November 28, 2008

Two Interesting Websites

Today I came across an interesting website, ዋዜማ፡ሥርዐት•Wazéma System•Wazéma Système. Very interestingly the editors managed to upload the not-anywhere-you-find Geez Amharic dictionary of Aleka Kidane Weld kifle. Wow!!!! I am really excited to see that. There are other surprises too.

On top of that you will find out of print books books of Geez-Amharic grammar and theology. Take a look at it.

The other website is hosted by Los Angeles Trinity Church . Unlike the other borring and redundant religious websites, this one tries to cover the rich tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, i.e ZEMA. You better visit it.
Cher Were Yaseman

Indian Leader Raises Doubt on Mumbai Terror Motive

By Ethan Cole
Christian Post Reporter
Thu, Nov. 27 2008 06:02 AM EST
An Indian Christian leader lamented the coordinated terrorist attacks on India’s financial capital city of Mumbai Wednesday night, but called into question claims that Muslim terrorists are behind the attacks.
This is definitely a well-planned and executed incident to bring instability to the nation in the light of the national election coming up,” observed Gospel for Asia President K.P. Yohannan.
“But I have real reservations about placing blame on the Muslims.”

Yohannan pointed out that there have been at least eight major terrorist attacks in India within this year, and all were initially attributed to Islamic terrorists.

However, upon further investigation all the incidents turned out to have been perpetrated by radical Hindu extremist groups led by radical priests.

“So until there is a complete investigation of these horrible attacks, I am not ready to blame the Muslims,” he said, adding that “anyone can take a Muslim name for their group.”

A series of coordinated attacks struck 10 sites across Mumbai killing at least 87 people and wounding another 200, according to CNN. The attackers targeted foreign tourists and took hostages in two luxury hotels favored by Westerners.

Witnesses reported that gunmen particularly targeted Americans and British guests in the Taj Mahal Hotel and Hotel Oberoi. After about five hours of fighting between the terrorists and police, smoke was seen rising from the historic Taj Mahal Hotel.

As of Thursday morning, gunshots were still heard at the Oberoi Hotel, where about 100 members of a special unit Indian police force were undertaking an operation to rescue the four to five foreigners held hostage on the 19th floor when CNN released its report.

Gunshots were also still heard from the Taj Mahal, a few blocks from Oberoi, Thursday morning. But police soon escorted dozens of people, mostly Westerners, out of the hotel.

Police chief A.N. Roy of Maharashtra state, where Mumbai is the capital, said all hostages at the Taj Mahal have been freed.

Other sites attacked include Colaba Market, several popular restaurants and a railroad station.

Yohannan noted that attacks on foreigners are completely contrary to Indian culture.

“India always treated foreigners with such respect and value,” he said. “This is totally against the nature of Indians. The question is, will this spread over all the country?"

“We know that only the Gospel of Christ can change human hearts, regardless of caste, race or religion. That is why we must pray for India at this time,” he added.

A group calling itself the Deccan Mujahedeen had emailed several Indian news outlets claiming responsibility for the attacks, but their claim has not been verified.

Nine suspects were arrested overnight and three others were detained for questioning.

The Mumbai attacks followed a series of bomb attacks in India’s capital, New Delhi, in September where more than 20 people were killed and 100 people injured. Also this year in July, 17 blasts took place in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, killing 49 people and injuring more than 100 people.

A coordinated bomb attack also occurred in the northwest city of Jaipur in May that killed 63 people.

Muslim extremists were said to be behind all the bomb blasts, with some claiming to declare war on Hindu-dominated India for the persecution of Muslims and support of U.S policies.

November 27, 2008

Pope Shenuda III Orders No Prayer in Disputed Church

By Ethan Cole
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Nov. 26 2008 05:40 PM EST

(Christianpost): The Coptic Pope Shenuda III barred Egyptian Christians from praying in a church building in Cairo Tuesday after sectarian violence broke out this past weekend over the building’s use as a Christian prayer hall. At least eight men were arrested on Sunday night when Muslims clashed with Coptic Christians in the neighborhood of Ein Shams to protest the use of the property for prayer, according to state news agency MENA.
Muslims reportedly threw stones and burned two cars during the riot.
In response to the clash, Pope Shenuda III ordered Copts to cease praying in the church-owned building that was previously an unused factory.
Following the clash, Copts complained about the unfair law that requires them to be granted presidential permission before building a church or expanding an existing church. The authorization is difficult to near impossible to get and many Christians feel the law exists only to oppress the Christian minority community in a country where 90 percent or more of the population is Muslim.

