December 17, 2008

Two books on Muslim Fundamentalism Inaugurated

By Orthodoxawit Ethiopiyawit

Inauguration of two books on Muslim Fundamentalism

(Addis Ababa): Ethiopian writers and scholars of different time and era have wrote about the extremist Islamic movement, its consequences and what the true belief of the doctrine itself is –
1. Anqetse Amin (አንቀጸ አሚን) by the 16th century Yemeni born Muslim convert who later became Echege of Debre Libanos Aba Enbaqom, 2. Lemene aleselemkum(ለምን አልሰለምኩም)by the late Alemayehu Moges and
3.yehaimanot mechahchal be Ethiopia alene (የሃይማኖት መቻቻል በኢትዮጵያ አለን?) by His Grace Abune Samuel.
And now…
4. "Muslim Fundamemtalism in Ethiopia (አክራሪ እስልምና በኢትዮጵያ)" by Ephrem Eshete and
5. "Islam Encounters Christ (ከአክራሪ እስልምና ወደ ክርስትና)" by Dn Daniel Kibret.

Ephrem's book presents the historical crossing of Islam and its followers in Ethiopia from the past till the present time. It explicates the aspiration of fundamental extremism and its evolving strategies, to conquer, along centuries. The book is well structured and very intellectual which makes it well standardized research book. In short words it marks a new observation in the history of our time. And in my on belief it is a matter that should be incorporated in all the teachings of the Church, Sunday school curriculum or even theological studies.It is a must own and must read book of our time.

It was inaugurated on November 15 of 2008 at Debre Selam Kedist Mariam Church in
DC,USA. It was viewed by more that 60 audiences. Nibure Ed Gebrehiwot Melise,
Memher Berhanu Gobena, Kesis Dr. Amare Kassaye and Dr Aklilu Habte were among the
honorable guests. During the program it was suggested that the book should get
translated to Oromeffa, the necessary preparation is being performed to achieve this
with in the next year. The book is available in Mahibere Kidusan stores and other private book stores. You can also drop a comment and read what others say about the book at Blog:

The other new book to the list "Islam Encounters Christ (ከአክራሪ እስልምና ወደ ክርስትና)" by Dn Daniel Kibret. This auto biography of the remarkable life of a Nahid Mohammad, a Christian convert from Muslim, depicts about the scandal and suffering that she faces after her call from our Lord Jesus Christ. In her earlier life Nahid was a cruel and vicious person to any Christian around her. After our Saviour revealed to her just like he did to Seoul. She was reborn in Jesus Christ, there after she was chased and hunted by government executives but God has been with and protected her just like He did for the prophet Jeremiah. It is great story of a brave Christian woman in whose life we see the ever ending love and protection of God. It is an inspiration and living proof to all Christians that the God they believe is merciful; he is the resurrection and the life. It was inaugurated on December 13 of 2008 at Jerusalem Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There were more than 80 people for the occasion. Among which his Grace Abune Gabriel and Abune Deyoskoros,MelakeSelam Abba Gebre Selassie,Abba Tewodros, Abba NahuSenai and the much-loved Memeher yenata Eshetu where present, university professors and officials of Mahibere Kidusan as Dn Berhanu Admasu, chief editor of Hamer Magazine and others were also present. During the program it was suggested to prepare the book in audio form since the story has such a magnificant narrative nature which will lift the heart and soul when heard.
The book is available in any Mahibere Kidusan stores and other private spiritual book

እግዚአብሔር ጸሐፊዎቹን በእድሜ በጸጋ ይጠብቅልን


Anonymous said...

You guys seems worried. Why dont you leave muslims alon and just preach what Jesus preached on his life time. "I am God worship me ?" NO... he says "O Israel Your God My God is ONE. Jesus is not GOD nor he claime devinity. Nor He preach hatred as you gus do

Anonymous said...

what a fake and hater ppl !

Anonymous said...

jusus naby naw alyhi selam tawet ena fetareyachn felgut be nabyatoch west fetari bizu tenagrual minaw esun fetari nagn bilo sayastemir ba poulos yetltfawn amino meqbal berasu lena kihdat naw yemilaw fetari yiqr yiblachu lenatem lenam le jusasem

Anonymous said...

hey ppl i dont think Muslim population less than Christian, you guys made mistake or you just put lie, im not Muslim or christian but i hate when ppl lie and please correct the error Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't express my appreciation for the writers may God keep them for us! Christians preach always peace and love that is what they learned from their Gospel. But they only have aggrasiveness and hate which is from Satan. About Muslims we do have alot to write.
May God keep our people from Muslim extremist.

Anonymous said...

Peace to the world;
selam for both those who have peace in their hearts and those who have no peace in their hearts.
Let me say about the so-called "Muslim Fundamentalism" in Ethiopia.
Back to history dated before the Common Era, the people of Ethiopia did not have religion; they worshipped mainly the Sun though they did worship idols as well. Later Judaism introduced itself and then Christianity around 330 in the Common Era, 280 years later finally Islam came to Ethiopia around 600 Common Era.
What I'm ashamed of now a days is that seeing from some Ethiopian intellectuals wearing T-shirts having slogans like "Ethiopia is a Christian Island" and so on. If the standard is by age Ethiopia is a Jews Island, or if it's by the number of followers Ethiopia is Islamic Island. The Orthodox church, as a state, has been trading [trading in a sense playing games]throughout history with all citizens of the country. The Church, the Mosque and the Temple had to be separated from the State. Nevertheless, shameful for our Orthodox priests who mislead the believers throughout history have been governing the country as advisors or even minsters. The orthodox church had a horrendous effect for the backwardness of Ethiopia.It denied the introduction of technologies. Making of each 30 days of the month as holidays they forced the Christians not to produce any thing including the farmers: this is just a 40 years old history. Needless to say, the Orthodox church has never followed either the rules of the Bible or the Christianity doctrine but their own vines and desires to exploit the poor population. The poor have to work hard and pay to the Church; the poor have to feed the priests otherwise the dead won't be forgiven their sins. Remember a priest is sin forgiver they even act as God or sometimes as intermediaries between the sinners and God. According to the holy books, God never asks mediators I believer can contact God directly. Today the people are able to read the bible and understand and get their freedom of religion. Most embrace Islam and some convert to Protestantism that headaches the Orthodox officials, and as a result the Church is today highly corrupted, become a laboratory of slogans and an institution of hypocrisy, hatred and nepotism against primarily the Muslims and even non-Orthodox followers.
Thus, in the name of fundamentalism they run their businesses all over the world giving bad names to Muslims. This business is over from far.It did not work either for Bush administration.
Let's stop hatred and work something great to develop our country which will remain helpful for the later generation when we die.
A true believer of God never rejects Truth from God. Any intellectual never rejects truth regardless of its roots. Accept it or not,as a Muslim, I believe Ethiopia is a land of various religious groups. It doesn't seem I feel fear I concern whatever happens in my motherland; I'll die for it;if anyone transgress my response will be harsh. God calls [these people who themselves went astray and led the people astray they're like donkeys.
Every individual has grace from God for choices so one has to learn and choose what's best for himself or herself. Neither Aba Samuel nor Efrem eshete helps anyone who commits the sin but only God who watches over every one's actions. We do commit sins repent towards God.
May God grant peace to the world, a'min

Anonymous said...

The most of cmments I read above is wroten by menafikan(the people who named himself as christian but not really, they do not have history of christianity) that is the reason why they don't like to support the historical orthodox christian. Anyways I don't know how can I put in words the good writers of those books and I like to see it transtated in english. God bless the writers and ethiopia

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