June 10, 2008

Holy Synod Held Fruitful Meeting

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Holy Synod held a fruitful meeting this month in Addis Ababa. According to Deje Selam sources, unlike the ususal Synod meetings, members raised important issues of general Church activities. Patriarch Abune Paulos was stunned by the reaction he gets especially from new bishops whom he thinks are his confidant.

Our sources also disclosed that Synod members opposed Patriarch's limitless power, the rampant corruption his family members commit at different levels, and requested investigation into the matter.

It is known that His Holiness Abune Paulos assigns corrupted relatives and friends in different Church positions. The corruption level is never seen in the history of the Church. Whereas monasteries, traditional schools and their Liqawenat are in serious financial crisis. Most of them are at the verge of stopping services. God willing, we will deal with the meetings' decision soon.
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