June 24, 2010

London to host EOTC’s Europe Spiritual Conference

By Tamiru Geda
(NewsDire):- Debre Genet Holy Trinity Church ,London based, is said a bit busy to organize the thirteenth Spiritual Conference of The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Europe that would be held between 16-18 July 2010. It reported that several hundreds worshipers showed their interest to pilgrim to London.

According to the organizers, preparation for the conference is undertaken and lot of Londoners are regrouping themselves and waiting for the arrivals of their gusts from Ethiopia, America, Europe and other places. On this spiritual conference different activities: spiritual Gospel preachings, Spiritual songs, Spiritual Drama and the like would be preformed . The organizers said that to minimize logistical problems and to get better facilities, gusts who come from out side United kingdom are advised to contact organizers in advance .Last weekend , organizers updated their followers that more than three hundreds worshipers have already registered to attend the London’s conference.

In terms of financial expenses ,it is forecasted that the conference would cost more than fourteen thousand pound that would be spend to cover air tickets of prominent Spiritual singers and preachers from Ethiopia and America namely , Deacon and Zemarie Menedaye Berehanu and Zemarie Tewdrose Yosef, both from Ethiopia , Zemarie Wondwesen Bekle from America and others are likely to attend the conference. Zemarie Mendie visits London , for the second time (last year he was in London for similar mission ,along with zemarie Yelma Hailu ).It is said that some committed Christians have already showed their interest to support the upcoming conference by helping either in cash or in kind One committed christen said he promised to sponsor a return air tickets for one spiritual singer. Other volunteer also get ready to provide full spiritual clothes for young Church’s singers. After the conference, there would be gospel teachings programs and other activities through out United Kingdom that last for one month.

 His Grace Abune Enthons, Archbishop of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in North Western Europe, also urges Londoners to make the conference more successful, by working together and contributing what they have as usual . He reminds his followers that the church is responsible to spread God’s words and look after its spiritual children. Then worshipers would know what their right and their obligation in their faith. On last weekend , Abune Enthons, said that because of the previous two annual conferences organized by London’s Trinity Church , several souls have been rescued .” Praise the Lord , because of those events , many destitute and desperate people recovered from their problems. Now they are either working for their Church or they worship the Almighty God, “ said Abune Enthons

Last year, the Church also made a special memorial services in Leeds United, to remember and pray for those Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants who lost their lives, while they attempting to cross The Mediterranean Sea.
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