November 16, 2009

The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul

The New York Times, Published: November 14, 2009
THE dead at Fort Hood had not even been laid to rest when their massacre became yet another political battle cry for the self-proclaimed patriots of the American right.

Their verdict was unambiguous: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born psychiatrist of Palestinian parentage who sent e-mail to a radical imam, was a terrorist. And he did not act alone. His co-conspirators included our military brass, the Defense Department, the F.B.I., the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and, of course, the liberal media and the Obama administration.

All these institutions had failed to heed the warning signs raised by Hasan’s behavior and activities because they are blinded by political correctness toward Muslims, too eager to portray criminals as sympathetic victims of social injustice, and too cowardly to call out evil when it strikes 42 innocents in cold blood.

The invective aimed at these heinous P.C. pantywaists nearly matched that aimed at Hasan. Joe Lieberman announced hearings to investigate the Army for its dereliction of duty on homeland security. Peter Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, vowed to unmask cover-ups in the White House and at the C.I.A. The Weekly Standard blog published a broadside damning the F.B.I. for neglecting the “broader terrorist plot” of which Hasan was only one of the connected dots. Jerome Corsi, the major-domo of the successful Swift-boating of John Kerry, unearthed what he said was proof that Hasan had advised President Obama during the transition.

William Bennett excoriated soft military leaders like Gen. George Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, who had stood up for diversity and fretted openly about a backlash against Muslim soldiers in his ranks. “Blind diversity” that embraces Islam “equals death,” wrote Michelle Malkin. “There is a powerful case to be made that Islamic extremism is not some fringe phenomenon but part of the mainstream of Islamic life around the world,” wrote the columnist Jonah Goldberg. Islam is “not a religion,” declared the irrepressible Pat Robertson, but “a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world.”

As a snapshot of where a chunk of the country stands right now, these reactions to the Fort Hood bloodbath could not be more definitive. And it’s quite possible that some of what this crowd says is right — not about Islam in general, but about the systemic failure to stop a homicidal maniac like Hasan in particular. Whether he was an actual terrorist or an unfathomable mass murderer merely dabbling in jihadist ideas, the repeated red flags during his Army career illuminate a pattern of lapses in America’s national security. Whether those indicators were ignored because of political correctness, bureaucratic dysfunction, sheer incompetence or some hybrid thereof is still unclear, but, whichever, the system failed.

Yet the mass murder at Fort Hood didn’t happen in isolation. It unfolded against the backdrop of Obama’s final lap of decision-making about Afghanistan. For all the right’s jeremiads, its own brand of political correctness kept it from connecting two crucial dots: how our failing war against terrorists in Afghanistan might relate to our failure to stop a supposed terrorist attack at home. Most of those who decried the Army’s blindness to Hasan’s threat are strong proponents of sending more troops into our longest war. That they didn’t mention Afghanistan while attacking the entire American intelligence and defense apparatus in charge of that war may be the most telling revelation of this whole debate.

The reason they didn’t is obvious enough. Their screeds about the Hasan case are completely at odds with both the Afghanistan policy they endorse and the leadership that must execute that policy, including Gen. Stanley McChrystal. These hawks, all demanding that Obama act on McChrystal’s proposals immediately, do not seem to have read his strategy assessment for Afghanistan or the many press interviews he gave as it leaked out. If they had, they’d discover that the whole thrust of his counterinsurgency pitch is to befriend and win the support of the Afghan population — i.e., Muslims. The “key to success,” the general wrote in his brief to the president, will be “strong personal relationships forged between security forces and local populations.”

McChrystal thinks we might even jolly up those Muslims who historically and openly hate America. “I don’t think much of the Taliban are ideologically driven,” he told Dexter Filkins of The Times. “In my view their past is not important. Some people say, ‘Well, they have blood on their hands.’ I’d say, ‘So do a lot of people.’ I think we focus on future behavior.”

Whether we could win those hearts and minds is, arguably, an open question — though it’s an objective that would require a partner other than Hamid Karzai and many more troops than even McChrystal is asking for (or America presently has). But to say that McChrystal’s optimistic — dare one say politically correct? — view of Muslim pliability doesn’t square with that of America’s hawks is the understatement of the decade.

As their Fort Hood rhetoric made clear, McChrystal’s most vehement partisans don’t trust American Muslims, let alone those of the Taliban, no matter how earnestly the general may argue that they can be won over by our troops’ friendliness (or bribes). If, as the right has it, our Army cannot be trusted to recognize a Hasan in its own ranks, then how will it figure out who the “good” Muslims will be as we try to build a “stable” state (whatever “stable” means) in a country that has never had a functioning central government? If our troops can’t be protected from seemingly friendly Muslim American brethren in Killeen, Tex., what are the odds of survival for the 40,000 more troops the hawks want to deploy to Kabul and sinkholes beyond?

