November 13, 2009

US Gov't move to seize 4 mosques, tower linked to Iran

Dear Dejeselamaweyan,
(Deje Selam, Nov.12/2009):- The following news has nothing to do with Ethiopia or our Church. Atleast directly. But since fundamentalism is encroaching on our boarders and trying to brainwash Ethiopian Muslims, whatever Islamaization is done some where on the globe will have its own effect on us. As it is public now, Iran is working hand in hand with the Eritrean government. It (Iranian gov't) is no-enemy to the Ethiopian government either. Their strength in East Africa will have a prolonged effect on the religious balance. Who is to lose here? Christian Africa. So we commend the US government's moves.
Cher Were yaseman,
NEW YORK (AFP, Nov 12/2009)– Federal prosecutors took steps Thursday to seize four U.S. mosques and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by a nonprofit Muslim organization long suspected of being secretly controlled by the Iranian government.

In what could prove to be one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in U.S. history, prosecutors filed a civil complaint in federal court against the Alavi Foundation, seeking the forfeiture of more than $500 million in assets.

The assets include bank accounts; Islamic centers consisting of schools and mosques in New York City, Maryland, California and Houston; more than 100 acres in Virginia; and a 36-story glass office tower in New York.

Confiscating the properties would be a sharp blow against Iran, which has been accused by the U.S. government of bankrolling terrorism and trying to build a nuclear bomb.

A telephone call and e-mail to Iran's U.N. Mission seeking comment were not immediately answered. Nor was a call to the Alavi Foundation.

It is extremely rare for U.S. law enforcement authorities to seize a house of worship, a step fraught with questions about the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

The action against the Shiite Muslim mosques is sure to inflame relations between the U.S. government and American Muslims, many of whom are fearful of a backlash after last week's Fort Hood shooting rampage, blamed on a Muslim American major.

"No action has been taken against any tenants or occupants of those properties," U.S. attorney's office spokeswoman Yusill Scribner said. "The tenants and occupants remain free to use the properties as they have before today's filing. There are no allegations of any wrongdoing on the part of any of these tenants or occupants."

The mosques and the skyscraper will remain open while the forfeiture case works its way through court in what could be a long process. What will happen to them if the government ultimately prevails is unclear. But the government typically sells properties it has seized through forfeiture, and the proceeds are sometimes distributed to crime victims.

Prosecutors said the Alavi Foundation managed the office tower on behalf of the Iranian government and, working with a front company known as Assa Corp., illegally funneled millions in rental income to Iran's state-owned Bank Melli. Bank Melli has been accused by a U.S. Treasury official of providing support for Iran's nuclear program, and it is illegal in the United States to do business with the bank.

The U.S. has long suspected the foundation was an arm of the Iranian government; a 97-page complaint details involvement in foundation business by several top Iranian officials, including the deputy prime minister and ambassadors to the United Nations.

"For two decades, the Alavi Foundation's affairs have been directed by various Iranian officials, including Iranian ambassadors to the United Nations, in violation of a series of American laws," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

There were no raids Thursday as part of the forfeiture action. The government is simply required to post notices of the civil complaint on the property.

As prosecutors outlined their allegations against Alavi, the Islamic centers and the schools they run carried on with normal activity. The mosques' leaders had no immediate comment.

Parents lined up in their cars to pick up their children at the schools within the Islamic Education Center of Greater Houston and the Islamic Education Center in Rockville, Md. No notices of the forfeiture action were posted at either place as of late Thursday.

At the Islamic Institute of New York, a mosque and school in Queens, two U.S. marshals came to the door and rang the bell repeatedly. The marshals taped a forfeiture notice to the window and left a large document sitting on the ground. After they left a group of men came out of the building and took the document.

The fourth Islamic center marked for seizure is in Carmichael, Calif.

The skyscraper, known as the Piaget building, was erected in the 1970s under the shah of Iran, who was overthrown in 1979. The tenants include law and investment firms and other businesses.

The sleek, modern building, last valued at $570 million to $650 million in 2007, has served as an important source of income for the foundation over the past 36 years. The most recent tax records show the foundation earned $4.5 million from rents in 2007.

Rents collected from the building help fund the centers and other ventures, such as sending educational literature to imprisoned Muslims in the U.S. The foundation has also invested in dozens of mosques around the country and supported Iranian academics at prominent universities.

