March 11, 2009

Negash Mulugeta has this to Say

Negash Mulugeta has left a new comment on your post "The Religion of the Moon "God"":

Muslims say they are better than the rest. At the same time, if you look around, they live in permanent fear and paranoia. They don't allow fellow Muslims to change their religion, they don't tolerate to live alongside folks of different denominations. They insult, terrorize and kill innocent Christians wherever they find. Even in the Web, you all see it how apprehensive, more fearful they sound when they try to defend their faith. If they are the best, then what are they afraid of?

I believe, Muslims suffer from a strong sense of superiority, despite spiritual, intellectual and technical inferiority. This leads to Self-hatred caused by recognition of their actual state of inferiority as well as the impurity of their own desires. No practical means of escape from genuine and never ending humiliations, combined with the promise of rewards (monetary, honor, and sensual), in this life and/or the next.

We Christians would like to be sympathatic to the spiritual sufferings of the Muslims, which had been inflicted on them by Mohammad, but the Muslims don't give us the chance. Let's be honest, almost every one of them is schooled to hate Christians, they are taught to feel more superior and more vigilant than Christians. So why should we be nice to someone who swimms in an ocean of false superiority complex? Of course, every human is forced to disrespect their cause, abominate whatever action they take against non-Muslims. The truth hearts, but no rational humanbeing shouldn't care a bit about this sort of behaviour. So, apologists of Islam, back off!

Yo all know, many who have known devout followers of Allah have felt the distance between themselves and their associates. This anti-social philosophy also goes a long way to explain the experiences of many women who have married Muslims, only to be turned into slaves or otherwise treated harshly.

For example, in the officially ‘state sponsored’ Wahhabi controlled elementary schools in Saudi Arabia, Iran or other Muslim states, there is a fifth-grade lesson book that reads as follows: "It is forbidden for a Muslim to be a friend of one who does not believe in Allah and his Messenger or who fights the Islamic religion. God has severed the friendship between Muslims and infidels. The Muslim, even if he lives far away, is your brother-in-belief, while the infidel, even if he is your brother of kin, is your enemy by religion." Of course, it is the Qur’an itself that directs Muslims to break friendship and business ties and other allegiances with Christians, Jews, Hindus and, and, and. Can any Muslim deny this? I don't think so!
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