About the only prominent voice among the liberal-bashing, Obama-loathing right who has noted this gaping contradiction is Mark Steyn of National Review. “Members of the best trained, best equipped fighting force on the planet” were “gunned down by a guy who said a few goofy things no one took seriously,” he wrote. “And that’s the problem: America has the best troops and fiercest firepower, but no strategy for throttling the ideology that drives the enemy — in Afghanistan and in Texas.” You have to applaud Steyn’s rare intellectual consistency within his camp. One imagines that he does not buy the notion that our Army, however brilliant, has a shot at building “strong personal relationships” with a population that often regards us as occupiers and infidels.

In a week of horrific news, it was good to hear at the end of it that Obama is dissatisfied with the four Afghanistan options he has been weighing so far. The more time he deliberates, the more he is learning that he’s on a fool’s errand with no exit. After Karzai was spared a runoff last month and declared the winner of the fraud-infested August “election,” Obama demanded that he address his government’s corruption as a price for American support. Only days later the Afghan president mocked the American president by parading his most tainted cronies on camera and granting an interview to PBS’s “NewsHour” devoted to spewing his contempt for his American benefactors.

Matthew Hoh, a former Marine and, until recently, a State Department official in Afghanistan, could be found on MSNBC on Thursday once again asking the question no war advocate can answer, “Do you want Americans fighting and dying for the Karzai regime?” Hoh quit his post on principle in September despite the urging of colleagues, including our ambassador there, Karl W. Eikenberry, that he stay and fight over war policy from the inside. But Hoh had lost confidence in our strategy and would not retract his resignation. Now he has been implicitly seconded by Eikenberry himself. Last week we learned that the ambassador, a retired general who had been the top American military commander in Afghanistan as recently as 2007, had sent two cables to Obama urging caution about sending more troops.

We don’t know everything in those cables. What we do know is that American intelligence continues to say that fewer than 100 Qaeda operatives can still be found in Afghanistan. We also know that the Taliban, which are currently estimated to number in the tens of thousands, can’t be eliminated. As McChrystal put it to Filkins, there is no “finite number” of Taliban, so there’s no way to vanquish them. Hence his counterinsurgency alternative, which could take decades, costing untold billions and countless lives.

Perhaps those on the right are correct about Hasan, and he is just one cog in an apocalyptic jihadist plot that has infiltrated our armed forces. If so, then they have an obligation to explain how pouring more troops into Afghanistan would have stopped Hasan from plotting in Killeen. Don’t hold your breath. If we have learned anything concrete so far from the massacre at Fort Hood, it’s that our hawks, for all their certitude, are as utterly confused as the rest of us about who it is we’re fighting in Afghanistan and to what end.


Anonymous said...

DS: Selam

I don't get your point in posting an article from the left-wing liberal newspaper like the New York Times. Isn't our time better spent discussing EOTC rather than U.S.A.'s problems? Let them deal with it. Radical/ Extremist Islam is in Ethiopia too. What can we do as Ethiopians ? That is the million dollar question .


Anonymous said...

ሥራ ፈት ቦዘኔ
የምታወሩት /የምትሸርቡት ሴራ አጣችሁ? አይ ማህበረ ሰይጣን።
እውነትም ደጀ ሰይጣን
የራሷ ሲያርባት አለች እማማ ማዘንጊያ

yigermal said...

Koran 5:34:‎

‎“slay , crucify and cut the hands and feet of the ‎captive-unbelievers..." ‎

What can be expected from such religious doctrines.

I am worried? Is God happy of innocent human blood. Is there anyone who can give me an answer to this question?

Ze Rufael said...

...." For Egypt and the Arabs have their eyes not merely on the Sudan, but on Ethiopia, the famous Christian kingdom, now rapidly becoming Islamized. Egypt has no intention of letting the Christian government of Ethiopia help its own people by, at long last, diverting some of the headwaters of the Nile for irrigation. The Egyptians think the Nile belongs, from its very source onward, to them and only to them. The water wars have been declared –but only by the Arab side.