If federal prosecutors seize the skyscraper, the Alavi Foundation would have almost no way to continue supporting the Islamic centers, which house schools and mosques. That could leave a major void in Shiite communities, and hard feelings toward the FBI, which played a big role in the investigation.

The forfeiture action comes at a tense moment in U.S.-Iranian relations, with the two sides at odds over Iran's nuclear program and its arrest of three American hikers.

But Michael Rubin, an expert on Iran at the American Enterprise Institute, said the timing of the forfeiture action was probably a coincidence, not an effort to influence Iran on those issues.

"Suspicion about the Alavi Foundation transcends three administrations," Rubin said. "It's taken ages dealing with the nuts and bolts of the investigation. It's not the type of investigation which is part of any larger strategy."

Legal scholars said they know of only a few cases in U.S. history in which law enforcement authorities have seized a house of worship. Marc Stern, a religious-liberty expert with the American Jewish Congress, called such cases extremely rare.

The Alavi Foundation is the successor organization to the Pahlavi Foundation, a nonprofit group used by the shah to advance Iran's charitable interests in America. But authorities said its agenda changed after the fall of the shah.

In 2007, the United States accused Bank Melli of providing services to Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs and put the bank on its list of companies whose assets must be frozen. Washington has imposed sanctions against various other Iranian businesses.


Associated Press writers Samantha Gross in New York City, Juan A. Lozano in Houston, investigative researcher Randy Herschaft in New York City and AP photographer Jacquelyn Martin in Maryland contributed to this report.


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Anonymous said...

hahahah, last time the so called "Ethiopian Muslim associationin Europe" was signing petition to accuse VOA amharic service for broadcasting that Ethiopia is a christian island.

I hope they will also start singning petition objecting FEDs seizure of mosques. hahahah

Down with extrimists and fundamentalists said...

አዎ ማሞ ሌላ ፎቶው ሌላ ይላሉ ይሄ ነው

ትላንትና አባቶቻችንን አነዴ ጎንደሬ አንዴ ትግሬ እያላችሁ ስትሰድቡ ዋላችሁ ግራ ሲገባችሁ ቶሎ አወጣችሁት የካም ዘሮች ጥፉ

በአባቶቻችን ወይንም በወንድማማቾች መካከል የዘረኝነትን ፍላጻ ስታነሱ እውነተኛ የተዋህዶ ልጆች ተነሱባችሁ የሰራችሁት ክፏኛ ስለተጠላና እናንተም ሰላፈራችሁበት ጽሁፉን አወጣችሁት ድሮም ከበቅሎ ልጅ አንጠብቅም ማህበረ ሰይጣን ትላንትናም ዛሬም ነገም የተዋህዶና የኢትዮጵያ ውስጣዊ ጣለት ነው ለመሆኡ የናንተን አመሰራረት ለሚያውቅ ሰው እኮ ልክ የጠንቁዩ ታምራት ገለታ ቢጠዎች ናችሁ በጥንቆላውና የንጹሃን ሴቶችን ክብረ ንጽህና ስት ገፉ ኖራችሁ ሰው አስገድላችሁ አልበቃ ሲላችሁ የዛር መንፈስ ያለባትን ሴት ከዚያ ባለጌ መስራች ዲያቆን ተብዬአችሁ ጋር አስማምታችሁ ከመንግስት ጋር ተዋዳችሁ ቅዱሰ ቴዎፍሊዎስን አስገደላችሁ ጠላትነታችሁን የማይረሰ ጌታ ግን አይምራችሁም አልፋችሁ ደርሳችሁ ደሞ ቅዱስ ተክለሃይማኖትን በመርዝ ገደላችሁ አልፋችሁ መታችሁ ቅዱስ መርቆሬዎስን ለመግድ አልተፈቀደላችሁም ለምን ተሰደደ ይመትሉትም እንደለመዳችሁት ለምን አልበላነውም ብላችሁ ነው ግን አለ አምላክ ፈቃድ ምንም አይሆንም እና ተዋረዳችሁ በሰሜን አሜሪካ ተሰዶ ቢወጣም ህዝቡን ከእንደ እናንተ አይነት መናፍቅ ተኩላ የክረስቶስን ደም ሊያስከብር ህዝቡን ይዟል አሁንም ቅዱስ ጳውሎስን ለማጥፋት ጣራችሁ ነገር ግን የእግዚአብሔርን ነገር የውም እምነት የለሽ የጠንቃዮች ማህበር /ማህበረ ሰይጠን አያጠፋውም

