website browsing, we encountered a concerning report by a certain "Anyuak Media", which labels the Ethiopian Church as "Abyssinizer". We quote the report in length as follows.

As part of Abyssinianization, the handful members of the Orthodox Church in Gambella town are now planning to build the fifth Orthodox Church on the top of the Gambella Mountain (Geleth or Jebjabe Mountain). Orthodox Church members in Gambella have four big Orthodox Churches: the first one is located in Arat Kilo, the second one is in Changkwar behind Agarfa College, the third is located on the left-hand-side on the road to Abobo before the Malaysian petroleum company Compound, and the fourth is in Bathtor area near the old airport. If not the notion of Abyssinianization that has been going on in Gambella region, the four Orthodox Churches would be enough to accommodate the few Orthodox Church members, namely the Amhara and Tigray tribes who reside in Gambella town. If the proposed fifth Orthodox Church on the top of indigenous’ cultural Mountain has no political implication, the planners would not plan to build the Church on the top of the Jebjabe Mountain because this Mountain is one of the remaining cultural symbols of Gambella town. The indigenous people want the Mountain to be preserved for their culture identities. If not the intention of the Abyssinianization, the planners of the Church would not propose to build the Church on the top of this cultural Mountain when they have a plenty of land around the town. If not the intention of assimilation/destruction of the indigenous way of lives, the planners of this demonic church would not come up with the idea to build the Church on the top of the Mountain where Gambella town water purification tank is located. Building the Church next to the town’s water purification tank has political implication i.e. water can be easily contaminated or poisoned by these religious groups whose hearts are filled with hatred. Building the church on the top of the cultural Mountain has something to do with the destruction of biodiversity on and around the Mountain. Even though Gambella municipal authorities attempted to stop building the Church on the Mountain, their efforts have been in vain. The groups have been adamantly insisted to go on the plan to build the Church. Thus, we in Diaspora as well as all native of Gambella in Ethiopia are called upon to make some effort to stop this cultural destruction!

We are concerned as fellow Ethiopians, if the "Media Group" has anything to do with anti-Orthodox Church sentiment or brain-washed by ill-minded people such as the self acclaimed "human rights" champion and defender of "Oromo and Muslim Ethiopians" human rights: Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis. (The following link gives a brief summary of what he does and who the Dr. is: are also concerned why the Ethiopian Media continued to be fooled by enemies of Ethiopia in general and the Church in particular and serve as their mouth piece, the case in point being Quatero website.

The "Anyuak media" has every right to oppose any moves by anybody including the Church, but the group has no better indigenity to the area and alliance to the Anyuak people than the Church or Obang Metho and Anuak Justice Council. As per the Cultural perspective, it can be discussed in a very civilized manner.
Note: Here we call upon Ethiopian writers to reflect their ideals.
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