Relations between Egyptian Muslims and the Christian minority were in the past peaceful, but have recently grown strained. Conversions to Christianity and a growing tendency to work and live among members of one’s religion have escalated tension between the two groups.

There are an estimated 10 million Copts in Egypt, or the equivalent of about 10 percent of the population. The Coptic population, or the Orthodox Christians of Egypt, is the largest group of Christians in the Middle East.

November 16, 2008

መንግሥት በዝግ ሒሣብ ያስቀመጠው ገንዘብ በአንዲት ግለሰብ ስም ወጣ

Sunday, 16 November 2008
በታምሩ ጽጌ

የቀድሞ የአደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት ኮሚሽን (በአሁኑ ወቅት በግብናና ገጠር ልማት ሚኒስቴር አደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት እና ምግብ ዋስትና ዘርፍ) በኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ አራት ኪሎ ቅርንጫፍ በዝግ የሂሳብ ቁጥር EOC/DICAC 0171859036000 (3100) ያስቀመጠውን ገንዘብ የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስቲያን የልማትና ክርስቲያናዊ ተራድኦ ኮሚሽን በአንዲት ግለሰብ ስም እንዲወጣ ማድረጉን ምንጮች ለሪፖርተር ጋዜጣ ገለፁ፡፡

በነሐሴ ወር 2000 ዓ.ም. ለኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ አራት ኪሎ ቅርንጫፍ በተፃፈና በሁለት ከፍተኛ የጠቅላይ ቤተክህነት ኃላፊዎች (ጳጳሳት) ፊርማ በግለሰቡ ስም እንዲወጣ የተደረገው ገንዘብ 1 ሚሊዮን 832 ሺ 900 ብር መሆኑን ምንጮቹ ተናግረዋል፡፡

ከኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ አራት ኪሎ ቅርንጫፍ በሲፒኦ ቁጥር 1684470 እ.ኤ.አ ኦገስት 13 ቀን 2008 ወጥቶ በተመሳሳይ ቀን ወደ ወጋገን ባንክ አራዳ ቅርንጫፍ ገቢ መደረጉን ምንጮቹ ገልፀዋል፡፡

ገንዘቡ የተገኘው ከጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ጽህፈት ቤት መጋቢት 1ዐ ቀን 1989 ዓ.ም. በቁጥር ተ80-አጠ3/01/06 በተፃፈ ደብዳቤ በተላለፈ መመሪያ መሠረት ከቀድሞ አደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት ኤጀንሲ እና መንግሥታዊ ያልሆኑ ድርጅቶች /መያድ/ መካከል ባለው የሥራ ውልና የሥራ ግንኙነት በእርጅናና በተለያዩ ምክንያቶች አገልግሎት መስጠት ያቋረጡ ተሽከርካሪዎች በጨረታ ተሸጠው መሆኑን ምንጮቹ አብራርተዋል፡፡

በተላለፈው መመሪያ መሠረት ተሽከርካሪዎቹ ከተሸጡ በኋላ የተገኘውን 9 ሚሊዮን 876 ሺ 909 ብር ከ32 ሣንቲም ለኬር፣ ለኮንሰርን፣ ለኖርዌይ ሕፃናት አድንና ለኦርቶዶክስ ቤተ ክርስቲያን እንደየድርሻቸው ከተከፋፈለ በኋላ በዝግ አካውንት ተቀምጦ ኘሮጀክት ኘሮፖዛል ሰነድ አዘጋጅተው የኘሮጀክት ውል ከፈፀሙና በፌደራል የምግብ ዋስትና ማስተባበሪያ ቢሮ ሲደገፍ በቢሮው በኩል እንዲሰጣቸው የተፈቀደ መሆኑን ምንጮቹ ገልፀዋል፡፡

የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተ ክርስቲያን የልማትና ክርስቲያናዊ ተራድኦ ኮሚሽን የተጠቀሰውን ገንዘብ ለአማራ ክልል ምግብ ዋስትና ማስተባበሪያ ቢሮ እንዲያስረክብ ቢታዘዝም ተግባራዊ ከማድረግ ይልቅ ለክልሉ መንግሥት ደብዳቤ መፃፉን ምንጮቹ ገልፀዋል፡፡

ኮሚሽኑ ለክልሉ መንግሥት በፃፈው ደብዳቤ ከፍተኛ የሥራ እንቅስቃሴ የሚያከናውነው በውሃ ልማት ኘሮግራም ላይ መሆኑን ጠቅሶ የውሃ ጉድጓድ መቆፈሪያ ማሽን መግዣ ገንዘቡን እንዲፈቅድለት መጠየቁን ምንጮቹ ተናግረዋል፡፡

አደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት ኮሚሽን የኮሚሽኑን ጥያቄ ውድቅ በማድረግ ባፋጣኝ ለተወሰነለት አካል እንዲያደርስ የማያደርግ ከሆነ ተገቢውን የመፍትሄ እርምጃ እንደሚወስድ ገልፆ ደብዳቤ እንደፃፈለት ምንጮቹ ተናግረዋል፡፡

አደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት ኤጀንሲ ለኮሚሽኑ የፃፈው ደብዳቤ ምላሽ ሳያገኝ ቆይቶ፣ መስከረም 9 ቀን 2001 ዓ.ም. ለግብርናና ገጠር ልማት ሚኒስቴር ለአደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት እና ምግብ ዋስትና ዘርፍ ደብዳቤ መፃፉን ምንጮቻችን ገልፀዋል፡፡

ኮሚሽኑ በፃፈው ደብዳቤ የተሻለ የወለድ ጥቅም ለማግኘት በሚል ከንግድ ባንክ ወደ ወጋገን ባንክ መቀየሩን ገልፆ በዝግ አካውንት ተቀምጦ የበረውን 1 ሚሊዮን 833 ሺ 174 ብር አራት ኪሎ ቅርንጫፍ የነበረው የሂሳብ ቁጥር 3100..0171859036000) እንዲዘጋ መጠየቁን ምንጮቻችን አስረድተዋል፡፡

በግብርናና ገጠር ልማት ሚኒስቴር አደጋ መከላከልና ዝግጁነት እና ምግብ ዋስትና ዘርፍ የዕርዳታ ድርጅቶች ጉዳይ አስተባባሪ ለኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ አራት ኪሎ ቅርንጫፍ በፃፈው ደብዳቤ በዝግ አካውንት ያለውን ሂሳብ እንዲገልጽለት ጥቅምት 14 ቀን 2001 ጠይቆ ጥቅምት 27 ቀን 2001 ዓ.ም. ገንዘቡ መኖሩን የሚያረጋግጥ ደብዳቤ እንደደረሰው ምንጮቹ ተናግረዋል፡፡

አስተባባሪው አቶ አስመላሽ ገ/ሕይወት ስለጉዳዩ ማብራሪያ እንዲሰጡን ጠይቀናቸው ገንዘቡ ለምግብ ዋስትና ድጋፍ የተሰጠ በመሆኑ ኮሚሽኑ ለሌላ ተግባር ማዋል እንደማይችል ገልፀዋል፡፡

“አንዱ በዝግ ያስቀመጠውን ሌላው አካል ማንቀሳቀስ ይችላል?” ተብለው ለተጠየቁት፣ “ገንዘቡን እንዲቀመጥ ያደረገው አመዝኤ ነው፡፡ እንዲንቀሳቀስ የሚፈቅደውም አመዝኤ ነው፡፡ ወደ ወጋገን ባንክ ተዛውሯል የሚባለው ሊሆን አይችልም” በማለት አቶ አስመላሽ ተናግረዋል፡፡

