May 19, 2008

Islam: Today's problem to the Church of the resurrected Lord

Dear Deje-Selamawiyan,
How is the Easter season treating you? I am sure you have a blessing and blessed time. Not to forget what the Church of the resurrected Lord is facing world wide, here I have posted for you wonderful VIDEO which you would love to watch.


Anonymous said...

Resourceful video. It should be watched. Whether we like it or not, unless we live as hermits, we consume information daily, especially in western countries. If do not have a way to filter this information, we will be slaves to businesses and politics, which are two sides of the same coin. They will use religion or any means to serve their end. Lastly, people fear what they do not know, so the face the unknown they lose their reasonableness and become over emotional. Why does it have to be that way. We live in an age where information is readily available, God help us to use it so we can separate fact from fiction. Someone said to me, "Wisdom comes after Humility." so let us be humble first, so God can give us the wisdom to understand... with out wisdom is light, without it is only darkness.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked to see this viedo. This was tried to take place in Jima & Burning our Churchs. I hope all our Leaders will see this danger & takle it before it is too late. We all Chrstians should concentrate not on politcs but on our Country & our religion. We should pray, watch & hold hands to defend our self.
God bless Ethiopia!

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