February 5, 2009

ዓረብ ሊግ አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ ቋሚ ጽ/ቤት ሊያቋቁም ነው

(ኢዜአ)የዓረብ ሊግ በአዲስ አበባ ከተማ ቋሚ ጽሕፈት ቤት ለማቋቋም የሚያስችለውን ስምምነት ከኢትዮጵያ መንግሥት ጋር ተፈራረመ፡፡

Why not? I am sure the league will be interested to control Ethiopia from within than from afar. The Wahabis will have a better pretext to fund their terrorism from within.

ስምምነቱን የፈረሙት የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትሩ አቶ ስዩም መስፍንና የዓረብ ሊግ ዋና ፀሐፊ አመር ሙሳ ሲሆኑ፣ ስምምነቱ በሁለቱ አገሮች መካከል ያለውን ግንኙነት ለማጠናከር እንደሚያስችል የፊርማውም ቀን ታሪክ መሆኑ ተገልጿል፡፡


Anonymous said...

waw AlhamduliAllah
cher yaseman malet yeh newe
this is very good news thank you Deje Selam

hiwot said...

ehh yeh mengist yemiflgew islimnan masfafat new.But God is with us & it will never happen.some time it is good to be tested so our brother will get strong in their belives as they did at timeket.

Anonymous said...


I just have a question for the muslims brothers,can we open Eastern Orthodox office in saudi?

Anonymous said...

answer to Yigermal

Yes! Yes!

They are waiting for you to open the office. The only thing you need is to Get a LIFE.

ewnetim yigermal you are really a "surprise"

Anonymous said...

Aayyi Mahibere Qudusan? tigermialesh!!! Be'wnetu bettaaam naw yedenqegn. Pente siyaqitish wa da eslamochu zorsh? weyy anchhiii.

Anonymous said...


Hmmm Dear anyonymus the way u said yes!! sound like u daring me even for thinking about it,wow.

To all muslims Ethiopia is an ORTHODOX COUNTRY so go look for a desert to build yr office.And for Ethiopian muslims if can't swallow that u can allways go to sudan or somalia or egypt or any desert.

Anonymous said...

why habesha is acting extremly just like aihud[jiwish]? can you put this in your mind that half ethiopian people are muslims? idont understand why so much hates it doesnt get you nowhere most of you are pro western in the name of chirstanity who give you alms and keep you in the dark look at your self and the arab country god gave them evry thing they never beg like we do so dont be jelous like aihud or jiwish

Anonymous said...

Areb Lignina Islamn gena beqtu yaleyew ye Ethiopia Christian ,bedfn telacha yetemola chenqlatu kechgarna chegr wuchi mnm ayfeydletm!!

Anonymous said...

minnew difin amara inna tigray wetat wede pente coste honoal yanin tewagu inji muslim serto adari bemanim yemaykena yesew lij fitur new

Anonymous said...

I think this a step in the right direction. Dear all don forget to bear in mind that Ethiopia is a secular state. I hope it'll economically benefit from its smooth relation with the Arab League.

You've to also know that Ethiopia will be opening soon an office for Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). The focus of our government is economy not religion. Hope to benefit economically, too.

Conservativness has brought nothing to this country for centuries and let us develop resilience and fight poverty by all means available and not each other.

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