“በዝግ አካውንት የተቀመጠ ገንዘብ ወለድ ይከፈልበታል?” ተብለው ለተጠየቁት “በዝግ አካውንት የሚቀመጥ ገንዘብ ወለድ የለውም፡፡ ባንክም ሊያንቀሳቅሰው አይችልም” ብለዋል፡፡

የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተ ክርስቲያን የልማትና ክርስቲያናዊ ተራድኦ ኮሚሽን ኮሚሽነር ዶ/ር ንጉሱ ለገሰን ስለጉዳዩ ጠይቀናቸው፤ “እኛ ለልማት በማሰብ፣ በቀናነት ሰርተናል፡፡ ገንዘቡ የኛው ነው፡፡ አልጠፋም፡፡ ለተሻለ ልማት ለማዋል በቀና አስተሳሰብ ሰርተናል” ብለዋል፡፡

በክልሉ የተሻለ ሥራ ለመስራት፣ በተለይ ውሃ ለማውጣት ተጨማሪ ማሽን ለመግዛት ጠይቀው እንደነበር የገለፁት ዶ/ር ንጉሱ፣ እሳቸውም ሆኑ ሁሉም ሰራተኛ ከክፋትና ወይም ከሌላ አስተሳሰብ በመነጨ አካሄድ ሳይሆን በትክክልና ስለዕውነት በልዩ ሙያዊ ፍቅርና በትጋት እንደሚሰሩ ተናግረዋል፡፡

November 15, 2008

Fanatic Somali Islamists Rising from the Dead?

Ethiopia's presence and the insurgency in Somalia has been debated quite for some time now. We at Deje Selam cautiously warned once in Somalia, the war should not be lost, our army should not be defeted and the Ethiopian government should not retreat in diasrray. The result will be far reaching, and will definetly concern Christian Ethiopia.

On the part of the Ethiopian opposition, the issue is handled with two extreme approaches. For Ethiopian Review, the Ethiopian army is "Weyane Army", for Aiga "victorious army", and for the Ethiopian government itself "a peace keeping force", and for the fanatic pro-Islamists' anti-Ethiopian elements like, the Ethiopian army in general is "Abyssinian Army". As feared, the insurgency is taking ground, the Ethiopian government contemplating quiting the mission,the ugly face of fanaticism is once again is in public.

November 13, 2008

Abyssinian Baptist Church Celebrates Ties to Ethiopia on the Occasion of Its 200th Anniversary

Last update: 12:39 p.m. EST Nov. 12, 2008
WASHINGTON, Nov 12, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The Abyssinian Baptist Church yesterday celebrated its 200th anniversary and its deep ties of friendship with Ethiopia. At a white-tie dinner gala at the uptown Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, Ethiopia's Ambassador to the United States Samuel Assefa was recognized as a special guest by Abyssinian Baptist Church Leader Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III.

"I was thrilled to join the Abyssinian Baptist Church to celebrate its 200th anniversary," said Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States Samuel Assefa. "For two centuries the Abyssinian Baptist Church has played an integral role in helping strengthen Ethiopia's relations with the United States and with the African-American community."
The 200th Anniversary of the Abyssinian Baptist Church coincides with the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium. The gala affair drew an impressive roster of political and civic leaders and celebrities. Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Rev. Butts at the podium as speakers. President-Elect Barack Obama sent his greetings, which were delivered on his behalf by Sen. Clinton.
President Clinton spoke passionately about America's strong relationship with Ethiopia, calling for the two countries to continue working closely together. He talked about Ethiopia's rich history and described the glories of ancient and modern Ethiopia, pointing to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela as a fitting example of Ethiopia's timeless treasures and living monuments.
Honorary and event chairs and members of the benefit committee included actor/comedian Chris Rock, his philanthropist wife Malaak Compton-Rock, American Express CEO Ken Chenault and his philanthropist wife Kathryn Chenault, actors Latanya R. and Samuel L. Jackson and Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley. Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actress Cicely Tyson and accomplished stage, television and film actor Avery Brooks served as the gala's emcees.
The bicentennial celebration -- Abyssinian 200: True to Our God, True to Our Native Land -- marked the Abyssinian Baptist Church's distinction as one of the oldest and most prominent African-American institutions in America. The 18-month bicentennial commemoration included a pilgrimage to Ethiopia to meet with senior Ethiopian officials.
SOURCE Embassy of Ethiopia

