November 15, 2008

Fanatic Somali Islamists Rising from the Dead?

Ethiopia's presence and the insurgency in Somalia has been debated quite for some time now. We at Deje Selam cautiously warned once in Somalia, the war should not be lost, our army should not be defeted and the Ethiopian government should not retreat in diasrray. The result will be far reaching, and will definetly concern Christian Ethiopia.

On the part of the Ethiopian opposition, the issue is handled with two extreme approaches. For Ethiopian Review, the Ethiopian army is "Weyane Army", for Aiga "victorious army", and for the Ethiopian government itself "a peace keeping force", and for the fanatic pro-Islamists' anti-Ethiopian elements like, the Ethiopian army in general is "Abyssinian Army". As feared, the insurgency is taking ground, the Ethiopian government contemplating quiting the mission,the ugly face of fanaticism is once again is in public.

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