July 18, 2009

Comments To Be Moderated

Dear Deje-Selamaweyan/yat,

The DS team would like to thank each and everyone of you for your attentive follow up of Church developments for quite some time. God willing the issue seems to reach another stage, which needs our cummulative service for the betterment of our religion.

In the mean time, some readers went out of line and write non-dejeselamawi comments, that offended many of us. Thus, from now on, all comments will be moderated, unwatned ones will not be allowed, and those of positive sentiment will be given the chance.

Cher Were Yaseman,


Anonymous said...

That is good.

Orthodoxawi said...

Thank you ደጀ ሰላም!

I appreciate you for listening us.

Please keep on moderating the messages posted here.

Egziabher Agelglotachihun Yibark!

orthodoxawit said...


Very good idea

Anonymous said...

Dear DS,

Really thanks for reacting on time! We are not here for political benefit or personal revenge. We are talking about EOTC.The problem of EOTC is problem of our country.

Our prayer will get response very soon. Be patient!

Cher yaseman!

Anonymous said...

Good Job

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