August 12, 2009

Bravo "Ben": Of course You reported, we judged!

(Deje Selam; August 11/2009): The popular Ethiopian website EthiopiaFirst confirmed today the incarceration of Abba Enqubaherey, patriarch aid. We applaud Ben for this update. As we said, we have nothing against fellow website or for that matter "journalist". Ben cleaned himself from the guilt of Nigussie and the likes. We, on the part of Deje Selam, would like to make clear that our aim is not defaming christians but safe guarding the sanctity of our holy, apostolic Church.

In this regard, we appreciate Ben's initiative to validate news about our esteemed fathers. May be, when Ben gets to know what is really going on in our Church quite for some time now, he will take side with the Church not people. As Ben said, to quote him, "he reported, we judged" and this time, he reported well and we judged well.
(Listen Ben's Interview HERE)
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