February 13, 2009

Mr. Prime Minister, You dont Get it!!!

Dear Mr. Premier,

I had a chance to see your speech about the current tension between fanatic Islam and Christians in Ethiopia. Although you tried to put your point in a very convincing way, cherishing applaud and laughter, you missed the point. If I were you, I would hire a competent advisor (not like Bereket Semeaon), who knows what he is advising about, and learn from him/her how to handle this crucial matter.

Well, what your government is going to do is very obvious and easy. There are altar lambs who your going to slaughter and try to convince us all that the problem is solved, the bad guy is removed etc. With this you will hurt innocent civilians, most probably Christians, and give time to the fanatics to take root.

This is a no-cadre issue, Mr. Premier, and more complicated for guys like Bereket or his foot soldiers. He has already worsen the situation in Gondar and will do more harm if given another chance. May be, your embassies or Internet filtering guru consider me as a fanatic diaspora anti-government sympathiser etc. Trust me, I am none of them. I am a concerned Ethiopian citizen, and no enemy of yours by any standard. But your recent rhetoric troubles me very much, both as an Ethiopian and a Christian for that matter. Please take the issue seriously even beyond the ugly politics game. Crushing the Christian self-awareness towards Islamic fundamentalism will do you no good. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Selam Deje Selam
would have been great if you kind of give a hint what you think should be done by him or his government. If you think it is difficult, he might have found it the same. if you think it is easy just tell it out so to speak. By the way it would have been good to be focused. mean to mention about his speech, about advice, about Bereket, about freedom of speech and internet blocking, etc in such a short reflection is too much given the wish is to write an open letter to the PM.

Anonymous said...

አስተያየቴን ስለሰረዛችሁት አመሰግናለሁ
ድሮም እናንተ እውነታን አትደፍሩም አስመሳይ ተራማጅነትን እንጅ

Unknown said...

The "anonymous",
Nobody deletes your comment. May be you posted it under another article. Check it out or post again. We are not going to edit what you believe, brother/sister.
Deje Selam

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