July 2, 2009

Ayalew Gobeze named "Ayalew Gragn"

After the ardent position head of the Amhara state chose as per demolitiong a Church in Northern Ethiopia, believers of the Orthodox Church name the president "Gragn" (Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi (c. 1507 - February 21, 1543)after the 15th century jihadist who eradicated Churches and laity.

President Gobeze, himself from Northern Ethiopia, Wello, is said to be an accompliance of the Church-hater and anti-Orthodoxy government official Bereket Simeon. The later is minister of communications office of the Ethiopian government.

The Story behind is reported as follows!!!!

Two shot at Ethiopia church site
(BBC)Ethiopian police have shot and killed two people who were helping to build a Christian church at a site which is also claimed by Muslims, officials say.

Violence broke out when police tried to stop the construction in Dessie, 250km (155 miles) north-east of Addis Ababa.

The police say they were responding to an attack on them by the Christians, but campaign groups say the police ambushed the workers.

The population of Dessie is about two-thirds Christian, one-third Muslim.

Information Minister Bereket Simon told reporters that the Christians had "stormed the place" and tried to continue building the church "unlawfully".

"Unfortunately three lives have been claimed. Two of them were killed by bullets, one of them fell off a cliff," he said.

Several other people were also hurt in the violence.


Anonymous said...

ato ayalewun yasasatachew Bereket new yibalal. lenegeru Bereket ena all Epdrf Amharic departement has long standing against the ethiopian orthodox church. last time Tefera Walwa open his mouth and nothing happen to him. if the meles Party is smart enough, my advice is clean these ediots who are playing by fire. if not nothing will push them from power except prayer. it is not to get their position , just to send them "Seoul".

Anonymous said...

Ato Ayalew Gobeze is from Debre Markos Eastern Gojjam. Despite the fact that he is a Senior member of EPRDF the man is very disciplined type. Please make no mistake we have enough evidence so we don't need to add any more.

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