እውንት ተሸፍና ብትኖርም
መጋለጧ አይቀርም

ማህበረ ሰይጣን ከመሆን እስላም መሆን ይሻላል
ማለትም ሁሉ በሙሉ ሳያምኑ መኖር ይሻላል
ያመኑ እየመሰሉ ያመኑትን ከሚያጠፉ እርኩሶች

ገና ገና ገና ጉዳችሁን በቪዲዮ የሚያወጣው ሰው ይመጣል እናንተን አያርገኝ እንደ ጴጥሮስ ማሀበሩን አላውቀውም የምትሉበት ቀን እሩቅ አይደለም!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Guy is getting crazy... Ayi “ewunet.”

Ante yewushet abat dego erasihin Ewunet eyalk titeraleh. but now you are more away from the line and everybody knows who you are.

አዎ ማሞ ሌላ ፎቶው ሌላ ይላሉ ይሄ ነው
You told us exactly true about yourself.

Anonymous said...

ayeeeee "ewnet" neger abelasheh. Now everybody knows that you are one of Abune melketsedek's 'wetader' not yewengel wetader. lemen ye Emebetachinin netsihina kemikaren gar tewedajaleh? Lebona yistih. mahiberu endehone Amlakin kemamesgen , kidusanen kemawedes, ..wedehuala ayilem.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
" ከራሱ ቡድን ውጪ ያለ ቄስንም ጳጳስንም ከመጤፍ ሳይቆጥር ራሱን ብቻ እያኩራራና እያጋነነ፣ ሌላውን እየናቀና እየገፋ፣ የዘረኝነትን አዝመራ እያስፋፋና እያጎለመሰ ሄዶ ድንገት በትግሬዎቹ መሳፍንት ልጆች ኃይልና ብልጠት ተበልጦ ሁሉን ለማጣት ተገደደ፡፡ ፓትርያርኩ ከሥልጣናቸው ወረዱ፡፡ ሌሎቹም ጎንደሬዎች ይዘውት የነበረው ወንበር ከሥሩ ተፈነቀለ፡፡ ‹‹የጎንደር ወጪት ይውጣ … የትግሬ ወጪት ይግባ›› ተባለ፡፡ ሥልጣን ከጎንደር ወደ ትግሬ ገባች፡፡ መርቆርዮስ ወረዱ … ጳውሎስ ወጡ፡፡ በዘመነ መሳፍንትኛ ብትመለከቱት የቋራው ካሳ ወረደ የትግሬው ካሳ ተሾመ እንደማለት ነው፡፡ ዘረኝነትን እያስፋፉ በሌላው ሲቀልዱ ኖረው በራሳቸው ብልሃት የመጣ ሌላ ዘረኛ ወንበራቸውን ቀማቸው፡፡ ተደላድሎም ተቀመጠ፡፡ ዛሬ እርሱን በዘረኝነት ቢያሙት ማንም የሚሰማቸው የለም፡፡ ‹ስልቻ ቀንቀሎ … ቀንቀሎ ስልቻ››፡፡ "

