July 18, 2008

Leave Our Church Alone

I accidentally stumbled up on an article on Ethiopianreview about the most blessed Abune Qewstos’s visit to Atlanta. It is not a news article to announce his visit, but an arrogant conglomeration of insults which this blessed man never deserve. I was really astonished to what these people in the West are doing?

I should mention a point about the host Ethiopianreview. I know he is a strong opponent of Weyane; Abune Paulos too. I could not understand why he is waging a war against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. There are two recent articles about the Church, and all of them were deliberately targeted to defame our Church. Who is interested in this?

1. Politicians,

People who lead a failed political system, residues of the communist anti-religion stance, now controlling many of our Churches in Diaspora, at least trying to be a board member, or befriending one, crying in the name of Ethiopia, are killing our Church. These people hate Abune Qewstos and the ideals he stands for.

2. Tehadiso guys like Pastor Melaku, who write whatever they like, and use the forum, like what Elias Kifle is giving, denounce our Church and fathers.

3. The failed bishops, who tried to migrate the Synod to USA. They know they have a failed Cannon and now try to divide the believers.

Watch out guys!!! It is over!!!!

No politics in our Church!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Elias Kifle as I know you very well you are not from the country talking about, and you don't know about abune kewustose (blessed father),you might know about aba paulose,because he is close enough to you, Mr.Elias leave our father abune kewustose alone. you don,t kow him.

yetewahedo lijoch why every poleticians pointed out thier fingers to ward our church?

ahunis Yibkan!!!

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