November 28, 2008

Two Interesting Websites

Today I came across an interesting website, ዋዜማ፡ሥርዐት•Wazéma System•Wazéma Système. Very interestingly the editors managed to upload the not-anywhere-you-find Geez Amharic dictionary of Aleka Kidane Weld kifle. Wow!!!! I am really excited to see that. There are other surprises too.

On top of that you will find out of print books books of Geez-Amharic grammar and theology. Take a look at it.

The other website is hosted by Los Angeles Trinity Church . Unlike the other borring and redundant religious websites, this one tries to cover the rich tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, i.e ZEMA. You better visit it.
Cher Were Yaseman


Anonymous said...

Great Discovery and Posting. The Wazema website's posting of Aleqa Kidane Wolde Kifle's Ge'ez Amaregna Dictionary, Grammar and other important books will ceratinly promote learning and knowledge exchange in the field of Ethiopian Studies. The great intellectual tradition of Ethiopia, as represented by the scholarly works of Aleqas Kidane Wolde and Desta, should form a basis for human and cultural development and modernization in our beloved motherland.

Anonymous said...

I am also very impressed with the second website It covers a lot in a well organized manner.

Please visit this website and see how much fruits your church has.

birtatun Yistachew.

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