Anonymous said...
" መቸም ዛሬ እውነትን መፈለግ ሞኝነት ስለሆነ ‹‹አንዱ ባንዳ ሰደበኝ›› ወይም ምናልባት ‹‹አንዱ ወያኔ ስሜን አጠፋው›› ሊሉ ይችሉ ይሆናል፡፡ በእነርሱ የዘር ጨዋታ ውስጥ የለሁበትም፡፡ የማንም ፍርፋሪ ፈላጊም አይደለሁም፡፡ ሁለቱም ቡድን ቤተ ክርስቲያናችንን እያጠፋና እያመሰ መሆኑን ነው የማውቀው፡፡ ስለዚህ የዘረኝነትን በሽታቸውን በሃይማኖት ስም ከሚያስታምሙት ‹‹በሽታቸውን አውቀው መድኃኒት ቢፈልጉለት›› ይሻላል፡፡ ዘረኝነቱን እነርሱ ሲያስፋፉት ትክክል የሚሆንበትና እነ አባ ጳውሎስ ሲያደርጉት ግን ስሕተት የሚሆንበት ምክንያቱ አይታየኝም፡፡ ሁለቱም ቡድኖች የመሳፍንት ዘመን ተፍካካሪዎች እንጂ የሃይማኖት ሰዎች አይመስሉም፡፡ ግባቸውም ቤተ ክርስቲያኒቱን መጠበቅ፤ ማሳደግና ማስፋፋት አይደለም፡፡ ጭንቀታቸው የወንበር ጉዳይ ነው፡፡ የሚያሳዝነው ግን ይህንን ሁሉ ምዕመን እንዲህ ያለጠባቂና እረኛ ማስቀረታቸውና አባት አልባ ማድረጋቸው ነው፡፡ ስለዚህ በእውነት ለቤተ ክርስቲያን የሚያስቡ ሁሉ የነገሮችን ምንጭና መነሻ ማጤን አለባቸው፡፡ በሃይማኖትና በአገር ስም የግላቸውን ፈቃድ ለመፈጸም ደፋ ቀና የሚሉ ሰዎችን ስሜትና ፍላጎት ስናስፈጽም መኖር የለብንም፡፡ በተለይም ምዕመናን ከነዚህ ዘረኛ መነኮሳት ቅጥ ያጣ ውድድር ራሳቸውን ገሸሽ ማድረግ አለባቸው፡፡ እኛ በምንሰጣቸው ድጋፍ ነው እንዲህ ቤተ ክርስቲያኒቱን መጫወቻ ያደረጓት፡፡ "

Anonymous said...

Read this Article የባሰ ጉድ መጣ

EthioMonitor said...

It is critical that our community wake up before many of our fellow brothers and sisters become victims of these modern-day “Ghostbusters”, who have sucked and weakened the good spirit of Ethiopian Christians for over 1400 years. Do you remember about the St. Mary's Procession in Ethiopia, who was unable to move forward because of the nearby Mosque? Those who know more, please do tell us more about this particular story, it is very important.

In today's world there is an on going war waged between Muslim believers against the rest of the world the rest of the world is still sleep walking, but the Muslims are not they been planning for along time and believe me they don't have anything to loose, the liberals, the left and sissy apologists of Islam are sleep walking, the only people who are aware about Muslim Fascists are the Israelis because, like our forefathers, they are good listeners and cleverer people. Though, they do weired things from time to time, we, the current generation need to learn a lot from them.

Bless you all

Mulugeta Negash

Mekuanint said...

I am dissapointed with DS for posting an article triggering racisim. I am suporter of DS. But I never like such an article. I agree ewunetu's idea though I dessagree with his over all agenda.
I am supporter of MK.
Ewunetu, you must not judge MK by some individuals idea. MK is the back bone of EOTC.

Please you all let us come to agreement, unite, work hand in hand for our country and church.

In my understanding both synods are not right.

So, please forget the problem once occured. let's come to solution.
please, let's preach peace, love, hope.

I am really sorry. what cursed is everybody?!
May our Lord Almighty save us, our country, EOTC.

Please send your Peace Oh Lord. Amen.

Ankiro said...

Selam all!

Mulugeta Negash: I agree with you.

Dear DS: why don't you exercise your promise and delete comments that have nothing to do with the article or topic at hand? Ato ewshetu and his cliques are disturbing the flow with their no sense comments. I mean,what is next? Are they going to blame MK for global warming or bad world economy? Their comments are getting weirder and worse. It doesn't make any sense. Bunch of degenerates!
Let them fight the truth on their own blog they claim to have now. Why are they here ?

Radical Islam is a danger to any country in the world. And needs to be eradicated like a weed wherever it springs out. Any air head who thinks otherwise is "sleep walking" as Mulugeta Negash has put it.

May God protect His Church, God bless Ethiopia !


Anonymous said...

