April 16, 2008

Protocol Between The Coptic & Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churches (COC & EOTC)

In an historical move for the two sisterly Churches, heads of Ethiopian and Coptic Churches sign protocol of understanding and agreement in their future services. The articles are introductory and first steps for these ancient Churches. We applaud the result as God's miracle during the time when Christianity in this part of Africa is at a critical stage.
The Ethiopian Church of course should learn alot from its Coptic counterpart. Ethiopian Christians has shown their love and devotion for a religious father by flocking in thousands to welcome His Holiness Pope Shenouda. We do not witness such reverence to any of our local fathers these days. Our patriarch is one of the despised personality in Ethiopia.
It is a very heartening fact to mention. But it is true. As the saying goes, we may not like our patriarch but we love our Church. We love our mother Church till our last breath, but we obey our fathers if and only if they deserve it. I think His Holiness the patriarch should learn this fact from Pope Shenouda's visit and Ethiopians' reaction.
Thus, let our fathers do mother Church a favor.
2. Listen to what the believers are saying.
3. March only for the Cross.
3. As Pope Shenouda said, the patriarchal position is not a power, it is a duty & service.

More to come.
Cher Were Yaseman, amen.

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