Americans and other Infidel peoples should be supporting Ethiopian efforts to halt the spread of Islam, or of the purest kind of Islam, whether in Somalia or in Ethiopia itself, and to help Ethiopia remain a Christian kingdom that can help prevent the takeover of southern East Africa by Islam. Muslims owe their loyalty to the umma al-islamiyya, to fellow Muslims. It would make sense, in Africa, for the Americans not only to have handfuls of advisors and troops here and there, but to engage in propaganda. This propaganda, which happens to be the truth simply megaphoned to make a point, should describe in vivid detail the history of the Arab slave trade. It should explain to Africans that slavery is permanently sanctioned by both Qur’an and Sunnah, and can therefore never, within Islam, be banished. It should detail the continuing racism of the Arabs. And it should show how Islam stands in the way of economic and other kinds of development in two ways: in the encouragement of the habit of mental submission, central to Islam, and in the inshallah-fatalism that limits economic activity, and how Islam has relied on two kinds of manna: the Jizyah that is demanded from, or voluntarily supplied by, non-Muslims, and the oil wealth that has resulted from an accident of geology. And despite the ten trillion dollars that the Arab and Muslim states have received from oil revenues since 1973, not a single one has managed to create a real economy, not a single one has ceased to be hopelessly dependent on oil.

nice quote said...

"Americans and other Infidel peoples should be supporting Ethiopian efforts to halt the spread of Islam, or of the purest kind of Islam, whether in Somalia or in Ethiopia itself, and to help Ethiopia remain a Christian kingdom that can help prevent the takeover of southern East Africa by Islam."

Anonymous said...

አቶ ወይም ወይዘሮ ይገርማል የሚገርሙት እርሶ ኖት መዋሸትም አልቻሉበትም በጉጉል ዘመን በሬ ወለደ ይላሉ እራሶትን ይዋሻሉ ምን ይደረግ የዘር ነገር በር ላይ ጤፍ አስጥቶ ቤት ዉስጥ ማሽላ መብላት ሽሮ ያረረበት ሁላ ዶሮ በላሁ ማለት በርሃብ ሆዱ ሚጮህበት በቅኝ ጠግቤአለሁ የሚል የርሶ አይነት የጨዋ ልጅ ነኝ...የጨዋ ዘር ነኝ...ምናምን...ምናምን...የሚለዉ...ሱፍ በከረባት ለብሶ የሚለምነዉ...ብርሌ አንቆ የሚሽሞነሞነዉ...ካነሰ ሌላ ግዜ ጨምራለሁ ላሁኑ ግን ቁርኣን 5:34 አነሆ ማንኛዉም ሰዉ ጎጉል ላይ ገብቶ ቁርኣን 5:34 ቢል መልሱን ያገኝዋል
5:34 Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Anonymous said...

