July 19, 2008

Stop it!! Stop it now!!!

Dear brother/sister,
Thank you for seconding my article.
Whether Elias or other rotten politicians, who does not know and care about this historic Church, it is time to say enough is enough. They can/ should no more run the Mekdes from Starbucks. Tell them to stop meddling in Church affairs. Let them oppose the Weyane junta in whatever way they like. Let them carry a gun and join the fields in Gonder or Bale. That is another issue. Here and now is the Church and our religion. How long will we allow them to insult our Church in the name of Weyane? Stop it!! Stop it now!!!

Cher were Yaseman, amen.


Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters
This is one of their misteaks they refuse to learn from history , as Weyane did . Don't touch our church !!! Elias , the poeple of ETHIOPIA tired of you and your group as he tired of Weyane . Poeple were expecting too much from you and your group but you guys faild ; you bettray each other and you bettray the poeple . AS Weyane did . Don't be fool !
let me give u simple example how should church's property must kept .
for example Ethiopian Embassy in the US established by King Hilesilasie , Durg used it , Weyane is using , u can and will use it if u win Weyane because it is the property of Ethiopia . church must be stablished like this whether Aba Pawlos comes or Aba sombody comes it must be the property of EOTC . AS our churches in Eyerusalem . Gebito !!!!
Elias you have to know our history and faith . Our church is different from Reverend WHITE'S or Obama's church . Church is not a company like (happened )in America . Elias tell me is KIDIS MAIAM church in Addis is Aba Pawlos's property ? he may lead it and Aba sombody comes it continues . that is it ! but in America this is not true . Elias , are you bord member of a "CHURCH " in US ? Are you one of those who want to run the church as 7-ELEVEN ?
God be with us .

Anonymous said...

Dear Elias,

I thought you are Eriterian but why do you care about Ethiopian Politics and Ethiopian Orthodox church? Unless you are accomplishing Shabia's hidden agenda, which is sophisticated war version of the 21st century which is acomplished by turing the ethiopian people against each other. For this mission your choise is the "EOTC" for obvious reasons, #1 it has many followers, #2 it is velnurbale at the moment. Good choise, job well done. As far as I am concerned, I don't care about your political opinion against your cousin weyanne, since you are almost from the same river, but I want you to leave the ETOC alone. Your speciality is politics and you have nothing to do with politics, in case you don't know religion is to advanced for politcal mind.OK!! I post this comment to your website but since it is about your true identity you decided not to share it with the public. Am I right?

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