December 20, 2008

Christian Teenagers Preaching Islam with their Clothing

What do you think of this picture? It is an Islamic clothing which has become famous especially after the late Palestinia President Yassir Arafat? That would be an ordinary man's judgment though. What strikes me these days is that these Arabic and Islamic clothings are started to be signs of teenagers especially here in the USA.

If you live in big metropolitans in the US, you might have definetly seen young Habesha Lijoch "decorating" themselves with this Araft-scarf. I have more questions than answers. I know it is part of the cultural war Islam waged against the west, but how could these clothings "infiltrate" the teenager circle? Do you have any idea? To your surprise, young children who regularly attend Church services cover themselves with this scarf and preach Islam. What a hell is going on?The scarf is, from the nature of the material point of view, is good quality. The vendor I asked what the name would be, replied "I have no idea". To my additional surprise, it costs only $10. Do you have any idea?


Anonymous said...

it is my understanding that this scarf has no connection with islam what so ever. im sure if there is 'chrstian scarf' out in the market teens will not hesitate to wear it. i wear the scarf with no connection to religion but related to fashion. think about it in a different way... after all we are living in the USA its the mixture of cultures and religions. we borrow custumes and some good cultures from others like we lend ours.

Anonymous said...


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