(libe tifuo)

ewnet said that አዎ ማሞ ሌላ ፎቶው ሌላ ይላሉ ይሄ ነው that true. thats exactly who you are(ewnet). MELKE TIFU BESIM YIDEGIFU. you are seeking support by defomation those who are realy working hard to the church but your point is zero sum hide behind the screen and fabricating pointless, worthless completely nonobjective (can't be proved)but subjective (can get from third party unreliable source). you are one member of mahibere saitan not the one you think of.BEAYNHIN YALEW GIND SATAWETA YELELAWN LEMIN TAYALEH? i beleive you have a big problem in differenciatin who from who.he said "ትላንትና አባቶቻችንን አነዴ ጎንደሬ አንዴ ትግሬ እያላችሁ ስትሰድቡ ዋላችሁ ግራ ሲገባችሁ ቶሎ አወጣችሁት የካም ዘሮች ጥፉ" i saw ( didn't read it) this article in deje selam only not in other the one he make his points. but he is creating completely wrong information, may be he has alzheimers disease,trying to put it in another completely different page. he make another completely false informations too. "ewnet" do you have any proofs for what you saying or you just say it because you feel can't blame for one year old baby for 9/11 terrorist attack that has been done in new york city several years ago because he hasn't born at that time. if you lost your mind let us know your adress so that we can't call you an emergency ambulance. otherwise get reliable information that can be used for mutual interest.

Anonymous said...

If EOC had been preaching just gosple,there couldn't have been any muslim in east africa let alone in Ethiopia. But because we radicalized ourselves and immersed our church in to defending oral myth, now let alone islam, we are losing millions of people to protestant every year. EOC has to start real evalgelization,instead of preaching certain people's culture and way of life. That is only when we can defeat extremism and fundamentalism. It is not by our words, but rather by the word of God.
Advice for DS, preach tolerance and patience, it is too late to claim that Ethiopia is a christian island. I wish it is, but the figures doesn't support us. Let poor Ethioipians live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Dear ‘Kesis Asteraye’

I have gone through your article and I feel so sorry about your manner of writing. I am not a member of Mahibere Kidusan. And I am neither supporting nor against any of you. But when I use my conscience and judgment your article is neither constructive nor spiritual. In fact it is full of insult, arrogance and false teachings (NUFAKE).
Sometimes you sound like a politician or anti-christian(protestant).
I don’t expect this kind of ‘teaching’ from a person who claims to be a church administrator. Not even from an ordinary christian.
I can see from your script that you didn’t have a bit of respect for him at all. You slighted and insulted him down throughout your writing.
I read his article too but he never mentioned your name and he did it very politely and in an orthodox manner.

So you better think for yourself where your destiny will be. As it is said in the Bible ‘for one who thinks he is strong let him becareful not to fall down’.
Don’t let yourself be a tool for MENAFIKAN and SATHAN, knowingly or unknowingly.


Anonymous said...

Selam all,

it's a good advice, especially for Kesis Astereye: "DO NOT EVER THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU DONOT KNOW ANYTHING."

May God help us to know Him. If we know Him and work for Him, we don't fight each other.


Lemma said...

Islamist terrorism is the direct application of the Qur’an, Sunna, ahadith, and Sharia. Let's see from the Qur’an that Islamist terrorism is rooted in the theology of Islam.

Islam is at perpetual war with the non-Islamic world (the Qur’an 4:76, 60:4). Those who read the Qur’an and ahadith (Muhammad’s deeds and traditions) and want to emulate them cannot but be terrorists. They must hate the non-Muslims, humiliate them, distrust them, deceive them at every opportunity, and kill them when the situation is appropriate. This is the stipulation of the central doctrine of Islam. A Muslim who does not emulate this cardinal premise of Islam is not a Muslim at all. The Qur’an says that Allah has purchased the lives of Muslims (9:111-112) in exchange for booty and Paradise so that that they are obliged to sacrifice their lives or become martyrs (like suicide bombing) when they go on a killing mission (5:94). This is a business contract with Allah. Allah strictly binds all Muslims with this contract. That is why the Qur’an stands solidly behind the Islamist terrorists. They are simply fulfilling their contract with Allah. These terrorists are not an aberration of Islam. They are, in reality, Islam as it was during Muhammad’s time, and as it should be, and not what the not-so-good Muslims think Islam to be—a religion of peace and unbound love for humanity.

Killing, assassination, terrorism and bloodshed are the DNA codes of Islam. Even if the whole world converts to Islam, the true Muslims will continue perpetrating bloodshed. If they don’t get the blood of infidels, they kill one another. This is the legacy of 1400 years of Islamic rule. The best example is Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, (or Iraq) where 98% of the population is Muslim, yet there is bloodshed of Muslims by Muslims. Look at the recent assassination of Bhutto. Previous to that, a Pakistani suicide bomber killed at least fifty Muslims (worshippers) while they were praying in a mosque on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. This is the stark proof that violence and killing are inseparable from Islam.