ኢስላም የሰላም ሃይማኖት ነው።ኢስላም እና የጸሃይ ብርሃን ዓለምን ለማብራት የተላኩ ናቸው።
እናም ነገሩ ግመሏ ትጓዛለች ውሾቹም ይጮሃሉ ...እስከ ትንሳኤ ቀን ድረስ ነው ነገሩ።
በነገራችን ላይ አሜሪካ እና እስራኤል በተቻላቸው መጠን ኢስላምን ለማጥፋት በአለም ላይ ደፋ ቀና እያሉ ነው።
አሜሪካ በ አፍጋኒስታን ሸለቆ መጠንቀሯ ሳያንሳት በኢራቅ ገብታ ትዳክራለች።በኢራን ውስጥም ካልገባሁ ብላ እየተንደፋደፈች ነው።
የሚፈርመው ነገር ግን የራሷ ኢኮኖሞ በአላህ ሃይል ተንኮታኩቶ ህዝቧ መጠለያ ቤት አጥቶ ውጭ እያደረ አሁንም ቢሆን ተንኮል ከመጠንሰስ አለመቦዘኗ ነው።
እናንተ የኢትዮጵያ ክርስቲያን ነን ባዮች ሆይ?
ዘመናዊ ክርስትና ለኢትዮጵያ ያመጣላት ጥቅም በዘመናዊ የሙዚቃ መሳሪያ የታጀበ ዳንስ እና በንዋይ ጥቅም ያበዱ ተምረናል ባይ አስመሳይ ተራማጆችን ብቻ ነው።
የጥንት ጎረቤቶቼ ለሃይማኖታቸው ያላቸው ቅንንነት እና ፈሪሃ -እግዜአብሄርነት በአሁኑ ትውልድ ላይመለስ ከተሰናበተ ቆይቷል።
አሁን የሚታየው በሲኖዶሱ ውስጥ ያለው ሱናሜ ለጽድቅ ሳይሆን ለንዋይ እንደሆነ በዚች ብሎግ ሽ ጊዜ አንብበናል።
የሚያሳዝነኝ ነገር ቢኖር ወዳጅ እና ጠላቱን ያልለየ ህዝብ በ እውር መሪ ከውጭ ባሉ ተንኮለኛ ምሁራን እየተመራ የጀሌ ጉዞ መጓዙ ብቻ ነው።
ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ሙስሊሞች አንድ ነገር ልንገራችሁ......
በጣም ሰላም ናቸው...እምነታቸውን እየተገበሩ ይገኛል።የመስጊድ ንዋይ ገና አላሰከራቸውም።የአዛን አድራጊ እና የኢማም ደመወዝ ከ300 ብር አልበለጠም።ጥንት በነጻ ነበር የሚያገለግሉ...አነሰን ብለው ጥለውት አልሄዱም።በጎን እንኳ እንደቄሶች የሚሸጡት ጧፍ እና ሻማ የላቸውም።የትንሳኤ ቀን ምንዳችንን እናገኛለን ብለው ሙስሊሙን ህዝብ በቅንንነት እያገለገሉ ነው።
በመጨረሻም ሰው ሰራሽ ህግ ምንጊዜም ቢሆን እንዳበጣበጠ ነው።እኔማ ለክርስትና ከኒቅያ ጉባኤ ወዲህ ጉዞውን ለመተንበይ አልተቸገርኩም።
በአንድ ወቅት እኮ የገነት መጊያ ትኬት በሚሊዮኖች በሚቆጠር ብር ቸርችራችኋል ተረሳችሁ እንዴ?
አየየ......ጥንት ለ እምነታቸው ብለው የመነኮሱ እና ካለ እድሜያቸው ገዳም የገቡ አማኞች ጠፉና ሙዚቃ አምላኪ ንዋይ አሳዳጅ ትውልድ ተፈጠረ።
አቤቱ!!!!! አለ የድሮ ሰው
መጭው ዘመን ለኢስላም ነው!!!!!
ሁሉም በ እምነቱ ሰላም ይኖራል።ሃገር ታድጋለች።የሁሉም ሰው መብት በተፈጥሮ እምነት ስርዓት ስር ይከበራል።
የቀን ጅቦች ሲነጋ ወደ መኖሪያ ዋሻቸው ይገባሉ።
ጊዜው ለ እውነተኛ የሃይማኖት ሰዎች ነው።
የአስመሳይ ተራማጅነት ጊዜ አከተመ!!!!
ግመሏም ትጓዛለች ...ውሾችም ይጮሃሉ...እስከ ትንሳኤ ቀን ድረስ
ኑ!ወደ ኢስላም
ለልባችሁ እርካታ
ለህሊናችሁ ሰላም
ኢስላምን ተረዱ ከምንጩ
ዋላ እንዳትቆጩ
እምነታችሁን መርምሩ
በኋላ እንዳትከስሩ
ተስፋ አለ
ጎግል እስካለ
የተማረ የተማረ ይምሰል
እንደ ማይም ነገር ከማማሰል
ነገሮችን በጥልቀት ያብሰልስል
.በ ተ ግስት ደግሞ ከግብ ይደረሳል
ብስጩ ሰው የራሱን ጨንጓራ ልጦ
ለደም ግፊት ይጋለጣል
ሙስሊሞችን ተዋቸው
እነሱ ሠላም...ለሰላም ናቸው
ጠብ አጫሪነትም የላቸው
Peace ናቸው

Little John said...

For the last anonymous,
I wish Islam was a peacefull religion; as you describe it. Unfortunatly, it is very hatefull for non muslims. You don't need to go anywhere to validate this just turn on your radio even right now, you will hear their mercyless actions against inocent non-muslims, in most of middle east counties; even hear in US.
I don't blame you or them, Mohamed had used same tactic to control power or to convert people to Islam, the belife he learnt from "Tselaye Senayat - enemy of the right path to God".

Brother don't you know the name Alah is a name of "false god" before 6AD.
So think again and again and find answer for these questions:

1.Why God hided "Islam" until mohamed's think God does't care about earlier generation.
2.Mohamed was a sinfull man, who commit a lot crime and finally declred himself as the last messanger.(try to findout from historical perespective)
3. Why mohamed chose to use wepens to get more followers...

So, Islam is not peacefull from the very beginning. We know God loves peace which proves Islam as Wrong way to Paradise.God loves you and all of man kind regardless of thier belif that is why He send His Beloved Son - Jesus Christ to save the world from sin and everlasting death. He is calling you now, please respond to Him, you will get endless peace in this world and the World to come.

