July 17, 2009

People Who Attacked Ethiopian Bishops Are not Arrested

(Deje Selam, July 17/2009)

Wednesday evening at around 10 pm, during the power interruption in the area, armed people invaded the homes of the Arch Bishops, damaged their property and even tried to cause harm on the fathers. Some of the Fathers were abducted and terrorized by these militia groups. It is suspected that the “Patriarch’s family and their mafia group” is behind this offense. The mafia group is still atlarge and nobody is in custody.

Ato Yared (Mr Yared) Kebedew that goes with the title ‘Like Hiruyan’, who is presently the head of the Sebeka Gubae Maderaja Memria and known to be the cousin of the Abune Paulos, is also the leader of the strong mafia group and also believed to be armed. Ato Yared ,who has always been suspected for firing the bullet that killed the monk at the tragic incident in Kidus Estiphanos feast day celebration years ago, was also the head(Halafi) of the “Bete Kehnet Kuteter kifle”.The Sebeka Gubae Maderaja Memria former head ,the beloved Leke Gubae Aba Abera who lived and died in a small hut made of iron sheet on all sides , was exceptionally ignored and neglected by Abune Paulos

When we asked some of the employees of the Bete Kehenet about the incident on Wednesday, they said - Ato Yared’s group will not hesitate from harming any one they don’t like and that they also have an accomplice who were or are working with in the governments security force (dehenenet).Some inner sources say that they were either bribed or given commercial houses own by the church or are relatives of the Patriarch.

In the evidences listed on the agenda, addressing the Patriarch corruptive administration, presented to the Holy Synod says “By making former employees of the government who were found to be guilty of corruption and other various predicaments, part of the administration has made the church a hiding place of vagabonds and traitors”. Some are concerned that if realistically the government does not have a means of controlling its security officials from executing any kind of crime and offense, the country is soon to face similar South Africa’s post-apartheid crisis. It is also know that the Patriarch uses the government to threaten people.

Cher wera yaseman

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