February 8, 2009

Saudi Gov't arrests Muslim converted Christian, blocks his blog; His life at risk

(Feb. 07 2009 09:17)
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today the Saudi authorities detained Hamoud Bin Saleh and blocked his blog " Masihi Saudi - http://christforsaudi.blogspot.com" due to his opinions and announcement at his blog that he converted from Islam to Christianity.

Based on information obtained by ANHRI, the Saudi authorities jailed the young blogger at the infamous Eleisha political prison in Riyadh; a prison which in 2004 witnessed the arrest of the reformists Matrouk el Falih, Ali el Domini and Eissa al Hamed.

The 28-year-old alumni of the al Yarmouk University in Jordan has been arrested twice before; for nine months in 2004 and last Nov. Saudi Arabia, which decided to sponsor an interfaith dialog conference in New York last Nov. and because his arrest may tarnish its image and expose the Saudi government's false allegations, has to set him free. That conference was attended by representatives of 80 countries.

But the blogger re-arrest, after the conference wrapped up, raised fears upon his life because the entire world is busy following up the aggression on Gaza and the Saudi authorities may seize the chance to make him an example with nobody watching.

ANHRI said the young man committed no crime and the only thing he has done is exercising his normal right to express his opinions and beliefs, which must not be violated under whatever pretext.

ANHRI condemns Saleh's arrest and holds the Saudi government fully responsible for his safety. It also demands his immediate release and calls on the Saudi government to meet its commitments and the Saudi king's statements about the respect of freedom of expression and religious tolerance.

Blog: Sauidi Masihi


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Deje-selam knows how to read Arabic. any one can say what ever they want about there rival religion. why you are so possessed about Muslim and Islam? Our Ethiopian problem far worst than Saudis s look your government did on oppositions in the name of trying to overthrow the government put oppositions life in prison I believe that is worst than living without freedom number of people have put in prison because they did not agreed with TPLF

Anonymous said...

ethiopian orthodox are worst than jiwish thats why they envy against muslims

Anonymous said...

anonymous-muslim is the worestthan any relegions on the world.b/c it belives only on force.

Anonymous said...

Ihapa.....ki ki ki... if Ihapa wanted peace in Ethiopia, it would have droped its stupid communism first. Then it can talk about religion.

Regarding Muslims... we know that u r funding Meles. Time has approached that the two of you fall altogether together with those stupid protestants who prostitte with everyone that is againist the Orthodox Church.

The time is aproaching. "Litera sifelg yidefersal"

Anonymous said...

hey muslims,
way u get angery when ever deje -selam tell us a news that every world knows about it. U know way 'cause u are not different from your brothers who thinks the world must be muslim by force.

Anonymous said...

orthodox is another american evangelical extremist who want to erradicate muslims from the face of ethiopia orthodox in ethiopia we know that it is political institution not religion idont mean catholic andlutheran churchs they are modern and cool except those who are naive primitive orthodox

Anonymous said...

hi haimanot the islam relegion is getting wide even in england and united state of america there are almost 6 million muslims today in america couse it is true and no bias like orthodox in ethiopia remember how oromo chritian or muslim treated like sub human calling them galla;walamo ;shirrtam you see islam does not allow such kind of harassing any one they educate ppl regardles of colour and national origin

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