January 27, 2010

Let the black box speak

(Deje-Selam, Jan. 26/2010): Deje-Selam would like to quote one Deje-Selamawi, Burka, for he spoke our mind in regard to the news that our Airlines made the deadly mistake. Thank you Burka.
This is a wrong news that could potentially mislead people and customers. First of all, technically it is impossible to make a turn at the hieght the plane burned. Secondly, it is impossible to mention any reason without checking the black box. Thirdly, even if the pilot made a wrong turn that would be the fault of the Lebanese aviation. They should have told the pilot before he took off. If that is what they are saying, it is all about poor weather prediction system (if they are saying we told him to make a turn.) They should have predicted the weather that could happen at that moment. Then let the black box speak for it self.


Orthodox Unit said...

Definitely true, one cannot say the crash is because of the pilot mistake unless there is exact information about what was going on inside the plan. The Lebanese are talking these things to protect their country.

Anonymous said...

HIZBOLAH ROCKET downed the aircraft???please read insider information from the link below

Anonymous said...

Whoever it is , they can't blame the pilot because as burka said they should check the weather before the plane took off. and if he made a turn or if it is the weather, it would crash on the ocean not burn on the air after 90 seconds of taking off. That is rediculous. who ever you said, it is hizbolah or osama, the plane was crashed because something was happened in side or it was already targeted to be blown out after 90 seconds. Don't blame the pilot. He can't fly with out your permission. You , lebanese, are trying to cover your mistakes, that led for these people to die.

Unknown said...

thanks to God 4 every thing

Anonymous said...

yes it is the true news for EOC

Anonymous said...

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