November 7, 2008

ሕገወጥ ተግባር የፈጸመው ሙስሊም በፖሊስ ቁጥጥር ሥር ዋለ

What will tomorrow be…?
Few weeks ago I came to Ethiopia my home city Addis Ababa after two and half years. A lot has changed - hundreds of new beautiful buildings, innovative highway and road designs ,ceiling high living expense and many more but what has surprised me the most is the enormous increase in the number of arab culture dressed muslims. These new comers does not have Ethiopian look rather their eyes has a silent voice that says “we are not you and you are not us” it is as if there is a wall around them. I don’t like what I see because the wall will not last long and when it comes down it is not going to be beautiful. And just a day before I was at Mahidere Sebhat kidest Ledeta LeMariam wedebre Medhanit MedhaneAlem Church for MedhaneAlem neges beale .The church has published a newsletter “Zena Mahedere Sebhat” it has touched different issues but the one that caught my eye was the article about a muslim who entered St Giorgios Church and performed Islamic religious inside the church .Here is the detail

ምንጭ ፡ ዜና ማኅደረ ስብሐት ጥቅምት 27/2001

መስከረም 30 ቀን 2001 ዓ.ም ጠዋት 2 ሰዓት ሲሆን መሐል አራዳ በሚገኘው በመናገሻ ገነተ ጽጌ ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ ቤተ ክርስቲያን ውስጥ በአንድ ሙስሊም ግለሰብ አማካኝነት ሕገወጥ ተግባር መፈፀሙ ተገለጸ፡፡ጥቅምት 15 ቀን 2001 ዓ.ም እትም ስምዐ ጸድቅ ጋዜጣ ሁኔታውን አስመልክቶ እንደዘገበው በዕለቱ ሁልጊዜም እንደሚደረገው ጠዋት ሃይማኖታዊ ተግባር ተከናውኖ ኪዳን ከተደረሰ በኋላ ምእመናን ወደየቤታቸው ሊሄዱ ሲዘጋጁ ባሉበት ሰዓት ከቤተ መቅደስ አቅራቢያ ያልተለመደ አስደንጋጭ ድምፅ ይሰማል ፡፡ ከነጫማው ወደ ቤተ ክርስቲያን የገባ አንድ ግለሰብ ወለል ላይ ነጠላ አንጥፎ የሙስሊም የእምነት ሥርዓት በሚመስል መልኩ እየሰገደ ‹‹ አላህ ዋክበር፣ሥዕል ይውረድ፣ መስጊድ ይሠራ አላህ ዋክበር›› እያለ ያጮኻል፡፡ ባልተለመደው ክስተት የተደናገጡት ምዕመናን ዝም አላሉም፡፡ግለሰቡን ይዘው የጥበቃ ሠራተኞች ከቤተ መቅደስ እንዲወጣ ያደርጋሉ፡፡በግለሰቡ ድርጊት የተቆጡት ምዕመናን ፖሊስና ጋዜጠኛ ሳይመጣ አይወጣም በማለታቸው ፖሊስ መጥቶ በቁጥጥር ሥር እንዳዋለው ጋዜጣው ያትታል፡፡ግለሰቡ በግቢው ውስጥ ተይዞ ባለበት ሰዓት እንኳ ጥርሱን እየፋቀና ምራቁን እየተፋ ‹‹አላህ ዋክበር›› እያለ ይጮህ እንደነበር በዕለቱ ከቦታው የተገኙ ምዕመናን መናገራቸውን ጋዜጣው ያትታል፡፡ድርጊቱ ክርስቲያኑን ያሳዘነና ያስቆጣ ድርጊት በመሆኑም ፓሊስ ሁኔታውን አጣርቶ እንደሚያሳውቅና ለፍርድ እንደሚያቀርበው የብዙ ምዕመናን ዕኑዕ እምነት እንደሆነ አክሎ ገልጧል፡፡
ጉዳዪ ከሕግና ሥርዓት አኳያ ሲታይም ግለሰቡ ቤተ ክርስቲያን መግባቱ ሳይሆን ባልተለመደ መልኩ መስገዱና ምእመናንን በጩኸት ማወኩ ወንጀል መሆኑን ቡዙዎች የሚስማሙበት ነጥብ እንደሆነ ተዘግቧል፡፡እንደጋዜጣው ዘገባከሆነ በአራዳ ክፍለ ከተማ ፓሊስ ጽ/ቤት የወንጀል ምርመራ ክፍል ዋና ሳጂን ካሱ ጠዋፊ ስለ ጉዳዪ ተጠይቀው በሰጡት ምላሽ ኒር ሐሰን ከማል የተባለ ግለሰብ በእለቱ ጠዋት ሁለት ሰዓት ላይ በቤተክርስቲያን ውስጥ ገብቶ እየሰገደ ‹‹አላህ ዋክበር፣ቤተክርስቲያን ይፍረስ፣መስጊድ ይሠራ ›› እያለ የምእመናንን ጸሎት ሰላም ሲያውክ በቁጥጥር ሥር መዋሉን ጠቅሰው ጉዳዩ ጥብቅ ምርመራ እየተደረገበት መሆኑን አስረድተዋል ብሏል፡፡
ተከሳሹ በእምነት ክህደት ቃሉከጉመር መምጣቱን እና ይህንን ድርጊት የፈጸመውም ከአላህ ተልኮ መሆኑን እንደተናገረ ዋናው ሳጂን መግለጻቸውን ጋዜጣው አትቷል፡፡ በተፈጸመው ድርጊትም ምእመናን ማዘናቸውንና የቤተክርስቲያኒቱ የበላይ ኃላፊዎችም ሆኑ መንግሥት ለወደፊቱ ተመሳሳይ ችግሮች እንዳይከሰቱ በጉዳዩ ዙሪያ ትኩረት ሰጥተው መንቀሳቀስ እንዳለባቸው ተገልጿል፡፡

