October 11, 2008

Ethiopian Census Finalized

ADDIS ABABA:- The much awaited Ethiopian census is finally finalized and ready to be public. According to the government aliened Ethiopian Reporter,the agency finalized the job a year after the actual survey was done.

The results are much awaited by religious groups, especially by Muslim Ethiopians, who claimed to have the majority lead in the country's demography. According to the 10 year old previous census, unlike Islamic claims, followers of Christianity are majority in 62.10 %, followed by Muslims at 32 %.

The current census was not an honest and free numbering since the Muslim groups intervened to undermine the number of Christians in Ethiopia. Having Mrs. Samiya Zechariah, a Muslim, as head of the agency has made the issue more complicated. Any exaggerated shift in the demography will definitely upset many Ethiopians, especially the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, who is feeling Islamic dominance in these two decades.
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