December 8, 2008

Is Muslims' Number MANIPULATED?

The 2007 Ethiopian census has become a point of hot discussion, as usual in the cyberspace Ethiopian community, in which pro-Muslims claim their number reduced and their opposers arguing otherwise. In one of the cyberethiopia rooms , Warka, a writer who goes by the name ስብሐት a well articulated and professional reply (given to a certain እህምም) and I took the liberty to post here without asking his/her will. I hope he/she does not. mind. Enjoy the article any way.
Cher Were Yaseman,

In her long article, እህምም said " apparently the number of Muslims increased by only 7.8 mil since 1994? ... You gotta be kidding......"


እህምም !

There should be nothing baffling about the increase in the number of muslims between 1994 and the present time.
As a matter of fact, one can say that, it is quite an accurate reflection of the overall trend of population growth within the Ethiopian populace.

Here is why:

Compare the percentage of muslims in Ethiopia between the last census (1994) and the present census:-

1994: 32.8% (33%)
2008: 33.9% (34%)

Total population of Ethiopia:-

1994: 53.1 million (53 million)
2008: 73,918,505 (74 million) [Source: CSA Ethiopia)

Now, if we look at the base number of muslims within this time interval:-

1) 33% of 53,000,000 = 17,490,000 [1994]

2) 34% of 74,000,000 = 25,160,000 [2008]

3) 25,160,000 - 17,490,000 = 7,670,000 [ net positive gain during the last 14 year period]

Now, let's look at the population growth: expressed as: rate of growth = r

[Population at end of period (2008) - Population at the begining of period(1994)/ Population at begining of period X % / time interval (t=14)


(25,160,000 - 17,490,000)/17,490,000X 100

= 3.132404 or 3.13% GROWTH RATE !

Annual growth rate of Ethiopia is projected to be between 2.7 - 2.75

From the above population computations, one can deduce that the Ethiopian muslim population growth rate (3.13%) is in excess of the projected overall figure for Ethiopia; although it is still within the margin of error

Therefore, the increase in the number of muslims exceeds the rate of growth of the overall population.

Unless, one has an axe to grind; muslims should have no trouble accepting these findings!

ሌላው : ዜና ሜዲያዎች :" ይህን ያህል " ሙስሊሞች : በአዲስ አበባ ስቴዲየም ሰገዱ ከሚሉ : በትክክሉ : በአዲስ አበባ ሴቲድየም ; በአካባቢውና በልዩ ልዩ የአዲስ አበባ ስፍራዎች ለበዓሉ ስግደት አደረጉ ብለው ቢያቀርቡ : ሪፖርቱ የተሻለ ተአማኒንት ሊያገኝ ይችላል :::

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