April 3, 2008

Why..... This Silence?

By Akotate

First of all I would like to say you have done a super job with this recent incident on our church .You have made us well aware and current with what is happening. I would like thank Mahibere Kidusan for the great effort and with God's help has been able to aware and mobilize people to do such an incredible job. All this have been with the help of Medhane Alem. Because for a fire that has destroyed $11500.00 hectare of land was stopped 500.00 meters away from the Church. Praise be to Him. The overall attack (Natural or Human caused) has been a shock and very devastating for me personally and any Ethiopian for that matter I believe .The (30,000.00 + 11,500.00) hectare forest we have lost was an asset for the country such as these would take more than hundreds of years who knows some of trees would have been more that 700 years right from the time the monastery was established. As a whole these were forests that contribute a lot for the atmosphere of the Semi sub-Saharan land of our country. So why other bodies of the country did kept so quiet.
There are a lot of questions that go up and down in my mind
1. Why did the Government act as expected?
2. Why did the Protestants and the Catholics keep quiet about the incidents? Does these incident pave the way for wide spreading fiction based US and Norway funded Churches?
3.Why did the Muslims in Ethiopia keep so quite? With Harar being the fourth holy place for the muslims, will this be an opportunity to irradicate Christians from their “holy land”?
5.Why …..?

Cher Were Yaseman

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