February 12, 2009

About Ephrem's Book

(By Ameha Giyorgis)
The following is a new comment Ameha Giyorgis has left on the post "A New Book Published on Fundamentalist activity in Ethiopia".

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, ONE GOD Amen!
May God bless our Brother! Amen! We need more writers like our brother who is not afraid to state the truth. I hope to get his book and get the wealth of knowledge about the current Fundamental Islamic movement against Ethiopia, especially EOTC. I actullay was part of one of the conferences held in Washington DC to discuss the same matter, Fundamental Islamic movement, that was headed by our brother Deacon Ephrem Eshete.
I was very much impressed with how well he presented the current status as well the foreseen of this matter. As it was mentioned in the above article written by Hiruy Simie, (which I thought was superbly presented – Kale Hiwote Yasemalin), we, the EOTC laity, are sleeping, and I believe this drastically growing Fundamental Islamic movement is going to be a rude awaking. As Westerners say we need to “wake up and smell the roses” because if don’t wake up soon, only the Almightily knows where we going to end up. I hope we, the EOTC Clergy & laity, soon put our acts together and UNIT to raise our voice (pray) to our Lord and Savior Jesus CHRIST to help us go through these impending tough times. If we don’t drop our pride and come together, the wroth of God might even get here sooner…we have to follow the footsteps of our Fathers, it is written “Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul “ (Acts 4;32)…the only way out of this mess is the Almighty and without unity there is NO God…as He only dwells amongst us when We become one “…if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done…”(Mat 18:19) therefore to overcome this madness let’s stick together and Pray to God to take away this swiftly growing confrontation. As He heard the prayer of the people of Nineveh (Ne-ne-Wie) He will hear our prayer if pray in Unity.
Let God hear the cries our Fathers, who knew this mess was coming, the Fathers that are in the monasteries of our Holy land, ….let Him hear their cries because ours tears are not falling, our prayer is not even passing through the ceiling when we even stand under one roof, one church as are not united … Ah!!!
Egziabhair Yirdan – Selamun Yialkilin – Ande (1) Yadregen; Emebrihan Atlyen; Yesadikan Yesema’etat Selot Yitebiken
Wendimachin Deacon Ephrem Eshete Kale Hiwote Yasemalin! Yibel Yibel Bilenal
YeEthiopian BeSelam Yitebike!
Wesibhat LeEgziabhair, Leweladitu Dingle, WeleMeskelu Kibre
Ameha Giyorgis

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