December 22, 2008

Muslim Radio Criticised Ethiopian Christians

A radio program broadcasted from USA openly criticised the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Protestants "for conspiring to cook" the 2007 Census. The program "First Hijra Special Broadcast: Ethiopian Census 2007" criticised ethiocross website editor and Mahibere Kidusan for taking the issue in their radio programs. Muslim guests from Europe and USA openly demanded "taking the political power" to "redeem Muslims from Christian hegemony".

The guests warned "religious war" and "warn Christians to open their eyes". The host summerised "a rise of Christian fundamentalism" in Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

what is wrong with that peoples want to be free from manuplation and deprivation. you all are ignorant of history and blind

Anonymous said...

It must be very clear that Ethiopia was not, is not and will not be "a christian island" never ever!!!

Every Ethiopian weather he/she is a Muslim, protestant, catholic, orthodox or a pagan clearly understood that we can live together peacefully if and only if we have equal right and respect each other.

Ethiopia has five regional states [Oromia, Afar, Harari, Benishangul, Somali] with more than 90% Muslim population and even Dire Dawa city administration. It is an open secrete.

I believe nobody will accept this big lie by the renown foolish government census comedy. You don't have to lie yourself.

Now EPRDF doesn't know what to do they are on the way to death, the declination phase. So they will not stop doing what they think will satisfy some group of people whom they think will help them. This is part of such easy strategy, to get support from the protestant and orthodox group like the "Mahabere Kidusan" whom they think are unhappy with the government and support CUD during the last election.

I would like to remind all Ethiopian Christians that the Muslim ratio is by far higher than what you are imagining, more than 55%. What ever is written on the paper or is discussed in a media, the ratio will keep on increasing. Inshallah...

Rather than talking this irrelevant government propaganda, let us respect each other, love each other, hold hand in hand and work hard. EPRDF is trying to cover its failure and give as things that can stall our time; irritate some groups and boast others. Relive me such kind of things really helped them so far. We don't have to be ignorant in such silly joke.

The most important thing expected from us is forget the drama, let them play with themselves and keep on working and heal this Cancer [EPRDF] from our mother land, ETHIOPIA. So that She will be proud of us, and will make a history for our generation to come.

Allah bless Ethiopia!!!

Anonymous said...

I do know when you guys tone down your bad temper and search for reality. Well, at least this time, you are not bigger in number than Christians. That is a fact, wethere you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Lets love eachother and work together is what each and every ethiopian christian has been saying for the past thousand or so years. That is what we don't hear from the other side(muslims). Ethiopia has been the island of christianity for the past two thousand years and it will remain like that whether you like it or not. Our christian fathers welcomed you with open hands without any discrimination please don't sadden their spirits.

Anonymous said...

Why for is competition? Christians should not be proud because the report shows that they are greater that Muslims in number. Why you Muslims disappointed because you come to know you are lesser than Christians in number? What would you do if you were bigger? The argument from both groups seems to me very backward. Learn from, for example, Egyptian Muslim and Christian neigbors. They cooperate and live peacefully. I am afraid, fundamentalists are changing the minds of peaceful people in Ethiopia and destroying our peaceful relations of the Past. Good for us to cooperate to alleviate poverty that copete!

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