January 4, 2010

Nigerian terrorist "was in Ethiopia three months ago"? Why?

Deje Selam Comment:-
(Jan. 3/2010):- The modern-Al Qaeda-led terrorism is encroaching around Ethiopia for many years now. We have seen its ugly face since the current government took power. It was blamed on ethnicity, historical animosity, and bad governance. Negligence on the part of the Church leaders and bad ideaology on the part of the leading party has made the country and its environment very vulnerable to terrorism. Until recently it was Somalia and now Yemen is harboring international terrorism. Home grown Ethiopian terrorists could be motivated by these developments and could inflict the Church, influencing the general religious make-up of the country. Since EPRDF's resume declares its naivety to reality, and the shirt term love it falls with Saudi led investors could further inflame the situation. The international community should study the situation very attentively and work to hamper home grown terrorism before it takes root in Ethiopia.

(The Reporter, 02 JAN 2010):- Umar Farouk Abdulmutallabuk, the young Nigerian whose recent attempt to blow up a US airliner got foiled, was in Ethiopia three months ago, Yemeni foreign ministry sources told journalists. According to Yemeni officials, Abdulmutallabuk entered Yemen in August last year and came here five months later.

Abdulmutallabuk allegedly tried to set off explosives in a Detroit-bound passenger plane carrying over 200 people. The explosives failed to explode and the alleged terrorist sustained severe burns while passengers remain unscathed. The flight was inbound from Amsterdam. The Nigerian was indicted on terror charges.

The Reporter's efforts to acquire details of the purpose of Abdulmutallabuk's visit here, from official sources was not successful.


Anonymous said...

The appeasement by western governments of regims such as the one in Ethiopia or Saudi Arabia that pretend as if they fight terrorism,yet in practice, facilitate fertile grounds for these curses of the time(terrorists) to be hatched, should be examined closely.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to say that this man was in Ethiopia if he intered where was he living and ith whom and all the house number must be told otherwise if a person inters Somalia and said I was in Ethiopia He might be right because there are Somali Ethiopians so please make clear How He intered ,where stayed ,all His connections and His address in Ethiopia. Because Ethiopia is a big country Tell us exactly where he was. Besides because of one unwanted person it is not fair to push all the investers

Orthodoxawi said...

@Anonymous, I don't think it is as such easy for DS to trace where this guy stayed in Ethiopia. But I agree with one thing:
"This is a wake up call for the Ethiopian gov't, and to all the concerned citizens of the country".

Egziabher Amlak Ethiopia hagerachinin, Tewahedo Haymanotachinin yitebikilin.

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