Little John

Unknown said...

You tried to confused the Ethiopian Orthodox People just by seeming Orthodox. Initially I thought that you, Deje Selam, are those who care for Ethiopia Orthodox Church. Now, even thought late, I clearly Understand who you are. You invited us music. Since the music revolves around the famous Kidus Yared you tried to cheat the innocent peoples.
I think you have hidden agenda on Orthodox. For sure any one who care about orthodox will not invite music on their website. Deje Selam the long vision to crack down Ethiopia Orthodox Church to Protestantism or Tehadiso.
Finally, I would like to ask my brothers and sitster who are innocent about their hidden long run agenda ,to not see their web site again. They are doing against the Dogma, Kenona. Tiwufit and Principles of Orthodox. Please care my brothers and sisters, step by step they will degrade our faith and belief.

Let God Save Orthodox from such kind of Confusion.

Anonymous said...

For the Muslim who wrote "ኢስላም የሰላም ሃይማኖት ነው።. . . "
Here is an earlier posting from :
Massacre in the name of religion
Reader comment on item: [The American Muslim Council:]
'Mainstream' Muslims?
in response to reader comment: Poor Islam Submitted by Faith (Norway), Oct 27, 2006 at 07:20
This I believe would be a source of information to you. Ethiopian Christians are being massacred by Muslims in the name of religion. They are forced to convert and accept Islam and when they refuse they are put to death. Massacre in Jimma: Orthodox priests were burnt alive in the churches, women and children killed. If you are interested to read more Google it.
JIJIGA, the capital of Ethiopia's Somali Ogaden region, is about 720 kilometers due east of the capital Addis Ababa, towards the Somalia border. In May, Muslim youths in Jijiga stoned the homes and businesses of Christians after taking offence at what they claimed was the desecration of the Koran. (Link 6)
HENNO is in southern Ethiopia, 404 kilometers South of Addis Ababa, towards the Kenyan border. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), Islamic leaders, angry about the conversion of two prominent Muslims in 2005, have reportedly been urging Muslims in the area to kill full-time Christian evangelists. ICC reports that on 20 July 2006, seven Muslim clerics brutally attacked 50 or more Christians, seriously injuring twelve. Local Muslims in Henno have so far been rejecting their leaders' calls to violence.
DEMBI is a small village 90 kilometers northwest of Jimma (which is about 350 kilometers west of Addis Ababa) towards the Sudan border. Muslims in Dembi had allegedly told the Christians that they would not let them celebrate Meskel this year because it was "their [Muslim] land". Meskel ("cross" in Amharic) is an annual Orthodox festival commencing mid September which marks the arrival of Spring.
When the Orthodox Christians in Dembi did celebrate Meskel the Muslims rioted. According to news agency Reuters, four days of religious conflict in early October left three religious centers and some 800 houses burned, more than 100 displaced, numerous people injured and 10 dead. The Islamic Affairs Supreme Council of Ethiopia claimed that nine Muslims were killed. Council vice-president Elias Redman said that most of the Muslims in the area practice the ultra-conservative Wahhabi brand of Islam. Religious conflict resumed on the weekend of 14 – 15 October, resulting in a further five deaths.
Local officials said they are growing increasingly concerned about conflict between faiths. A local official of the Orthodox Church said, "This is a very worrying situation for us. These things never used to happen but they seem to be starting now." Reformatorisch Dagblad gives a more detailed account of the Meskel riot: "Within a matter of two days, they [armed 'Muslim fundamentalists'] had burned over 350 homes belonging to Christians, killed 31 Christians, and taken dozens as hostages, according to local church leaders. Muslim attackers burned one Catholic church, one Orthodox church, and three evangelical churches. The latter are part of the 75-year-old Kale Heywet Church (EKHC), which began under the missionary influence of what was then known as Sudan Interior Mission and now includes over 5 million Ethiopian believers. Attackers quickly converted five local EKHC churches into mosques.
"Local church leaders estimate that nearly 3,000 Christians have been displaced. Last week they hastily organized themselves into five camps for protection and to share food and other supplies. The humanitarian relief group Samaritan's Purse has provided $50,000 in emergency food aid to the displaced."
Mr Blind Muslim: do you still believe that Islam is peaceful ? May God show you the way to refuse believing in an idol like your "allah" (moon god).
May God protect EOTC and Ethiopia from all the enemies,
Abeba from AA

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I know there are different versions of Quran. Which one is yours?

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