April 2, 2008

WHO STARTED THE FIRE? & What can we do now?

By Seifegabriel
I am deeply touched by the sad report we just got. I just called few brothers who are at the Asebot Debre Wegeg Kidist Selassie Church and Abba Samuel monastery fighting the fire and also talked to a father in the monastery, about the situation. The fire started 20 days ago and has consumed about 11,000 ha of the monastery forest.
But who started the fire?
This is not the first time that the monastery is challenged; not only by fire but also by enemy of the Church. It is the only monastery we have in eastern Ethiopia and even Siad Barre of Somalia targeted to destroy it during the war with Ethiopia in 1969-70 EC. Islamic Oromo movement attempted to attack it in 1984 EC. Every time our God miraculously saved the monastery from total disaster.

Coming back to the issue at hand, during my discussion with a certain father, he extended the following message to us in the Diaspora.

1. The fire has destroyed the sanctuaries of KIDUSAN ABATOCH (the precious "Atsed" and "gojos"). But the core monastery is saved from the fire so far. The fire is now under control but it is not possible to rule out the danger. The head of the fire is about 600
meter from the core monastery.

2. The pasture (grazing field) of the cattle of the monastery is totally destroyed and now they are facing great shortage of fodder.

3. Mahibere Kidusan and West Harerghe diocese laity did a remarkable job by being in the front and by organizing the laity to fight the fire.

4. The very poor road structure has made the effort to fight the fire very hard and time consuming as most vehicles could not made it through. He underlined that we should not get panic by the situation, instead, be calm and pray to God. The only way out.

Finally, he proposed that the road should be maintained immediately for the future safety and other development activities. He has already contacted some governmental and private road construction organizations and they pledged the machinery, provided
that the monastery covers the cost of fuel and allowance for drivers.
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