November 5, 2009


(Ze Dima Giorgis)
Mahibere Kidusan has become the target of many camps these days. Especially Protestants, Fundamental Muslims and the so called Tehadisos have opened huge propaganda campaign. The Protestants officially are declaring that they are against this association since this association is defending the Tewahido Church from the reformation movement they have planned.
1. The so called “Tehadios”, who serves as a bridge to transform Tewahedo Church to protestant, are doing their level best to demonize Mahibere Kidusan.
2. It is enough to read the book being published and blog created by these groups to attack Mahibere Kidusan. Extremist Muslims are also accusing Mahibere Kidusan for the reason they themselves don’t understand.

Funnily enough these fundamentalists are accusing Mahibere Kidusan for controlling VOA and Deutsche Welle. EEJ, report says like this
EEJ did report how DW radio Amharic Service reporters used to promote the political agenda of the so called mehabara Qudusan .In his report Atse Addisu Ingidaw along with his colleague has called on to curb the FREEDOM of RELIGION- the very same thing the so called Mahabara Qudusan and the church which they subscribe to is calling for. 3

On another news this media has again criticized VOA being mouth of church (Mahibere kidusan ??) like this

The media is giving us an assignment after another, and as you may have heard VOA Amharic service as a mouth of the church (Mahibere Kidusan??) Has reported the denial of the church of Al-Negashi (Negus Ashama), history. 4
Quoting Radio Negashi Islamic radio station, on October 18, 2009, edition, this media has criticized VOA like this again:
Radio Negashi 18 oct, 09 Broadcast has special program on the shameful VOA Amharic service fanaticism. It recall that this is not the first time that the VOA Amharic `journalists` staffs uses the service to promote their view or more appropriately the view of their ancestors. It is recalled that those who are affiliated to the ruling monarchy had special privilege at the expense of the oppressed nations who were deprived the fundamental citizenship right.5

The same blog spot has also criticized BBC 5. I am afraid that they may claim BBC is also hijacked by Mahibere Kidusan.

It is to be recalled that the government has passed regulations regarding higher learning institutions and religious activities with in campuses6.This new regulation, in turn was dispatched to each Universities. Funnily enough again, these fundamentalists are accusing Mahibere Kidusan for so doing. One of their blog quotes it like this

Kotobe College bans Salah and Hijab, which effectively means dismissal of the Muslims. Mehabera 'erkusan' members in the education sect are proving that they can implement their policy of keeping Muslim Ethiopians away from the education sect... Now they are effectively implementing effectively the subsequent policies which is primarily to distant Muslims from education sect, a policy implemented by Atse hailesillasei-their model’7

I don’t want to list many points about these guys. But, I invite everybody to read the letter written to Addis Ababa police and Federal Police commissioner from the Islamic Supreme Court of Ethiopia .According to the letter written from by The Islamic Affair Supreme Court of Ethiopia (EIASC), there are fundamentalist Wahabiyas who are trying to create chaos and scandal under the cover of Islamic religion. The council further has requested Federal police to take immediate and necessary measure upon these bodies with hidden agendas. Please read the letter written by the EIASC attached herewith.8

On March 2009 Al Qaeda has disseminated new document requesting coordinated global Jihad. According to this paper, Ethiopia should be the prime target. The authors depicts their plan for Ethiopia like this

One of the most important goals must be the bringing down or weakening of the Ethiopia, and bringing Ethiopia into a state of chaos and civil war. I believe … the break-up of the Ethiopian system, would be the starting point for Islamic conquests to be launched from Islam’s southern outpost, Somalia.’ Kenya, Djibouti and Yemen are also identified as countries that interfere in Somalia and that must therefore be attack.9

This is why we are seeing new religious tension in our country. All these provocations, instigations and baseless accusations are catalysts to ignite religious conflict and turn our country to endless war. They know that Mahibere Kidusan is not involved in any of the things they accuse. All these false allegations are most probably for two purposes. The first is to create negative image of Mahibere Kidusan to their followers. The other plausible explanation is they want to involve Mahibere Kidusan members in religious clash they proposed to create in the country, which can be a good reason to declare endless war in the country. By so doing they will implement the mission they have been given by the global jihadists .That is why they are not tired of writing insults, scolds and nonsense blames against Mahibere Kidusan.

The first is to understand who is there at the back of these guys? What their aim is? Their aim is one and one: plot to accomplish the mission they have been given by their masters, global terrorists. Once we know this, we need to pray more and more since praying is the solution for every problem. Besides we should counter every false allegation and propagandas, be it on our Church or Mahibere Kidusan. FOR EXAMPLE WE CAN ALSO SUBMIT PETITION TO COUNTER THE PETITION WHICH THEY ARE DOING TO PROMOTE THEIR HIDDEN AGENDA. Above all we should strengthen our solidarity and concern for our Church (EOTC), association Mahibere Kidusan in all regards than any time. We divide we fail and become pray for those who consider that we are their enemies and need to eat us alive. But the more we unite and pray, the more we will be shield for our church Tewahido. Truth is invincible and cannot be overpowered despite what so ever multi million petrol dollar is pumped.


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