August 5, 2009

Regarding Comments: Editorial

Dear Dejeselamaweyan,
(Deje Selam; August 4/2009):-We have read different comments regarding comment-moderation. Some say, posting comments should be open while others stand against it. Some of you even go as far as aliening Deje Selam with people like Tesfa and blasphemers. One writer said, quote:

If you continue to give space to the anti-Tewahedo harangues of the protestant "tesfa",and his likes, you are responsible for the propaganda damage caused by these people against our Tewahedo Orthodox Church. Many have repeatedly asked you to remove any and all anti-Tewahedo comments.

Well, we have two options here: we should either shut the comment page or leave it ope so that we may share ideas. We, on the part of Deje Selam team, can not let open at the same time go after each and every comment to delete the bad ones. That is technically impossible. We have many things to do, friends. Come on!!! Blogging is not our full time job. Thus, let us forget the bad ones, and try to win over them. Let us not read what they write. Just ignore them and read what is good for us.
Unless we see the bad ones and ignore or stand them, how can we be called Christians? Why don't you ask God to dstroy Satan alltogether sothat people will no more be cheated by him? That is very fulish guys. There are good and evil people every where. We fight the evil, and go with the good ones. Ok? That is how we see it. If there are people who do not accept this and think we are supporting whoever is writing bad here, we cant help it. Go open your blog and do whatever you want to do. This is a free world. We are trying to do our best.

Cher Were Yaseman,

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