December 4, 2008

"Why I can't be Pente" - Part I

(Part 1)
This article could be very offending to some of you. You might think I am a "narrow-minded" or may be fanatic, or something related to that. You may think this article at this very time, when Islamofascism is at its zenith in Ethiopia, to be in appropriate; why dividing between christians after all. Although I put my idea in black and white today, this is a no new idea, believe me. But I decided to write it for you after I see a very disgusting "testimony" of a certain crazy or foolish guy, who claims to be an Archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church converted-Pente.

What amazes me so much is not the word of the crazy foolish guy, but those who were cheering around him, the so called pastors and old-people-acting-teenager leaders of that Pente group. They are so ignorant that they do not know the difference between an archbishop, bishop and an ordinary clergy {after all if the claim is true). Their hatred for our mother Church is so obvious that her destruction will be their dreams coming true. Why are they so happy whenever they see anything bad about this Church? What kind of spirit it that makes a "Christian" delighted when a Church goes astray? They have no different spirit than any Islamic terrorist to me. They have the same goal: annihilating the Ethiopian Church.
(To be continued)

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