December 4, 2008

EOC, Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria expresses commitment to enhance relation

(ENA) Addis Ababa, December 3, 2008 (Addis Ababa) - Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) and the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria expressed commitment to further scale up their relation.

His Holiness Abune Paulos Patriarch of EOC has visited Egypt and discussed with His Holiness Pope Shinoda III of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Marks, EOC told ENA in a statement on Wednesday.

Abune Paulos, who is also President of the World Council of Churches expressed EOC’s keenness to further scale up its relation with Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

He recalled that the two sisterly churches have agreed to work jointly in areas of development, education and people-to-people ties.

Pope Shinoda III on his part said that the relation between the two ancient churches has been strengthening from time to time.

He also appreciates the significant role being played by Abune Paulos to further scale up the cooperation between the two countries.

During his stay in Egypt, Abune Paulos has briefed the media about world peace and the cooperation between the two churches, according to the statement.

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