Lemma said...

Terrified, many non-Muslims often ask: what do the Islamist terrorists want?

They want to convert the entire world into an Islamic Paradise. There is no surprise in this. During his days, Muhammad had asked the Muslims to terrorize the world until Islam rules supreme (Quran 3:85, 5:3, 5:33). Qur’an exhorts the Muslims to keep fighting (with swords, not spiritually) until they perfect the world through Islamic purification and domination (Qur’an 9:5, 9:29, and 9:33). In reality, it means imposing on the non-Muslims (or the non-Arabs) the Arabic and Bedouin culture (also known as Islam) by force, murder and terrorism. Even Caliph Umar had admitted that Bedouins are the raw materials of Islam

Lemma said...

Where do we go from here?

What do we need to do?

Islamic terrorism is not going to end soon—not at least before a few more Jimmas, 9/11s, Madrids, Balis, 7/7s take place. Its demise will depend upon how resolute the world becomes in the coming days. As long as there are PC politicians, and as long as the world depends upon the so-called moderate Muslims to extinguish this menace, nothing will happen, rest assured on this.

The world must not follow this path of least resistance. This method will only ensure the defeat in the hands of the clever and cunning Islamist terrorists and their supporters, the so-called moderate Muslims. America, UK, Australia, the forefront nations in the fight against terror have limited resources. They are spending billions of dollars to face this challenge. This cannot go on forever. These nations will soon get tired, their money exhausted, their population will soon rebel and refuse to send their children to join the army and be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan for a cause that has very little to do with their lives. Soon, there will be loud voices in these nations to pull out. The Islamists are just waiting for this moment. Their war on the unbelievers cost them next to nothing. Mind you, life is so cheap in Islam. With one suicide bomber they kill hundreds and thousands of people. Do your math and you will realize why the Islamists are capable of carrying out their act for decades, if not for centuries. We must recognize that the real enemy is not the terrorists. Rather, it is Islam. As long as the world does not internalize and comprehend this truth, and as long as wrong, PC policies are pursued this war will continue and the defeat of the non-believers is guaranteed.

Just think if we could convince the suicide bombers that there are no 72 virgins waiting in Paradise to provide them with unlimited sexual orgy. Just think if we could convince the Islamists that Islam is barbaric, false, and imperialistic.

The bottom line is: The focus of war should be shifted from Iraq or Afghanistan to Islam. No doubt, it is necessary to fight this war militarily, but it should also be fought doctrinally. It is an ideological war. We need to expose Islam to the world. This will force the so-called vast majority of the not-so-good Muslims to discard, at least the violent part of it. They would remain contented with the ritual part of Islam, like prayer, fasting etc. These rituals do not harm others. When this happens, the Jihadists will find it extremely difficult to recruit new suicide bombers and Islamist killers. That is how Islamist terrorism should be fought. It will take time.

Lemma said...

DS, please remove comments irrelevant to the subject! Please!

Anonymous said...

fear tactic for your info there is relation b/n Ethiopian an Iranian Muslims, Ethiopians are Sunni Iranians are Shia. you don't have something to post, and you use this opportunity just to bash Muslims. in this case you are not serving our beloved church but spreading hate and fear among fellow Ethiopians for the sake of gaining traffic on your blog. hate is not the answer as our religion guide as to love even the steal our church banner and use it for false accusation leave us alone DS we don't want any extremest ideology from the Muslim part or from our Church. it looks like you are one of the extremest of MK.

yemayiresaw wenjel said...