November 6, 2008

Ethiopia warns of possible terrorist attack, A terrorism which it Fuels

ADDIS ABABA, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Ethiopia warned its citizens on Wednesday of a possible plot to carry out terrorist acts in the Horn of Africa country.
"The National Intelligence Security Service has received credible information about an impending terrorist plot to be carried out inside Ethiopia," police said in a statement.

They asked car hire firms to scrutinise the identities of their clients and called on the public to tip off police on any suspicious activity.

The Ethiopian government routinely accuses arch-foe Eritrea of backing rebel groups who have bombed civilian targets in the capital Addis Ababa.

The neighbours often trade accusations over their border dispute, in which some 70,000 people were killed.

The two countries have been deadlocked over their 1,000 kms (620-mile) frontier since a 2000 border ruling and analysts fear even a small incident could trigger renewed hostilities. (Reporting by Tsegaye Tadesse; Editing by Jon Boyle)

November 5, 2008

With President-Elect Obama, Africa Enters The White House

Congratulation!!! You did it.
Barack Obama told supporters that "change has come to America," as he addressed the country for the first time as the president-elect.

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America -- I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you -- we as a people will get there," Obama said in Chicago, Illinois.

Police estimated that 125,000 people gathered in Grant Park to hear Obama claim victory.

Obama said he was looking forward to working with Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin "to renew this nation's promise in the months ahead." Watch as Obama addresses the country »

McCain on Tuesday urged all Americans to join him in congratulating Sen. Barack Obama on his projected victory in the presidential election.

"I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face," McCain said before his supporters in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Today, I was a candidate for the highest office in the country I love so much, and tonight, I remain her servant," he said.

McCain called Obama to congratulate him, Obama's campaign said. Watch McCain concede »

Obama thanked McCain for his graciousness and said he had waged a tough race.

President Bush also called Obama to congratulate him.

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