January 15, 2010

'Church Paintings Mercilessly Omitted'

Selam Deje Selam,
I have recently checked out your blog. You seem to be very consistant. I didn't find a single thing that can implicate you are not Orthodox or you don't have the best wish for the church.

Enough with the paranoia cloud and let me get to my point. What is the deal with our traditional church paintings mercilessly omitted from our churches ?? this is a phenomena from urban churches to churches in remote areas. In the long run, this will kill us. When we give the credit to this church for preserving our writing system, calendar system, art, musical instruments, literature, a way to inspire a nation to keep its legacy, a way to inspire its citizens to continue as a nation...... I could go on; it means we have to preserve what has been passed to us to the next generation
Unfortunately, I have seen all of these mezmur videos, various churches on youtube and in any form,
our traditional paintings are gone and european paintings have just become norms. Geberaelen beyalew
this is not good at all.
My furstration went to the whole different level, when I run into a painting of Kirstos Semera, looking like nothing but an ETHIOPIAN. A woman from Bulega should never look like an Italian or dress like one. I think this is more than an innocent mistake or misconception. I think there is a deep seated scheme going on to install these foreign paintings into the psych of Ethiopians. Most of these icons are imported from arabs, europeans and india also. I'm so angry, I can not even put my ideas together. Whoever or whomever thinks its a vangaurd of this Church - Mahiber Kidusan, Synodos (yetesededew, yaletsededew - who cares), Senbet Schools, Fathers, liqauents, should not let these thing happen at all.
You know during Sosonios time, when our church was persecuted by the state working in hand with the roman catholic church - one of the things that piss off the people was the icon of our holy mother.
The blood that was spilled, only God knows.
Please use your media or your influence to stop the injustice that is happening against the tradition of our church by her children knowing or unknowing. At least discuss it with your circle. Recently, I have run into an article on mahiberekidusan site regarding this issue -'traditional paintings'.
I can not say our church is in good hands write now, but what the heck, what can we do, we just have to do our share. As for me, I also strongly informed my fiancee to ban any UnEthiopian pictures. For Gena, she gave me a traditional painting cards, just like the one you had on your blog.
This not a simple silly thing against anything not Ethiopian. It is about perserving what is ours. They are uniqe and let us keep them and develop and enrich them. It is sad that our school system in Ethiopia has always been weak in this regard....now there is even a very gloomy road ahead of us - political correctness, freaking globlization, radical islamization with go ahead card from the regime, pop culture...u name it, it will make it difficult to have a concious Orthodox Ethiopian citizens.

well, sorry for the long rant, hopefully this message will find you well....



John Zebaptist said...

Conceptually it is wonderful. But in practice even we don't have many painters who are doing such task( I don't know if I am mistaken) may be there is no market.

Icons even though they are not photographs, they should resemble the person/event they are representing. Like Jesus should not be black as some people consider it to be and St. Tekla should not be white as the writer described Kirstos Semara's case.

And we need organized body may be churches who can work for this and produce icons. It is good as you said. Actually icons should be kept in churches and the church icons are all painted by Ethiopians with Ethiopian tradition.

EthioMonitor said...

While sharing Berhanu's great thoughts, I would like to make a call Deje Selamwian to join our Egyptian brothers and sisters, in their spritual struggle, and to show compassion and solidarity with the suffering Coptic Christians.


"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute” - Proverbs 31:8

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