Massacre in the name of religion
Reader comment on item: [The American Muslim Council:] 'Mainstream' Muslims?
in response to reader comment: Poor Islam
Submitted by Faith (Norway), Oct 27, 2006 at 07:20

This i believe would be a source of information to you. Ethiopian christians are being massacred by Muslims in the name of religion. They are forced to convert and accept Islam and when they refuse they are put to death. undescribable incidents have happened in the Jimma region. Orthodox priests were burnt alive in the churches, women and children killed. if you are interested to follow the news google it and you'll find lots of links that shed light on the issue. i have copy pasted one portion from a link that can give you information on the massacre. So what do you understand from this really? Here is the info


JIJIGA, the capital of Ethiopia's Somali Ogaden region, is about 720 kilometres due east of the capital Addis Ababa, towards the Somalia border. In May, Muslim youths in Jijiga stoned the homes and businesses of Christians after taking offence at what they claimed was the desecration of the Koran. (Link 6)

HENNO is in southern Ethiopia, 404 kilometres South of Addis Ababa, towards the Kenyan border. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), Islamic leaders, angry about the conversion of two prominent Muslims in 2005, have reportedly been urging Muslims in the area to kill full-time Christian evangelists. ICC reports that on 20 July 2006, seven Muslim clerics brutally attacked 50 or more Christians, seriously injuring twelve. Local Muslims in Henno have so far been rejecting their leaders' calls to violence. (Link 7)

DEMBI is a small village 90 kilometres northwest of Jimma (which is about 350 kilometres west of Addis Ababa) towards the Sudan border. Muslims in Dembi had allegedly told the Christians that they would not let them celebrate Meskel this year because it was "their [Muslim] land". Meskel ("cross" in Amharic) is an annual Orthodox festival commencing mid September which marks the arrival of Spring.

When the Orthodox Christians in Dembi did celebrate Meskel the Muslims rioted. According to news agency Reuters, four days of religious conflict in early October left three religious centres and some 800 houses burned, more than 100 displaced, numerous people injured and 10 dead. The Islamic Affairs Supreme Council of Ethiopia claimed that nine Muslims were killed. Council vice-president Elias Redman said that most of the Muslims in the area practise the ultra-conservative Wahhabi brand of Islam. Religious conflict resumed on the weekend of 14 – 15 October, resulting in a further five deaths.

Local officials said they are growing increasingly concerned about conflict between faiths. A local official of the Orthodox Church said, "This is a very worrying situation for us. These things never used to happen but they seem to be starting now." (Link 6)

Reformatorisch Dagblad gives a more detailed account of the Meskel riot: "Within a matter of two days, they [armed 'Muslim fundamentalists'] had burned over 350 homes belonging to Christians, killed 31 Christians, and taken dozens as hostages, according to local church leaders. Muslim attackers burned one Catholic church, one Orthodox church, and three evangelical churches. The latter are part of the 75-year-old Kale Heywet Church (EKHC), which began under the missionary influence of what was then known as Sudan Interior Mission and now includes over 5 million Ethiopian believers. Attackers quickly converted five local EKHC churches into mosques.

"Local church leaders estimate that nearly 3,000 Christians have been displaced. Last week they hastily organized themselves into five camps for protection and to share food and other supplies. The humanitarian relief group Samaritan's Purse has provided $50,000 in emergency food aid to the displaced." (Link 8)

Anonymous said...

‹‹የጎንደር ወጪት ይውጣ … የትግሬ ወጪት ይግባ›› ተባለ፡፡ ሥልጣን ከጎንደር ወደ ትግሬ ገባች፡፡ መርቆርዮስ ወረዱ … ጳውሎስ ወጡ፡፡

አባይ የሚያድርብት የለው ግን ግንድ ይዞ ይዞራል አንደሚሉ ቤት ያጣ ማህበር አፍር ላይ ይወድቃል እሱም ነፋስ ሲመታው አዋራ ይሆናል

ከዚህ ወዲህ ይህ የእናንተ መጨረሻ ሆንዋል

Anonymous said...

የራሷ ሲያርባት የሰው ታማስላለች አሉ?
'ማህበረ ቅዱሳን'እስኪ መጀመሪያ የቤተክርስቲያናችሁን ችግር በሰላም ፍቱ
እኛ ሙስሊሞች እስከ አሁን ጣልቃ አልገባንም አይደል?
ታዲያ እናንተ ስለ ሙስሊሙ የምታነፈንፉ ምንድን ነው?
እናንተ የማትገቡበት ማቅ የለም!

እዚያው በጸበላችሁ!!!!
ኢትዮ ሙስሊም

Anonymous said...

what are you saying ehio muslim . MUSLIM TALQA AYGEBAM ?
Can you visit paltalk science muslim's room?
plus this is not your place:: you are talqa geb OK AFU BELEN!

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