December 8, 2008

Muslim Exageration, a Technique?

መጠን በሌለው ግምት፣ ይሉኝታ በሌለው ግምት ዓለምን ማሳሳት የአክራሪዎች ትልቅ ጥበብ ሆነ ልበል፡፡ ደግሞ አለማፈራቸው፡፡ ይቺ ጽሑፍ አንጀቴን ነው ያራሰችኝ፡፡ እስቲ ተመልከቷት፡፡ መነሻ ያደረገው ዜና በቅንጭቡ ቀርቧል፡፡
"Muslims in Ethiopia and around the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Addressing the Muslim faithful gathered at the Addis Ababa Stadium to celebrate the day, Vice President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC), Sheik Elias Redman said the Muslim community should exert utmost efforts for the development of the country, wrote ENA, the state-run news agency in Ethiopia. More than 1.5 million Muslims in Addis Ababa were gathered to celebrate the first Eid'l Fitr of the new Ethiopian millennium, wrote ENA."

Source: Nazret Website

According to this article: "more than 1.5 million muslim were gathered at Addis Abeba stadium........."

Let's do a little arithmetic here:-

According to the latest census from the Central Statistics Agency of Ethiopia, the total population of Addis Abeba is reported to be 2.7 million!
Refering to the above news article; the number of muslims that showed up for the festivities is reported to be: >1.5 million

2.7mil-1.5mil = 1.2million

The means the rest of the population of Addis that did not show up for the Eid festivities is 1.2 million, that is, a mere 44% the city's population.
And this percentage is comprised of: the Orthodox, Pentecotal, Catholic, other non-Christian faiths even (this is somewhat funny Smile ) muslims (for some reason or another) that did not show up for the gathering or who may have chosen to celebrate at their homes!

Now, what is wrong with this picture? one may ask.....

Current Census data (broken down in denominations) indicate:

43.5% Orthodox
33.9% Muslim
18.6% Pentecostal
0.7% Catholic
2.7% Traditional

From this, one can extrapolate:

[43.5% + 18.6% + 0.7% = 62.8% Christians] + 2.7% traditional = 65.5% total non-muslims compared to 33.9% muslims in the whole country.

Having this data on hand, if we look at the number of muslims that allegedly showed up for the festivities, one can easily see a mountain of discrepancy.

Given the population of Addis Abeba is 2.7 million and correctly assuming Addis Abeba to be a multi-religious melting pot that should reflect the Ethiopian people; the population figure that should be closer to the real truth might be:

65.5% of 2.7 million = 1.7865 million or approximately 1million and 800 thousand (non-muslim)
33.9% of 2.7 million = 0.9153 million or approximately 915 thousand and 300 muslims.

Having looked at these computations; if we go back to the article that states " >1.5 million muslims at gathered at Addis Abeba stadium........" we can clearly see the statement is an absurd exaggeration!

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