June 10, 2008

Holy Synod Held Fruitful Meeting

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Holy Synod held a fruitful meeting this month in Addis Ababa. According to Deje Selam sources, unlike the ususal Synod meetings, members raised important issues of general Church activities. Patriarch Abune Paulos was stunned by the reaction he gets especially from new bishops whom he thinks are his confidant.

Our sources also disclosed that Synod members opposed Patriarch's limitless power, the rampant corruption his family members commit at different levels, and requested investigation into the matter.

It is known that His Holiness Abune Paulos assigns corrupted relatives and friends in different Church positions. The corruption level is never seen in the history of the Church. Whereas monasteries, traditional schools and their Liqawenat are in serious financial crisis. Most of them are at the verge of stopping services. God willing, we will deal with the meetings' decision soon.

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Anonymous said...

….ወጣቱ ብንያም በጉልበቱ በዚያ አለ…

Sometimes I wonder why we are so afraid of following the right path for peace and belief. We rather wait for some one to go before we do especially when it is what we have not seen or thought of before. Yet we are called Christians in Christ, who has done and shown the love that has never been seen so far and never been thought of so far.

Thinking of our Holy fathers both at the times of the old testament and the new; what is that it takes to say our unseen God knows what is our heart’s desire and grant us the strength to rule over our enemies?, to say how can I sleep on flowered carpet and live in a castle when the arc of God stays in a tent? ; Like our father Qedus Dawit, to be able to learn at night and to testify under the cross by day; like our father Neqodimos. How marvelous is it to be faithful sons and daughters when the days are hopeless and bitter.

And the faith of Benjamin that moved forward and bravely put his feet on the dry land in the midst of the walled water of the red sea. He did not say “this never happened, why not Moses himself go in” but he believed in the God of Moses and led the people to cross to the land Canaan.

The EOT Church needs Benjamins who believe in the Lord of our holy fathers and lead the people to the true land, to the hopeful future especially for us in the west where the chaos and dishonesty are conceived and born. We need a father like Meleke Tsedik that prays “Yehezeben tefate atasagne” or even as our father Qedus Paulos “Elete elete yemeyasasebegn yeAbeyate Kristianat neger new”. With critically viewing the past 20 years, at the time when people’s need and greed come before the integrity of the Church, the only genuine and uncorrupted system that has been standing for the church is Mahibere Kidusan. It has gone through devastating and discouraging times yet all the difficulties have not shake its foundation that is all because it has believed in the God of the our Holy fathers and moved forward through the walled water of the Red Sea. This is the foundation that we, this generation, need so that we can proudly and successfully pass on the Holy Church to the next.
Attacks, both physical and emotional, comes upon this Church in every direction //- Celebrity-funded Protestant churches and the freedom-depriving Islam//. Even though it looks as we can’t stand against all this, let us just stand because history will write about it, we can be losers but we will be losers who lost with a fight. After all being a coward - is to die twice but to be a soldier the death is once and is a victorious death. That is what I see in Mahibere Kidusan – Church soldiers.I would like to say thank you Mahibere Kidusan for taking the insult, the abuse and the discouraging critic for you have taken the first step to the bright future.

EgeziAbeHer Cher Neger Yaseman

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