October 10, 2008

24hr Orthodox Tewahedo TV Start Operation

24hr Orthodox Tewahedo TV started broadcasting. An additional channel to about one year-old-Ethiopian Television Network, the EOTC TV will broadcast different Tewahedo programs from USA. We thank God for this achievment.

The organizers said all channels listed to be free services and "are available only when the content provider broadcast their channels." From time time they will add "new contents, remove unavailable or low quality contents, etc."
Good Job ETN.

Ethiopian Television Network brings over 40 free TV channels. It is with "great excitement that ETN offers these live channels for free. Any one around the globe who has a computer and high speed internet connection (Broadband) can watch: ETN Live, ETN Music, EOTTV, IEEC, CNN, EuroSport, Fashion TV, and much more ... for free" said ETV press release.

Good News!!! Good Job!!!
Cher Were Yaseman!!!!

Press Release
Breaking News!
This breaking news is coming to you from Ethiopian Television Network (ETN).
ETN has greatly expanded and diversified its offers to Ethiopians both at home and abroad. And it is on the verge of unveiling its outstanding programs and delivery options. Many have been asking why ETN went off the air during the last several weeks. The reason is what you are about to hear and see soon. But first, ETN apologizes to its faithful customers for the temporary interruption. The good news is that ETN has returned with great offers for every one.

The first piece of good news is that ETN has now decided to provide its customers with free service. Did you get that? Yes, the service is now free. There is no catch and there is no gimmick here. ETN has quickly come of age and it has joined the ranks of other major television networks which provide free basic service to the general public and rely instead on ads, investments, and specialized offers to particular groups. There will be no charge to access ETN’s programs and you can tune in from any where in the world and at any time. In other words, you can tune in 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And this remarkable service truly represents a sea change for all Ethiopians. This service is one of a kind and it is ready to win the hearts and minds of its viewers by providing great programs.

From now on, ETN will provide multiple channels and programs to make it possible for groups and individuals to choose what they like to watch and listen to. For example, there will be channels dedicated to religious programs, entertainment, movies, documentaries and much more. Ethiopian Orthodox churches as well as Ethiopian Evangelical churches will have their own dedicated channels to hear sermons, listen to music, and communicate with their members by way of announcements and special features. Businesses will be able to advertize to a large audience across state and national boundaries and expand their service. Artists, scholars, and community organizations will be able to reach much larger audience than they do now.

Perhaps, the most exciting aspect of ETN’s new service is its commitment to extend its offers to Ethiopia which will usher in a new day. ETN will become a bridge between Ethiopians at home and their brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Here again, businesses and other organizations will have opportunities to expand their products and services. Ethiopians in the Diaspora can play a crucial role in making this service available in Ethiopia. Details on how this can happen will be communicated in the next few weeks.

Please stay tuned for further information and instruction.

With best regards,
Ethiopian Television Network

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